Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives

Author: Michael Newton, Ph.D.

Published: 2011 (fifth revised edition)

My Comments:

This book was a game changer for me … one of my all-time FAVOURITES.

It was one of my first examples of how a book can come into your life at just the right time in the most unusual way.  I have read stories of books literally falling off bookshelves in libraries or bookstores to catch the attention of a particular person.

For me, it was a prompt … almost a command, actually … from a stranger.

One day, in 2013, I walked into a small metaphysical store I had discovered and visited periodically in Parksville, the nearest small town.  I don’t recall what I was looking for at the time, but upon seeing me, the one staffperson in the store almost accosted me …

“Have you read Journey of Souls … ??” she demanded.

“Um, no,” I replied.

“Well, you absolutely must read it!  Here, let me get it for you.”

Okay, that’s odd … kind of came completely out of the blue. 

Which, of course, is a sure sign to pay attention!  So, I bought it.

At this point, it had been almost nine years that I had been reading, researching, learning about “life behind life,” as I thought of it. 

I was fascinated by what I had learned but I still hadn’t come across any solid information for what happens after we die.  Do we just kind of, you know, hang around … ?

For me, “Journey of Souls” answered the question. 

Michael Newton (now deceased) was a master hypnotherapist and counseling psychologist in the U.S.  A complete non-believer, he stumbled into this whole new world quite by accident, when he regressed his patients to earlier points in their lives. 

Some of them went back to early childhood, some jumped into a past life (which was hard enough for him to wrap his mind around), and then suddenly, some started finding themselves in between … to life in between lives … to life in the spirit world.

When it kept happening, Newton started paying close attention … and began to analyze what he was hearing. 

What he found was a similar story being recounted across thousands of patients, regardless of age, gender, nationality, education level, or socio-economic status.

So, he gathered it all, and started to piece together the process of death through to rebirth that was unfolding in these sessions. 

Once he’d done so … and finally found the courage to publicly admit what he was learning … he wrote “Journey of Souls.” 

In the book, Newton shares actual case transcripts so we can read verbatim what he heard … and then judge for ourselves if his conclusions ring true. 

He describes what the information suggests happens from the time we die until the time we’re born again … the stages of the process and what occurs in each one.  Including, for example, how we select our next life and body!

Although hypnotherapy is not technically considered “science,” the presence of similar stories being told by a vast number of people … across the globe … who have no relationship with each other … coming from such diverse backgrounds … was sufficient for me to find the source truly credible.

After reading it, I came away feeling like, okay, this question is answered. It doesn’t mean I won’t learn more in the future, but for now, not only does it make sense, but … it’s actually quite exciting to contemplate what lies ahead.  You know, for when “that” time comes. 

Which is why it was such a game-changer.


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