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Memories of Heaven: Children’s Astounding Recollections of the Time Before They Came to Earth

AUTHOR: Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Dee Garnes



Out of the mouths of babes ….

There’s a reason this saying is so well known.  The wisdom and insights very young children have to offer can be astounding, and this book shares such recounting … from around the world. 

And I don’t mean any old kid stories.  Nope!  These are stories about experiences with the invisible realm of Spirit

Coming from super young children, like two to four years old …

Experiences BEFORE they were born … and AFTER they arrived.

WHAT THE … ???

This book represents a collection of anecdotes solicited by the late Dr. Wayne W. Dyer … an internationally renowned speaker and best-selling author in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth … along with his colleague Dee Garnes. 

Spurred by a personal experience of Dee Garnes, they decided to see what similar stories they might be able to collect from others, sending out the call … “Submit stories of your children’s ‘memories of heaven’.”  

The response was overwhelming. 

From across the globe, thousands of submissions were received … short write-ups of events recalled with vivid memory, events of such impact they were never to be forgotten.

Memories from children describing … how they selected their parents … deceased family members they’d never met who play with and care for them now … predictions of future births no one yet knows are coming … details of lives lived before this one … and more.

Cool, eh?

Yeah, but where’s the science … ?

Sure, these are interesting, but these are all just, like, stories, right?  I mean, this isn’t actually science ….

No argument there.  These are definitely “anecdotes” (a much-disdained word in the world of science). 

But I must say, the volume and consistency of these numerous “anecdotes” is quite stunning.  (And I do remember hearing a scientist once venture, “The plural of anecdotes is data” …. )

But I digress, because the book does not in any way purport to be a scientific research study. 

However …

Actual scientific research in this realm DOES exist. 

Really?  Give me an example …

Sure!  In fact, last year I wrote about just this kind of research, which has been undertaken for several decades, out of the University of Virginia

Research to identify, document, analyze, investigate … and where possible, actually validatepast-life claims made by young children all across the globe. 

Check out an earlier post, Kid Wisdom (Part 1), if you want to know more about this and the books where this research is published.

The problem, though, is because of their strictly scientific bent, those books are not nearly as fun and easy to read as this book.  Which is what “Memories of Heaven” offers.

So, what’s the book like?

The countless stories Dyer and Garner collected are organized into categories, including …

  • Memories of heaven (meaning recollections from BEFORE birth)
  • Details of past lives (how and where they lived and died … LAST time)
  • Choosing parents (Yes, yes, it appears we actually do!)
  • Family reincarnations and role reversals (like, “Remember when I was your mommy?”)
  • Ongoing connection to Spirit (how they continue to keep in touch with departed loved ones and God, or Source)
  • Stories of precognition (in other words, knowing stuff before it happens)
  • Invisible friends (No, apparently it’s not just little Johnnie’s imagination …. )
  • Spiritual visitations (family and friends here to protect … or in some cases, just to hang out)
  • Angels (Even wings are reported!)

Dyer adds introductory and concluding comments to each chapter in which he briefly shares some of his own experiences and musings. 

He also emphasizes the importance of adults having an open mind when on the receiving end of remarks like this from little ones … remarks they might otherwise dismiss as “just an active imagination.”

From my own experience …

I too have found myself an unexpected participant in one of these “imaginative” conversations.

The Kid Wisdom posts I mention above were a series of posts I published last year as a result of a conversation over family dinner … initiated by my six-year-old grandson … about the workings of the spirit world.


I was as gobsmacked as many of those who submitted their own stories for Dyers’ book.  So many fascinating revelations arose, completely out of the blue, including the whole “we pick our own parents” idea.

In fact, as I was reading “Memories of Heaven,” there were several stories which caught my attention as echoes of what my grandson had shared with us. 

Here’s one example …

Listen for the bell …

One of the experiences my grandson told us about was that every night he and other kids go hang out and play in “Kid Heaven.” 

He talked about how Kid Heaven was divided by age, mentioning friends he saw there and ones he didn’t, because of age.  Fascinating! 

He went on to explain …

“We return to the real world when a bell rings … so we’re back before our parents come upstairs.”  (Kid Wisdom (Part 5))

Then, as I’m reading “Memories of Heaven,” I come across an account by a woman from Florida.  Get this … she too writes that her youngest daughter would tell her about visiting heaven each night.

But not just that.  She also explained to her mom …

“When the bell starts to ring, you have to leave.”  (pg. 200)

My eyes almost jumped out of my head at that one.  In fact, as I type this, it still gives me goosebumps ….

Yes, out of the mouths of babes ….

Let’s Share

Okay, your turn.  I know this is an easy one to share because many of us have these stories.  And they keep coming … !  

In fact, I have literally just returned from a walk in my neighbourhood during which I came across two little girls, and one of them elected to illustrate this point.

The youngest made her way over to me on her push-bike to announce, “I’ve just come out of my mommy’s tummy!”  Grandma was nearby and gently corrected her timing, suggesting this had happened about four years ago.

The girl then added, “I was bored.” 

My ears perked up.  But to make sure I’d understood correctly, I clarified, “You were bored … in your mommy’s tummy?”

“Yeah ….”

Needless to say, I was keen to pursue this.  However, it appeared this was all she was going to share, because she then proceeded to describe, and model, just exactly where it was she had emerged from mom!  LOL

So, back to you.  When you think about such interactions with young children, which ones jump to mind?  Perhaps at the time you simply chalked them up to an over-active imagination, and maybe now you’re beginning to wonder ….

I invite you to share them with us by posting below.

Whether or not you’ve yet to personally experience such an interaction, I’d suggest if you have any young children in your life, this is definitely a book worth checking out. 

Because children can be a goldmine of life wisdom … when we take the time to listen.

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