OMG!  So, as I began to prepare this post, reviewing the various notes I’d made in my journal the year after Ron died, I literally just made a connection I’d never seen before!

It starts with lunch … but not just any lunch.  This was lunch at The Calico Cat, a teahouse in Nanaimo, B.C. that is known for having “tea leaf readings” on the menu.

What’s a “tea leaf” reading?

You’ve likely heard the expression, “reading tea leaves” … an idiom that means “predicting the future from small signs.”  Well, that comes from the practice of actually reading tea leaves.

The way it works is you drink a cup of tea (made from loose tea leaves, not a bag) until all that’s left are the tea leaves at the bottom.  Then you hand your cup to the tea leaf reader.  They examine the tea leaves left at the bottom of your cup and interpret the messages they find in the shapes and configurations of the leaves.  

Yeah, yeah, I get it … sounds like a load of malarky!  I think the idea is that your energy, perhaps with a hand from Spirit, shapes the leaves in a certain way to be meaningful. 

But personally, I think it’s just a “tool” … something that allows the reader to tap into their well-developed intuition.  It gives them something for the left, analytical brain to focus on to make sense of the intuitive insights they’re receiving in other ways.  (Although, I do remember a reading where the gal pointed out the animal shape she was seeing in the leaves … and I could see it, too!)

The Calico Cat Reading

Anyway, a few of us went to “have tea” and get a short (twenty-minute) reading from Heather, the restaurant manager.  I recorded it on my phone so I could transcribe it later.  Which I did … and she absolutely nailed it. 

She was on the mark with so many of her comments about me and my situation … my nature to veer away from negativity, my belief that we can “choose” joy, my “black and white” thinking, the existence and personalities of both of my four-legged furkids, and others. 

But one message in particular that she conveyed really struck me ….

“Are you a widow?  I’ve got this man on the other side who adores you.”  Even today, I still feel the intense emotion in her voice as she said this ….

“He wants to make sure you have love and affection and all the things you so rightly deserve.  I have him singing to you, but out of tune.” 

Yes, that was definitely Ron ….  And, no, he wasn’t a singer. LOL

Ron (tries) to make a point …

But here’s what caught my attention this morning … I haven’t read this transcript in years, so I pulled it out to refresh my memory as I contemplated what to write about in this post. 

And what she said next just hit me between the eyes … !

“I’ve got him coming through…something about the bend in the road…he speaks of the bend in the road, coming through the bend in the road.”

Bend in the road … ?  At the time, I had no idea what this meant.  But now??  Now?? OMG, I just wrote in my last post about the “bend in the road” … driving through the rainbow pot o’ gold that Ron had put in my path … as I came around the bend in the roadjust four weeks earlier.

She continued, “When he died, you ached.  It went right through your whole body.”  Yeah, we call this understatement …. 

“He says, ‘She’s feeling better.’  And he hasn’t really left you.  He’s been in and out always, to make sure that you still had him to lean on.”

Wow!  Here he was, trying to confirm for me not only that he was still with me, but that the amazing rainbow was no coincidence … it truly was a sign from him! 

And, here I was, hmm, “bend in the road” … sorry, yeah, don’t know what that means.

Side note … if you choose to see a psychic medium and they deliver a message that doesn’t resonate, certainly feel free to let it go, but consider tucking it into the back of your mind because it may clarify in time … even thirteen years later!

Spirit explains a new way of being around me

So, this “have-a-little-fun teahouse reading” was quite interesting.  I could tell from the way Heather, the reader, expressed what she was perceiving that she was clairsentient … meaning that she felt in her own body what apparently was occurring in mine. (See below – SIDEBAR:  Explaining the Clairs.)  

In fact, it was during this session that I first learned about the pressure I had just started to feel on my head …

“Something about an angel touching your head.  A woman who’s passed who has her hand on your head.  You’ll actually be aware of it because it comes here <she touched the back of my head>, right on your head. 

“I get a special spot that lights up.  I get to that place of joy because you know how to get there and when you do, a hand comes in to touch you. 

“The hand is always there but when you do that, I’m aware of it.  I can feel the hand of God on me.  It’s bigger DNA.  We’re all hooked.”

Yeah, it’s not uncommon for messages being translated from Spirit to be a bit obtuse as the reader struggles to convey what they are perceiving. But the core of the message was crystal clear … I would feel a physical sensation on my head when I connected with joy.  Or with Spirit … one and the same.

At the time, this pressure on and around my head was a new and infrequent sensation.  I had wondered a couple of times about this “dizzy” feeling I was having, but at that point, I didn’t connect it with what Heather was telling me, so I forgot about it.  However, as I look back, it makes total sense! 

You see, as my BodyTalk energy healing practice continued to build, I began to notice that whenever I was working on a client, I’d feel a pressure being applied to the back of my head.  At times, it was so intense, it quite literally pushed my head and body slightly forward … seriously!  Three or four inches!

In my own time, I intuitively came to understand this was a sign that Spirit was with me.  I found that it was most noticeable when I was connecting into a place of healing on behalf of someone else … which truly is a place of joy for me.

SIDEBAR:  Explaining the “Clairs”

In books, movies and such, when there’s reference to someone being able to “predict the future” or “talk to the dead,” we often hear that they’re “clairvoyant.”

This isn’t quite right, so here’s a brief primer, since this actually applies to each one of us.  Yes, actually, we all have an ability to tune in to stuff we can’t see … each and every one of us.  But as with any skill, some are just better at it than others, that’s all.  (If you’re interested, I recently posted a review for a book from the world of science that supports this assertion, The Power of Premonitions.)

Have you ever had “a gut feeling” … or met someone you instantly disliked and you didn’t know why … or maybe had an image flash into your mind that seemed to come from nowhere … or realized a song was playing in your head and you didn’t know where it came from?  These are all examples of tuning into energy … or information … that we can’t physically see.

We call it intuition, and our intuition can pick up these signals in one or more ways, ways that mirror our physical senses … just in a more subtle way … so they’re called the subtle senses.

Each subtle sense has an official name, and since they all start with the prefix “clair” (meaning clear), they’re also referred to as the “clairs” … six in total:

Clairvoyance means the ability to see things … in your mind’s eye or, much less frequently, actually outside of you, somewhat like your physical vision.

Clairaudience refers to the ability to hear things … in your head, most often in your own voice, but not always.  Less often, it can sound like it’s coming from outside of you.

Clairsentience is about the ability to feel things in your body … for example, a gut feeling that something is wrong, or sensing another’s pain or illness.

Clairalience is the ability to smell odours that aren’t there, like the pipe tobacco Ron offered up.

Clairgustance means being able to taste something that isn’t there … perhaps your mom’s cinnamon buns, evoking a reminder of her.

Claircognizance doesn’t align with a physical sense but is quite common.  It means just knowing stuff … no discernable reason for it, you just somehow know it.

Although we may have access to multiple subtle senses, it appears that usually one is most dominant.  I’ve had difficulty trying to figure out mine.  Apparently clairsentience is most common, however, except for the one about taste, I’ve experienced all of them.


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