In Part 1, I shared ways my dead husband had been trying to reach out to me the year following his death … communication clouded by my ingrained doubt this was real.  Yet, he persisted …

Rainbows and music

It was early winter, and I was driving into the local city, on my way to the tire store to order a new set of tires.  I was missing Ron and, at this particular time, all the varied “handyman” skills he possessed. 

The previous weekend, we’d had a dump of snow … unusual for where I lived.  To get to the street, I needed to make it up our steep driveway from the garage at the bottom. 

I was a bit nervous about trying the car, but it was either that or stay home … and I wasn’t about to become a prisoner in my home!

So, I braved the driveway … and part-way up the slick, hard-packed snow that had started to ice up … the car decided it had enough. 

Yup!  It began its descent, sliding back down … on its way to the bottom … where Ron’s truck was still parked beside the garage.  Double yikes! 

I was completely powerless to stop it … nothing to do but close my eyes and wait for the crunch.

Which never came.  Fortunately, the car came to a stop about two feet away … whew!

(Hmm, only now as I write this, does it occur to me that maybe “someone” reached out with a loving hand to intervene.  Sigh … even now, still a slow learner at times.)

Anyway, thus the need for new tires, which had prompted my trip into the tire store this day. Oh, yeah, and I had also just found a huge water leak in the storage room.  ARRGH!!  All things Ron used to take care of!

So, feeling very alone and ill-equipped to handle everything on my own, I was talking to him as I drove … telling him how much I missed him and wished he were here.  Just then, I came around a corner …

There, in the sky directly in front of me, was a beautiful rainbow … a sight that greeted me as a line from a well-known song on the radio wafted to my ears, “The hardest part of love is letting go ….

The combination of the two hit me between the eyes.  Wow, what a coincidence!  I wondered … any chance that this, well … could be Ron reaching out?

Okay, once more … with emphasis!

Not long after, I was driving home after having donated all of Ron’s clothing to a local thrift store.  Clearing out his clothes was a big step for me … but I knew it was a necessary one.

So, it was a difficult trip to make, and I had left the thrift store with a queasy feeling in my gut.  It felt wrong … Ron wasn’t a “thrift store” kind of guy.

Had I done right by him … or had I just made a big mistake?

As this worry bubbled up in my mind, I glanced off to the side and immediately noticed another beautiful rainbow.  I smiled, and asked Ron if this was from him, telling him I could really use a sign of reassurance. 

But … I mean, honestly, how can spirits do this … conjure rainbows?  Really?  It’s a nice thought but get serious, Karen ….

So, not wanting to be naive, I gave in, voicing out loud my doubt that it had anything to do with Ron.

A moment later, I rounded a curve on the highway …

There, right in front of me, was … the end of the rainbow

Sure, with the numerous rainbows I’ve seen in my life, I’ve seen a few almost reach the ground, disappearing into the horizon, or a forest … you know, somewhere off in the distance.  But I had never actually come face-to-face with the “pot o’ gold.”

Yet, there it was … landing right on the road … right in front of me.  I couldn’t miss it, as I literally drove through it.

As I see it now, Ron was trying to grab my attention and make it perfectly clear … YES, these rainbows ARE from me!

But as I saw it then … ?  I arrived home and noted in my journal, “Hmm, I wonder.“  Sigh.

So, how do they do this … conjure rainbows and play meaningful music?  I mean how do they do this at all, much less at just the right time?  I honestly don’t know … apparently, that’s above my pay grade.

But believe it or not, I’ve since read this is actually a common occurrence … both rainbows and music, whether separately or together … coming to us.  And, usually, just as we’re needing reassurance.  


If you’re thinking about your loved one, or needing comfort, and you see a rainbow, trust that it’s coming from your departed loved one … a sign of reassurance that you’re not alone.  Never alone. 

In the same way, pay close attention to music … wherever it’s playing … whether live, on the radio, online, or in your head.  Same idea … when you’re thinking about your loved one or needing a sign, take a minute to notice the words being sung or even the name of the song.  This is a common vehicle used for messages. 

Many, many ways

So, where does that leave us?  At this point … less than a year since he had passed … Ron had tried to communicate through a medium, moving objects, his pipe tobacco, the kitties, climbing into bed, electrical signals, rainbows, and music.

And he would soon attempt others! Coins, dreams … even showing up on camera!  (Yes, I will be sharing this one, too. )

Flickers, not flashes

I’ve since discovered through my research how sad and disappointing it is for our loved ones when we take their hard-earned efforts to connect and chalk them up to “just a coincidence” or our imagination … or, worse, we miss them entirely!

I think many of us expect these signs to be unambiguous, in-our-face, crystal clear.  But that’s not typically the way it works, as all these examples illustrate … something that took me a long, long time to understand.


Communication from our deceased loved ones can come through in many, many ways … ways that can be small and subtle. 

It’s the little things … “flickers, not flashes” … that will communicate their presence.

And this isn’t just my own experience.  This exact point was made in a podcast I heard recently with “the world’s leading mediumship research investigator,” Dr. Julie Beischel. 

Dr. Beischel is the Director of Research for Winbridge Research Center … a non-profit organization dedicated to “studying dying, death, and what comes next.” Their current focus is the scientific study of mediumship, which was the subject of the interview.

In the discussion, Beischel quoted a colleague who said, don’t look for fireworks, watch out for fireflies … or as I choose to put it, “flickers, not flashes.”

So, the point is … be open to anything at any time.  If anything catches your attention, especially when you’re thinking of your loved one, do yourself (and them) a favour and pay attention to it.    

It’s coming to you for a reason. 

And, most importantly, trust it … and acknowledge it.  Your loved one will thank you for it.

I recently posted to Resources a wonderful book written by a medium in which she describes all sorts of examples of deceased loved ones reaching out to those left behind … in amazingly creative ways. 

If you’re interested in learning more, I’d strongly recommend it … “The Light Between Us” by Laura Lynne Jackson.

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Adrienne · May 10, 2021 at 9:30 PM

I love your writing – it is so YOU! The messages you have to share are so helpful, and such a great reminder. As a result of reading this post, I can’t wait to see what signs from loved ones might be waiting for me this week. 🙂 Although I never met Ron, he sounds like a pretty creative fella! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about the showing up on camera story!

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