By this point, fall of 2007, I was almost three years down the path of my spiritual research and learning.  During that time, I had come to understand without a doubt that we are NOT humans having a spiritual experience, but rather, we are souls having a human experience.

I also understood that we don’t make this journey alone.  We are surrounded with unseen helpers … energies which reside on a different frequency than we do, just as radio signals or TV signals travel on frequencies we can’t see.

Departed loved ones, angels, spirit guides … whatever you want to call them.  Just because we (or most of us, anyway) can’t see them, doesn’t make them any less real. 

We’re souls in bodies … they’re souls without bodies.  It’s actually that simple.

Ron’s side of the story

Mediums (or “psychic mediums”) are people who can communicate with energies who are not in a body … often referred to as communicating “across the veil.”

In other words, they can receive and interpret unseen frequencies and serve as a translator for those of us unable to do so on our own. 

I was anxious to be able to connect with Ron in a tangible way.  I was still talking to him all the time, but I couldn’t figure out how to hear his replies … and I desperately wanted to.

So, I set up a reading with Pamela Dais, the medium who had warned me in June about the timing of my trip to the BodyTalk conference. 

It hadn’t been long, only about a month, since Ron had died, but I was hoping he might be able to come through.  I’d read it sometimes takes newly departed souls a while to get reoriented before they’re ready to communicate in this way … so I wasn’t sure.

Pamela and I connected by phone (yes, this can be done long distance).  I was careful how much I told her … credible mediums prefer you don’t tell them anything.  They want to be able to demonstrate that the information they’re getting is coming through to them, not from them based on something they heard you say. 

And Ron showed up ….

Pamela was able to tune into him, along with a few other energies that she referred to as archangels.  Through the session, they conveyed several interesting and comforting messages ….

The “Angel of Death” steps up first

The first energy to come through Pamela described as “Archangel Azreal” …  the Angel of Death.  Really?  Um, okay … that was a new one for me, but I kept an open mind.

Archangel Azreal said that Ron wasn’t ready to go quite so quickly … he thought he’d be here through Christmas.  However, the opportunity presented itself and there was no reason to wait

This felt so true!  Perhaps medicine could have prolonged Ron’s life for a few weeks or months, but the pain would have intensified and he would have suffered … pancreatic cancer can be cruel.  I would never have wanted him to linger like that. 

So, if it had to happen at all, I had to admit I was grateful for the timing.

Then Ron came forward

Next, Ron’s messages started to come through … he loved me, he heard me, he lay with me at night.  He would keep trying to answer me and show me signs (which, over time, he did … so many!).  He wanted me to “stick to the plan” and I’d be all right. 

At the time, I wasn’t exactly sure what “plan” he meant.  Later, I realized he was encouraging me to pursue what I’d intended to do … open a BodyTalk practice and jump into my inner passion.  Helping people to heal. 

I wasn’t the only one trying to figure things out

Pamela went on to say that Ron was still trying to understand what had happened to him and where he was.  Hah!  I totally understood how confused he would have been!

Even though Ron was a strong supporter of BodyTalk … an energy medicine modality, which most of western society dismissed as woo-woo … he had a strong mental block about the spiritual concepts I’d been learning about. 

Ron had had a strong religious upbringing, and though he had rebelled and walked away from it at a young age, the programming ran deep. 

I remember one time, the year before, sharing with him something I was reading in one of my books.  It was about spirit guides.  In fact, I think it might have been described in somewhat of a scientific context so I was quite keen to tell him about it. 

Ron was like my dad in that he was all about science, pragmatism, and left-brained, analytical thinking.  So, I thought he might appreciate this tidbit.

I read out the excerpt … his totally unexpected response left me shaken to my core.

“I can’t go there with you … it’s the path to the devil.”

It’s the path to … WHERE??

Yikes!  I get that some of you might relate to his comment, but I don’t have a religious bone in my body … not a single one.  Nor do I have any sort of religious upbringing.  So, this caught me completely off guard.  I had no idea where it was coming from or what to do with it. 

I was in the midst of fascinating research and learning about an area that was brand new to me.  It was all quite exciting.  And then this!  I was very careful what I shared with him after that. 

But there he was now … on the Other Side!  Apparently trying to figure out what it was all about. 

He conveyed to Pamela that he appreciated I had told him he would carry on.  I smiled to myself … remembering my whispered comments of reassurance to him in the hours before his death.  I knew he’d figure this out … apparently we all do … just as soon as we’re ready.

In the years following his death, I came to realize this exchange we’d had the year before was a harbinger … foreshadowing the reason for the upcoming fork in the road.  My future … which was becoming clear was about healing and Spirit … lay on a path he could not have walked with me.  In order for me to finish my journey, our paths needed to diverge

But it would take me a long while to discover this insight.  For now, I was still in the midst of pain and grief.

Next steps … for each of us

What Pamela then gleaned was that for the next while, he needed to rest, rejuvenate, and figure out where he was.  And then he would get to choose what he did next

Seriously … he gets to choose what to do … ??  Yup. You mean he doesn’t just hang around “up there”??  Nope.  That was intriguing! 


We actually have a life between lives … and it’s full and very active.  “Journey of Souls,” by Michael Newton, Ph.D. is an excellent resource for credible research about what happens after we die.

As for me, he told me what I needed … take a break, focus on me, absorb what had happened, experience and learn things about me before being ready to help others.  To be honest, that made a lot of sense.

So, this is what I proceeded to do … grateful for the comfort of a newly and extensively renovated home that, as it turned out, would serve me perfectly … for however long I needed it to.

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