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You may have heard about “mediums” and talking to deceased loved ones but, come on!  How can that be true?  It’s all just “hocus-pocus woo-woo stuff,” right? 

Or is it … ?

Humour me and take a moment to imagine this …

You’re sitting in front of a retired US Navy Commander, who …

  • served tours in Navy Intelligence
  • taught political science at the US Naval Academy
  • held overseas assignments in Japan and Panama
  • was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon and Defence Superior Service Medal
  • and finished her career serving the highest military post in the US as Aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff … witnessing the aftermath of 9/11 from the air on the last plane allowed in US airspace that day.

Okay, got this image in your mind?  Good.

Then, as you sit facing her, she looks over your shoulder to begin addressing the reason for your visit …

And starts talking to your deceased mother.

WHAT??  Hah!  Yeah, right, Karen … good one!  Ha, ha, ha!

Yeah, funny right?  Except … this isn’t a joke. 

Nope, this really happens.

Introducing …

Early in the pandemic, when everything in-person shut down and events and training were forced online, my world exploded … in a good way. 

I had recently emerged from a few years consumed by the more mundane aspects of life (work, moving, renovations, blah, blah, blah) and was now back to actively pursuing my spiritual path … investigating and learning about the existence and workings of the “unseen world.”

In this greatly expanded online forum, I came across a particular professional medium steeped in this world and felt like I’d hit the jackpot.  Why?  Because she was “just like me”!

Well, let’s be honest … I could only wish that I was just like her.  But what I mean is I’d finally found someone who was also drawn deeply into this spiritual world, and yet was someone I could actually relate to. 

She too had no religious upbringing, no childhood “special skills” that involved seeing spirits and talking with dead people, and no awareness of this sort of thing in her life until after she was retired from a very traditional, conservative career.

She was firmly “left-brained,” analytical, and by-the-book all the way. 

Which, you see, describes me.  And most of the people in my orbit.

Yet, here she was, an accomplished medium.


Her name?  I’ll get to that, but I’m jumping ahead … first things first.

Medium??  What’s that?

So, Karen, like, what’s a “medium” … I mean, you talkin’ ‘bout her dress size?

Yeah, right, I get it.  It’s an odd word, isn’t it?  But a medium, often called a psychic medium, is someone who practices mediumship.  

Uh, you get that doesn’t help, right?  Cuz, like, “mediumship” is … ?

Right, well … mediumship is something I’ve actually already written a lot about on my blog, but believe me, you’re not the only one who gives me a blank stare when I mention the word.

It’s easy for me to lose sight of the fact that not everyone lives and breathes this stuff like I do.  And hey, that’s fair. 

If someone were to ask me what, oh, I dunno, a cosmologist does, for example, I’d probably guess it was something to do with applying make-up. 

(In fact, they’re astronomers who study the entire universe … the creation, evolution, and possible futures of the universe and its galaxies.  Who knew??)

So, yeah, I get that not everyone knows what mediumship is.  Let me explain …    

What is “mediumship”?

Quite simply, mediumship is the art of communicating with those who have died. 

Um, pardon me?  Did you say talking with dead people??  

Well, yes.  You see, we’re learning that this concept of “death” isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be.  In fact, death is actually more about our bodies than about our “selves.

Uh, what the heck does THAT mean?

Hmm … a little background needed.  Okay, for the moment, take what I’m about to say at face value, but know there’s actually lots of research to back this up.  It’s just not what I’m wanting to delve into here. 

So, stay with me for this quick explanation and then I’ll return to mediumship.

Mind over matter

The key to all this is first understanding that “I” and my body are not one and the same.  I mean, sure, the body’s important, don’t get me wrong. 

But it’s the other stuff … personality, intelligence, talents, passions, knowledge, memories … stuff like that, which makes up the essence of who we really are. 

This essence is what people refer to as our soul, mind, or consciousness, and likely other names too.  But what’s important is we’re learning that this essence appears to live on after our body gives up and we leave it behind. 

But, but … without a body, I mean, like … where does it go?

Fair question.  This essence, which I’ll call consciousness, is made up of energy frequencies, just like our body is.  But these frequencies vibrate at a higher level … high enough that we just can’t see them any longer.  You know, like radio waves, cell phone waves, that sort of thing. 

So, our consciousness exists, but in a different “realm,” you might say … a non-physical one (you know, because of the whole “no longer got a body” thing).

This realm is called different names … the spirit worldheaven … across the Veil … the Other Sidehigher dimension.  I’m sure there’s more, but these seem to be common ones.

It’s like another world, but it’s still very real. 

You see, whereas here, we’re a human person, well, there, we’re like a spirit person.  But … and this is key …

We’re still able to communicate from THAT world to THIS world … and vice versa.

Which brings us back to mediumship …

This is where mediumship enters the picture.

Mediumship is the act of perceiving what a spirit person wants to communicate to someone in this world, and then sharing it with them. 

Go on!

No, seriously.  And mediums are the ones who do this. 

They’re able to act as translators between the two worlds.  Well, not from our world to theirs, because that actually doesn’t need a translator.  Apparently spirit people can hear us just fine.  Any time. 

But rather, from their world to ours.

It’s really that simple.

Yeah, but … aren’t mediums just frauds?

Come on, be serious, Karen … I think you’ve “drunk the Kool-Aid.”  Hah! Aren’t all mediums actually just frauds?  You know, preying on the vulnerable at a difficult time, when they’ll believe and do ANYTHING if they think they can talk with their beloved just one more time?  I mean, that’s certainly what I’ve heard!

Indeed, this has been a commonly expressed belief over the years.  It’s one we’ve probably all heard at some point, whether on TV, movies, in the news media, or from certain friends and family members.

And I have no doubt that there actually have been frauds in this field, and maybe still are.  I mean, there are in many fields.  (I literally just read about a “nurse” who practiced around here for years before recently being exposed as a fake … yikes!) 

Today’s “evidential” mediums

However, the question of fraud goes right out the window when you meet many of today’s mediums … trained as “evidential mediums.”

Um, say what?  An “evidential” medium?  Okay, I’ll bite … what the heck is that?

Just like it sounds actually.  An “evidential” medium is one who focuses on bringing forth information from the spirit person that provides solid evidence of who they are.

So, not just, “Your grandmother is here,” … almost everyone has a grandmother in Spirit, right?  “And she loves you very much.”  Oh really?  Yawn ….

No, an evidential medium (which, frankly, is any medium who’s worth their salt), is able to bring forward information that leaves you in NO doubt as to who’s right there, trying to communicate with you. 

In fact, at times, the information brought forward is something ONLY the spirit person and you would know. 

And sometimes, even YOU don’t know it … until you research it afterward and find out it’s true. Totally mindblowing.

But, hey, don’t take my word for it. You may be surprised to learn that science has been investigating mediumship for almost 150 years. And it’s provided evidence that at least some (and from personal experience, I believe most) mediums are legit. 

Wow, cool!  I’ve only heard about this stuff in movies and whatever.  I didn’t think it was actually real.

Yes, it absolutely is.  And in our next post, we’ll take a look at some of what this scientific investigation has uncovered as we continue our look at mediumship through a logical, analytical lens.

Hold on!  What about this US Navy Commander you started all this with??  Who the heck is she?

Oh, right!  Yes, I’ll tell you more about her too because she’s the epitome of a “left-brained” look at mediumship.

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