The Light Between Us: Stories from Heaven. Lessons for the Living.

AUTHOR: Laura Lynne Jackson



This is a super interesting book … very readable and does an excellent job of illustrating what psychic mediumship is, the healing it can bring, and the lessons it reveals. 

Laura Lynne Jackson is an accomplished medium who was certified by the Windbridge Research Centre, a U.S.-based organization that studies “death, dying and what comes next” … and carries out in-depth research into mediumship.  

In her story, Jackson describes the “quintuple-blind” testing process used during her certification to validate her abilities.  (Or watch this seven-minute video the Winbridge Research Centre released in 2021 that describes it … A Brief Overview of Mediumship Accuracy Testing.)  

Those who passed this rigorous testing were accepted as a Winbridge Certified Research Medium.  At the time of Jackson’s certification, she was one of nineteen.

This book tells Jackson’s story of how her psychic ability and mediumship manifested in her life, from early childhood onward, including the confusing wild emotional swings she experienced as a child. 

Through it, she describes many readings she’s given to people grieving deceased loved ones … their stories, the spirits who showed up for them, and the crazy details the spirits would give her to prove that, yes, it really is me and I’m still here.

Some of these readings are from her volunteer role working with parents who have experienced the unspeakable tragedy of losing a child … and she’s seen the profound, life-changing healing that can take place.

Through her journey, Jackson discovered many valuable insights into the true nature of life … our purpose, free will vs. fate, the enduring nature of relationships, the role of forgiveness, how spirits communicate, and our connection to the Other Side … all consistent with what I’ve learned from a variety of other sources.

I’ve read several books written by and about psychic mediums and have enjoyed them all.  This one stands out for me, however … in fact, at times, I felt like it was talking directly to me.  (And not just because, as a school girl, Jackson’s mom drew scenes and characters on her brown paper lunch bags every day and I still have the stack that Mom drew for me … !)

No, this book spoke to me because of the kind of person Jackson is … just a “regular” person, trying to live an ordinary life, who happens to be gifted with this special ability that she struggled for years to understand … and to believe in.

And I relate to her manner … down-to-Earth, matter-of-fact, and science-based.  She shares how she works with it … taking the mystery out of her abilities and giving us a peek into the “black box” of how psychic mediumship shows up for her. 

And to cap it off, her closing paragraphs on the last page capture and articulate beautifully what I’m trying to convey through Living With Spirit ….

It’s a book well worth reading!


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