As I make this last post for the calendar year … which is the first year of my blog … it occurs to me that I’ve posted a ton of information.  And now it’s getting impossible to find anything … yikes! 

If you’re wanting to refer back to something you read here previously, are new to the blog, or maybe just want a reminder of what you can find on this site, I’m hoping this post will help.

Quick Refresher … What the heck is this blog all about?

Are you sensing there’s more to life than we know … ?

Not sure what to make of it all … ?

Want to learn more but are worried people might think you’re crazy … ?

I get it. I created the Living With Spirit blog as a resource for those who are starting to suspect there is more to this life than what we perceive through our physical senses.

It is a blog which uses my own life experience, including the devastating loss of my husband in 2007, to tackle what this meanshow it shows upwhere to learn more, and, most importantly, how to make practical use of it in your life.

What is “it” exactly … ?  Well, “it” would be the Universe, Source, God, All-That-Is, Creator, Divine, or whatever name you want to use.  I mostly call it Spirit, or sometimes the Universe.

Okay, what’s in this blog and how do I find it … ?

The blog website has three sections of posts:  My Back Story, Life With Spirit, and Resources.  Each of these is briefly described below, followed by a complete list of their posts to-date. (Note:  The Blog At A Glance section was a new addition in Nov 2022.)

On the blog, there are a couple of ways to search the posts … the standard Search feature and also Tags.  The Tags feature allows posts to be categorized in various ways.

If you click on Tags, you’ll see the list of the categories I’ve included.  There are about 20 in total, such as Spirit Communication, Guides & Angels, Law of Attraction, Dreams, Science, and so forth.  

However, the categories are fairly broad if you’re trying to track down something specific, so that’s why I’ve briefly listed here all the posts I made this year.  For each post, I have indicated when it was posted, a brief description of its key theme(s), and its length (number of words). 

You’ll see several posts made in February, as I seeded the blog before going live, but in general, I post about twice a month.

So, what were all these posts … ?

Here’s a brief synopsis:

My Back Story  (9 posts)

I started this blog with My Back Story.  In addition to providing context, the overriding point of this story is to illustrate how the Universe … or Spirit … can show up in life … for ANY of us!

This is a nine-part story of how this spiritual journey started for me when … like you perhaps … I really started to suspect there was more to this life than what was readily apparent.

This story shares the role the Universe played in my life (without me even knowing it!) to nudge and help me along the way … through the untimely death of my husband, Ron, and into a complete about-face for my life.

MosPost NameKey Theme(s)Wds
FebPart 1:  Losing The Love Of My LifeRon’s death and how Spirit originally brought us together.1600
FebPart 2:  The Journey HereStarting to explore what’s really out there … Law of Attraction, energy healing, insights from science, and a lesson from Spirit about energy frequencies.2015
FebPart 3:  A Whack On The Side Of The HeadThe seeds planted and watered by Spirit that led Ron and me to drastically refocus our life … another Spirit lesson.1372
FebPart 4:  Spirit Lends A HandHow Spirit assisted our transition to a new life, and more Spirit lessons about going with the flow.1040
FebPart 5: Warnings From SpiritSpirit begins to send me messages … through a psychic medium and a dream … about what lay ahead for Ron.1172
FebPart 6:  Paths DivergeReaching the end and saying goodbye.1168
FebPart 7:  Picking Up The PiecesThe aftermath of losing my soulmate … and the “magic” from the Universe that started to ease the pain.1025
FebPart 8:  Ron Reaches Across The VeilConnecting with Ron on the Other Side through a psychic medium, and a lesson about the afterlife.1276
FebPart 9:  Finding The Doorway To The FutureThe realization … and Spirit lesson … that began the process of lifting me out of grief and turning my life around.1061

Life With Spirit  (16 posts)

The Life With Spirit section picks up where My Back Story ends and is designed to continue to show how Spirit can help ALL of us!

For those suffering the grief of loss … these posts carry on the story of how Spirit continued to help me move through the grief of losing the love of my life.

For everyone … they show how Spirit can help any of us, using examples of how Spirit continues to assist me … nudging me onto the right path and supporting me through life’s inevitable challenges.

They describe lessons I’ve learned from Spirit, and highlight tools, techniques and signs to communicate with those on the Other Side.

MosPost NameKey Theme(s)Wds
FebThe GiftSpirit uses a dream to convey a brief, but vital message for all ….476
FebLearning To Call On SpiritHow to call on spirit helpers for assistance.1217
FebSpirit Plays Musical ChairsFascinating manoeuvres Spirit can carry out to provide help, and a roadside sign from my dead husband. 1194
MarSpirit Moves Me Forward … I Watch For SignsExamples of how Spirit nudged me forward in this new life.  Introduces ways loved ones connect (Messages from Loved Ones) … moving objects, noises, connecting with pets.2297
AprMerry Christmas, Love RonMore examples of Messages from Loved Ones … finding lost items, distinctive aromas.1729
MayA Slow Learner (Part 1)More Messages from Loved Ones …   psychic mediums, electrical signals (phantom phone calls, lights, TVs, technology) … and wrestling with doubt about it all!1311
MayA Slow Learner (Part 2)Part 2 continues with more Messages from Loved Ones … rainbows, music.  Also introduces the Windbridge Research Centre (a non-profit that studies, “death, dying and what comes next”) offering a lesson in what to watch for in spirit communication.1315
JunA Tea PartyTea leaf readings … what they are, and messages from Ron and Spirit during mine.  Defining the “clairs” …  voyance, audience, sentience, alience, gustance, cognizance.1581
JunSpirit’s Communication Grows RicherMessages from Loved Ones … coins.  Using cards (angel, oracle, Tarot) as a tool to connect with Spirit.1148
JulThe Numbers GameRepeating numbers, like 11:11.  How Spirit uses these to send reassurance … and sometimes even guidance … to make life easier!2184
AugThey GOLF in heaven?? (Part 1)Spirit can even show up to offer physical support … as Ron does for me, through golf!1204
AugThey GOLF in heaven?? (Part 2)Insights into “life between lives” … which apparently can include golfing!1190
SepCaught on CameraOrbs … what they are and what science has to say about them.  Ron “shows up” on film.2214
OctThe Swing of the Pendulum (Part 1)Introducing the pendulum as a tool for communicating with the non-physical world.1585
NovThe Swing of the Pendulum (Part 2)Ron uses the pendulum to communicate a powerful message.  A spirit guide helps to explain it.895
NovThe Swing of the Pendulum (Part 3)The aftermath of Ron’s message and the full import of its meaning.1572

Resources  (17 posts)

This section is for those who are intrigued and wish to learn more about life’s Bigger Picture and how it all works. 

These posts are about resources (primarily books for now) that I have found especially useful in doing this, and what makes them so meaningful.

One of the tags I use in this section is FAVOURITES.  Although I recommend ALL of the resources I post, this tag marks those I’ve found particularly powerful, and in a few cases, actually life-changing … for me, at least. 

You can use the tags feature on the blog to find my FAVOURITES, but I’ve also asterisked them here for ease of reference.

MosPost Name (Author)Key Theme(s)Wds
FebBOOK:  Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting   (Lynn Grabhorn)Great introduction to Law of Attraction, including several practical tips for using it.228
FebBOOK:  The Law of Attraction   (Michael J. Losier)Straightforward, concise, how-to book for applying the Law of Attraction.104
Feb*BOOK:  Dying To Be Me   (Anita Moorjani)*A highly publicized near-death experience … Anita Moorjani “dies” from cancer, but chooses to return from the afterlife to share the lessons she learned from the Universe.230
FebBOOK:  Proof of Heaven   (Eben Alexander, M.D.)A neurosurgeon’s journey into the afterlife through his near-death experience … a compelling read from a highly credible source.273
FebBOOK:  To Heaven and Back   (Mary C. Neal, M.D.)An American orthopaedic surgeon drowns in a kayak accident … and comes back to tell the account of her death, heaven, angels, and her return to life.206
Feb*BOOK:  Journey of Souls   (Michael Newton, Ph.D.)*GAME-CHANGER:  Compelling evidence of the afterlife … and how it works … based on accounts from thousands of hypnotherapy sessions conducted by a master hypnotherapist.592
Feb*BOOK:  The Biology of Belief   (Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.)  *Mind over matter … the scientific proof for the layperson of how our thoughts control our body.619
FebWEBINARS:  United in Hope and Healing   (Eben Alexander, M.D. and Karen Newell) A series of free webinars offering interviews with a variety of experts in fields related to consciousness.259
Feb*BOOK:  Final Gifts   (Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley)*Two hospice nurses describe the special awareness, needs, and communications of the dying … so we can help ensure a peaceful death for our loved ones. It also offers a compelling look into what may come next ….225
Mar*BOOK: My Stroke of Insight   (Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D.)*A Harvard-trained brain scientist undergoes a massive stroke in the left side of her brain … and gleans profound insights about the connection between the right brain and universal consciousness. 465
AprBOOK: The Light Between Us   (Laura Lynne Jackson)Written by a certified medium, illustrates what psychic mediumship is, the healing it can bring, and the lessons it reveals.482
MayBOOK: The Power of Premonitions   (Larry Dossey, M.D.)Written by a medical doctor … a well-researched and presented work on the nature of consciousness and the mind, using premonitions as the main focus. 1985
JunBOOK:  Ask and It Is Given   (Esther and Jerry Hicks – The Teachings of Abraham)A valuable resource to understand the workings of the Law of Attraction, and for helpful tips on how to raise your vibration to take full advantage of it … and of life!740
Jul*BOOK:  After   (Bruce Grayson, M.D.)*Newly released, the easy-to-read results of a medical doctor’s 45 years of research into near-death experiences … what it revealed about the relationship between the mind and the brainconsciousness, and the continuity of life beyond death.1729
SepBOOK: Ghosts Among Us   (James Van Praagh)Written by a world-renowned medium, shares a variety of insights into the “non-physical” side of life. Consider it a “primer” on the world of spirits.1047
OctBOOK:  Many Lives, Many Masters   (Brian L. Weiss, M.D.)  One of the earlier classics … an esteemed psychiatrist and his patient unexpectedly delve into past livesand more … changing both of their current lives!953
Dec*BOOK:  The Astonishing Power of Emotions   (Esther and Jerry Hicks – The Teachings of Abraham)*A simple but profound teaching to help address numerous life challenges .. a shift of perspective that changes everything.1227

That’s a wrap for 2021!

Thanks for being with me through this year! 

I’ll be back in the New Year … with the story of how the Universe orchestrated the introduction to my new life partner … and what my dead husband thought of it all!

If you haven’t already signed up for email notifications of new postings and wish to do so, click here.

In the meantime …

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