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Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe

AUTHOR:  Laura Lynne Jackson



As I was working on this post about the book “Signs,” I had a wonderful experience fall into my lap …

Hey, yoo-hoo!  Up here!

I was having a phone conversation with my 93-year-old mother and realized something quite magical had happened for her earlier in the day … but like would be the case with so many others, she had absolutely no idea.

Let me tell you about it, starting with a bit of backstory …

We lost my dad just seven months ago, not long after he and Mom celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. 

No, that is not a typo … they really were married seventy years … not to mention the seven years they were together before that.  So, naturally, Mom is deeply grieving his loss.

Mom lives on her own, part-way across the country.  I have family there who are amazing at helping her with what she needs, and Mom and I spend a lot of time on the phone.

Have you heard from Dad … ?

Toward the end of this particular conversation, as happens occasionally, I felt moved to ask whether she had “heard from Dad.” 

You see, Mom reads my blog and knows I write about this stuff, so she’s not surprised when I encourage her to watch for “signs” from him.  In fact, she’s noticed a few events over the past months that have left her wondering.

In response, Mom shared that just earlier that day, she’d actually called out twice to Ron (my dad) asking him to let her know he was around. 

But alas …

“Nothing’s happened, so I guess he’s not.”

Knowing it can take time for the spirit world to respond when we send out a request, I advised her to be patient, and then moved to wrap up the call. 

What’s this thing on my iPad?

Before I could bring the conversation to a close, Mom interjected, saying she had a question …

“What’s this facebook icon I have on my iPad?”

Facebook?  Mom?  Um, that’s … odd.  She wasn’t raised in the era of technology of course, so she readily admits to being clueless about it, and is also quick to add she has little interest in it.

But she continued …

“I mean, is this just mine or do other people have it?  Am I charged money for it?”

Setting aside my curiosity as to what could possibly be prompting this line of inquiry, I briefly outlined the basics, which she seemed to appreciate. 

Then she explained why she was asking …

“Because I looked at it today.  I haven’t actually done that for a long time, but I did today.”

And then shared what was puzzling her …

“And there were ALL these pictures of Ron there.  Pictures from the past few years … like ‘Happy Birthday, Grandad!’ ” 

She expressed wonder at her discovery …

“I didn’t know they were there. It was really nice to see them.”

I paused as the significance of this event sunk in.

“Uh, Mom … when you asked Dad earlier today to let you know he was around … was that, well, before or after you looked at facebook?”

“I’m not sure, but I think it was before …. “

Yup, sounds about right. 

Connecting the dots

I then proceeded to connect the dots for her …

Planting the idea with her to check facebook … gathering a collage of photos for display … nudging me to ask if he’d been around so I could help her recognize his handiwork …

I mean, seriously, well done, Dad!

(By the way, I just finished reading a book … “Love and the Afterlife” … written by scientist Julie Beischel, PhD, in which she describes one of her departed loved ones sending a message ALSO using facebook … and he was a dog!  I’ll tell you more about this highly recommended book next month.)

Yes, our departed loved ones do send us signs to let us know they are still very much here.  But these signs can be super easy to miss.

And in this book Laura Lynne Jackson does a beautiful job of bringing all this to our attention.

“Signs” – The Book

When I first read “Signs” last year, the thought occurred to me …

Karen, shut down your blog and instead just recommend that everyone read this book. 

Seriously.  I had that thought.

Obviously, it didn’t happen, because, you know, I’m still here. 

But the point is Jackson’s book is focused right at the underlying purpose of my blog … raising awareness that there actually is something called a spirit world and then illustrating how to communicate with it, all in service of making life easier.

In fact, I just focused the last (two-part) post on those who are masters of this communication with the spirit world … psychic mediums. 

Mediums practice mediumship … the art of communicating on our behalf with those who have dropped their physical bodies and continue on in another form … spirit people who want to convey messages to ease our grief, offer guidance, bring us more love and peace (you know, stuff to help make life easier.)

So yes, mediums are indeed skilled interpreters for the spirit world.  But the truth is this …

We can each be our own interpreter.

Which is what Laura Lynne Jackson demonstrates through this book.

So, who is Laura Lynne Jackson?

As it happens, Jackson herself is one of these mediums.  But not just any medium …

No, she is one of the twenty Windbridge-Certified Research Mediums I mentioned in the last post (Part 2), having undergone a quintuple-blind testing process to achieve this status.

And like Suzanne Giesemann (our retired-US-Navy-Commander-turned-medium featured in those posts), Jackson is also approved to work with a foundation that supports families who have lost a loved one, including the unspeakable loss of a child.  Only the best are accepted for this sacred role.

So, the point is this … when Jackson talks about communicating with those on the Other Side, she knows her stuff.  

(See her first book, also a great read, to learn more about her journey.)

So, like, whaddya mean by a “sign”?

If you’ve followed my blog at all, you’ll know my posts are riddled with examples of signs.  Jackson defines them simply …

“A sign is a message sent to you by the universe.”

Voila … there you go.  That’s all there is to it. 

Course, first we gotta understand there actually is a “universe” (spirit world, Source, God, whatever) and that it, you know, communicates … uh, to us.

But once we open to this possibility, we learn from Jackson there are two main types of signs, both of which have the potential to impact our lives in helpful, meaningful ways …

Signs from our departed loved ones (including pets!) to provide comfort and reassurance they’re still around and are doing just fine.

And signs sent by our team of helpers in the spirit world.  (Guess what, she says we all have one!)  Signs sent to help us navigate our life in the best way possible … often providing help with making important decisions.

In this book, Jackson uses many (many) super interesting examples to illustrate both kinds of signs as she covers a variety of topics, including …

Default Signs

One topic she addresses is a more detailed explanation of what is a sign, what isn’t, and how to recognize one. 

As part of this explanation, I was intrigued to read about “default signs.”  Apparently, these are the ones that seem to crop up most often. 

You’ve probably heard of some of these … unexpected appearances of coins, birds, butterflies, rainbows … unexplained electrical events … meaningful license plates, music … stuff like that.

Until I read this book, I had no idea there was such a thing as a “default” sign.  However, of the 16 examples she gave, turns out I’ve personally experienced 10 of them. 

Case in point … over the years I’ve often encountered numerical sequences, or numbers adding up to meaningful totals, and I’ve taken them to be signs.  In fact, a couple of years ago, I even posted about them (“The Numbers Game”). 

I later learned from reading Jackson’s book that these are part of her default signs list … meaning they happen a lot, and to many people.  Who knew?

But I don’t want a “default” sign … I want my own!

So, you want to customize your own individual sign?  Apparently you can do it … and Jackson tells you how.  This book includes a section on how to create your own language to use with your loved ones and your spirit helpers.

I made use of this idea last year, in anticipation of attending the memorial service of the loved one of a close friend.  The results were amazing!  And yes, big surprise, I wrote about this too … Meet Up at Your Funeral … ?

Okay, but seriously, how can this sign stuff work??

For those who have a need to understand how things like this work, she offers her theory about how the Other Side is able to send signs … including the really tough ones like rainbows (and double rainbows!).

You may remember the news headline last fall, Double Rainbow Appears Over Buckingham Palace as Crowd Gathers to Mourn Queen.” 

Cool, right?  Yes, this stuff really does happen … and Jackson shares her thoughts on how it does.

Practical tips for opening your awareness

Jackson also includes practical tips for increasing the chances of receiving communication from the universe … tips like clearing one’s energy, meditation, eating the right foods, that sort of stuff.

Although I found this part to feel a bit preachy in places, I also recognized it as sound, valuable advice.

But it’s about more than signs

The book focuses on signs, to be sure, but Jackson’s underlying message is about the interconnection of everyone and everything, including the spirit world. 

She says the spirit world wants us to understand “the truth of the universe” … that none of us is ever alone and we are all in this together. 

And it uses signs to help get this message across.

All of which Jackson does a masterful job of communicating through this book.

Let’s Share

Okay, signs are super common.  So, think about what signs you may have received.  Even if you’re not sure it was a sign (because truth be told, most of us never are!), tell us about it by posting below.

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Tamara · September 7, 2023 at 7:08 AM

My beautiful son passed two years ago and he comes to me through bees. I have had the most unusual encounters with bees, I know it is him. He has also sent lightening and has turned my bedside light on and off a few times. There are numerous other signs but these are the most significant as I could deeply feel his presence.

    spiritwright · September 7, 2023 at 7:38 AM

    How creative your son is! It’s beautiful you’ve been able to recognize him making his presence known to you in these many ways. Thank you for sharing.

    Liz Stone · September 10, 2023 at 8:31 AM

    My cousin recently passed away very suddenly 48 hours after he retired from. 30 year career. The family was in pure shock. He left a wife of 40 years and 3 kids, 6 grandkids, a community of mourners. A couple days after hearing the news, I kept hearing the song “Everything is beautiful” by Ray Stevens. The song was in my head 24/7. It became so loud and sing-songy…. Would not leave me for days. Sounded like a full chorus. It became all I could hear practically! I had a chance to mention this at his service a week later… and said I felt strongly like Roger was trying to tell me that on the other side every thing really is beautiful. Once I shared this, the song left me. Knowing him, he would want to share this message. He was a deeply kind and spiritual man.

      spiritwright · September 10, 2023 at 12:02 PM

      What a beautiful story, Liz. How loving of Roger to find a way to offer comfort at such a difficult time, and courageous of you to share it with his family. My gratitude to both of you for now sharing it with us.

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