Why do I keep seeing 11:11?

Do you have numbers that you see over and over?  For me, 11:11 is a common one … whether in the morning or the evening, I find I’m frequently looking at the clock just as it reads 11:11. 

But there are a handful of others … 12:34 comes up a lot.  I mean, a lot!  Also repeating numbers … 3:33 and 4:44. 

And I don’t mean I sit staring at the clock waiting for it to turn to some cool number, but rather, “something” causes me to glance over at just that moment, and I notice it.

In my case, it’s usually numbers on clocks, but I’ll see repeating numbers or sequences other places, too, like license plates, or flight and hotel numbers when I’m travelling (yeah … pre-Covid). 

Sometimes, it’s a combination of different sources all displaying the same or similar number … like everywhere I turn, there’s the number “44.”  That kind of thing.

So what, you ask? 

This isn’t my field of expertise, but it appears that numbers are quite meaningful … harkening back, perhaps, to Pythagoras who claimed that everything in the universe can be expressed by numbers.  You may have heard of numerology or sacred geometry … divining meaning from the numbers inherent in our lives.

Well, guess what?  It appears that Spirit … especially angels and spirit guides, but also “spirit people” (another term used for those who have died) … uses numbers to communicate messages. 

I’ve come across this idea for years, in a variety of sources.  There are numerous books and websites that address it and that explore specific meanings for specific number sequences. 

For example, repeating “1’s” are said to relate to manifestation (whatever’s going on in your mind at this time is coming to pass, so guard your thoughts) … “2’s” may relate to progress (you’re exactly where you should be) … “3’s” to balance (something in your life is out of whack) … “7s” to stress (relax and let go of your need to control) … stuff like that. 

I must admit, I’ve never felt inspired to get too deep into all this, so I haven’t studied it closely.  I also happen to believe that meanings of messages from Spirit are a very personal thing.  I think they vary from person to person, following whatever silent agreement you have with your own spirit guides. 

But, I do take notice when I see them, because they catch my attention.  And I’ve learned that almost anything that catches my attention in an unexpected way is meaningful.

So, for me, when I see numbers like 11:11, I’ve come to interpret it as a tip of the hat from Spirit, simply saying “Hi there! Remember, you’re not alone in this journey … we’ve got your back.” 

Or, if there’s something difficult going on in my life, it feels like a message to say, “It’s okay, you’re on the right track and this will all work out.  All’s good.”

Who knows, perhaps there’s more to this than I know, but even this is pretty amazing! 

And as I say, it doesn’t have to be just what I see on a clock.  Anytime there’s an intriguing number that comes unexpectedly into my awareness, I’ve learned to take a moment, acknowledge it, and say, “Thanks for being here and supporting me!” 

Ron uses numbers to send a message

I remember a particular shopping experience after my husband, Ron, died.  This is yet another convoluted example, but was quite cool, so hopefully you can stick with me as I take you through it.

Ron had built up a high level of frequent flyer miles from his business travels.  I mean a high level!  They were worth a great deal, but in order to use them, I needed to transfer them into my name.

So, a short while after his death, I called the company, explained the situation, and was given a lesson about “company policy” … Customer dies?  Immediately cancel all his points and close the account! They are NOT transferrable. 

Ooh, gut punch!  Ron may have been the one doing the travelling while he worked for years out of town, but I was the one left at home without him, so from my perspective, they were as much mine as his.  This didn’t seem fair at all!

Fortunately, the agent who’d answered my call knew more than company policy … he also knew empathy and compassion. 

(Ahh, as I’m writing this, I realize that his involvement wasn’t just “fortunate,” it was very possibly “orchestrated” … hmm, interesting.)

Before closing Ron’s account, as he was required to do, for some reason this fellow risked his job and allowed me to withdraw all of Ron’s points in the form of gift cards to local stores … hundreds of dollars’ worth. Bless him.

Time to go shopping!

So, on this day in early 2008, after delivering Ron’s extensive collection of World War II books as a donation to the public library … one more significant milestone in handling his affairs … I stopped at Future Shop, an electronics store.

The machinations begin …

I had five $50-dollar gift cards with me and decided to embark on a stress-free spending spree … I was so looking forward to it!  As I recall, it being just four months after Ron’s death, being able to do something fun was extra special.

The spree began … it had been a long time since I’d bought any music, so I set about picking out TEN different music CDs … awesome! … along with a new portable speaker and cable to help play them. 

The prices were all over the map.  Some regular, some on sale.  The speaker … which also happened to be the only one left that would work for my technology (!) … was on sale for almost a hundred dollars off, much to the surprise and puzzlement of the salesclerk.

When I went to check out, I mentally estimated the total cost and figured it would be somewhat over $150, which means I would have to use four $50 gift cards.  However, the clerk was limited to “three methods of payment” on any one transaction, and each gift card was “one method.”

This brought everything to a halt while we had some discussion about how to handle the payment to work around their system’s limitation.  After a few minutes of debating options, he got creative and offered to first combine three gift cards into a single $150 card and give that back to me.  Then I could use it, and one more, to pay for it all.  Problem solved!

Next, he started keying in all the items … twelve in all … and then tallied the total.  After the mishmash of prices, discounts, and taxes, it came out to …

One hundred and fifty dollars …


Now, that caught my attention!  We’d just spent time and energy trying to avoid a problem that never actually materialized.  It felt very much like Ron’s handiwork … a way of saying, “Problems?  No worries … I’ve got you covered!” 

I smiled all the way home.

Numbers can take on deeper meaning

But numbers can do more than just get our attention … they can act as guideposts in the decisions we make in life.  In fact, I experienced a profound example of this just last year.

My husband (Spoiler alert: Yes, I’ve remarried … and that’s definitely a story to be told!) and I had a townhouse listed on the market for almost two years.  We’d put it up for sale just in the nick of time to miss the robust seller’s market that had been in full flight for the preceding few years … sigh.

Our provincial and federal governments had decided to implement new legislation to slow down the housing market and everything suddenly went quiet … for months and months.

Having already purchased a new home … and moved a ferry-ride away … it was a stressor to have this property still on the market.  Finances were okay but the care and feeding of it, plus the overall uncertainty, were taking their toll. 

Over time, we continued to lower the price … significantly … following the market slowly down, in search of a buyer.  But we didn’t want to undersell.  In addition to our personal financial objectives, we had friends and neighbours in the complex whose own valuations would be impacted by our final price.

Almost two years after we listed it, in late April 2020, I had a Tarot card reading with a psychic medium in which I asked about this situation.  (Note that Tarot cards are just a tool that Spirit can use to get messages across.) 

The message the reader gave me was, “The number two will be important … maybe two days, two weeks, two months … not sure what exactly, but something about the number ‘two’.” 

An offer arrives

Finally, an offer came in.  But for considerably less than our already reduced list price ….  And at this time, there were rumblings about whether the market might be on its way back up.  Recall this was during the pandemic … the real estate craziness hadn’t yet taken hold but early signs that change might be in the air were just starting to emerge. 

This meant the big question for us was, should we try to negotiate a palatable sale from this low offer or should we hold on for a while longer to ride a potential upswing?

This is when being aware of Spirit’s message that the number “two” would be important helped to make this decision an easy one.  Follow this …

We received the request for a showing on June 22.

Which was 2 months after the reading.

We received the offer on July 2.

The close date was July 22.

Which marked the 2-year anniversary of the date we moved out.

Yup.  We decided this was the one! Time to negotiate ….

But at what price?

In preparation for the negotiations, my husband and I discussed our flexibility around price.  At a bare minimum, I wanted the proceeds to be enough to pay off the line of credit we’d been carrying while we waited for the townhouse to sell. 

So, I calculated the price we would need to cover this and the selling costs.  It was notably higher than the offer we’d received, but I decided this was my bottom line and my husband agreed.  We submitted a counter-offer that was slightly higher than this … and waited. 

The buyer came back with their own counter-offer …

For this exact amount! 

Are you kidding me??  Okay, another obvious decision … we put out to the Universe what we needed, and that’s what came back to us.  How could we argue … ?  We accepted. 

Remember … the Universe doesn’t always deliver what you want, but it does deliver what you need. And believe me, this is what we needed.  Not only did we come out financially whole but, more importantly, we rid ourselves of the stress we’d been carrying that, to be honest, was taking a toll.

However, I realized a few days later that I’d forgotten to include in my bottom-line calculation the tax we’d be charged on the realtor’s commission … so we actually ended up short by about fifteen hundred dollars!  Hah!  Double-check your ask!  LOL

And it continues to make life easier

After the sale closed, the pandemic frenzy really started to take hold and over several months, prices everywhere jumped considerably.  So, it’s been easy to start wondering … did we do the right thing?  But anytime I start to fall into this trap, I immediately think of the sign from Spirit ….

It could not have been clearer, so I have no doubt we did the right thing.  Poof! … Gone is the stress of second-guessing myself.


Numbers are used regularly in Spirit communication. They’re a way of getting our attention … repeating numbers, identical numbers, totals that work out “just perfectly.”  Whatever it is that catches your attention.

These may be a reassuring “wink” from Spirit … whether from our guides, angels, or a departed loved one … a way of letting us know they’re with us, watching out for us.  Or, they may convey deeper meaning as a means to help us through a life situation.

The meaning of numbers was something I learned early on in my journey.  I noted many instances following Ron’s death of special numbers coming into my awareness.  Whether they were a much-needed message of reassurance, or a signpost to nudge me in the right direction, I always appreciated them. 

Still do ….

You see, for most of us, Spirit communication is not something that happens through dramatic events, like seeing a dead loved one or spirit guide standing before us.  Rather, it’s something that comes through in many, many small ways that are often subtle and easy to miss …

Unless we’re paying attention.


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