2008 … As the months passed, I continued to build my BodyTalk energy healing practice and further my training in this and other energy healing modalities, such as Reiki.

I was also continuing to explore the world of metaphysics and spirituality … reading lots and getting together with friends to share ideas and experiences.

I was building on my understanding of life being more than meets the eye.    

I wasn’t sure what all this meant but, at a minimum, I knew that life carries on after our body dies. 

And I also believed that we all have non-physical energies that accompany us through this human journey … spirit guides and guardian angels, to put names to them … here to guide, assist and protect.  I couldn’t say that I knew this yet, but it felt right, so I operated with this belief.

Which meant, I was on the lookout for signs from my spirit guides, while also looking out for signs from my dead husband, Ron. 

I wasn’t always sure how to differentiate one from the other, but mostly, I still wasn’t sure whether to trust them at all … or whether they were just products of my hopeful imagination.

Ron persists … and persists

Hindsight is always so instructive.  Looking back, as recounted in previous posts, I see that Ron had tried to reach out in the first few months in a variety of ways … through a medium … by moving objects, both to get my attention and also to help me find lost items … transmitting the aroma of his pipe tobacco … getting the kitties’ attention … and “climbing into” bed with me at night.

But still, I didn’t get it.  Well, the medium communication I got, for sure. Before moving from Calgary, I’d had readings with psychic mediums … not about departed loved ones, but about guidance from the Other Side, and they had made sense to me.

I’d also had other readings since Ron passed.  The reading with Pamela, who provided my first communication with Ron about a month after he passed. 

And after that, I’d had encounters with mediums in various places … even public settings, like a restaurant or psychic fair … and each one made very credible observations that caught my attention, often including one or more observations related to Ron.

So, yes, communication with Ron via a medium, I got.  And the concept that loved ones reach out with signs … absolutely!  No doubt in my mind.

But trusting that something I’m experiencing is actually Ron … well, that was a different story.  I noticed it, but I struggled to break through the layers of programming from my life that planted doubt as a dominant force within me.

So, while I wondered and thought, maybe, just maybe … well, you know … perhaps it could be, but well, not likely … but maybe … ?

Good grief!  I’m surprised that Ron stayed with me and kept trying!  But he did.  And there are so, so many more ways in which messages from our departed loved ones can come through ….

Electrical Signals

In much of the reading I’ve done, electrical signals are mentioned as a source of energy that those on the Other Side can tap into to send us messages. 

In fact, unbeknownst to me, I’d already experienced it with my Palm Pilot “waking up” during my midnight BodyTalk session for Ron’s family (see previous post).

Apparently, phantom phone calls are also very common.  A couple of months after Ron died, I started receiving several phone calls with no one on the other end.  It was annoying but, you know, “these things happen,” so I didn’t give it a second thought.

I took me another two months to begin to even question whether it could possibly be Ron.

Ron tries again

His birthday rolled around … August 29th … the first since he’d died almost one year earlier.  Kind of a tough day. 

It being such a significant date, I noted in my journal, “Hoping for a sign of his presence, but nothing has come.”

I then went on to record a meaningful observation … “Earlier today, I was reading about signs from spirit guides and how often they’re electrical, including ringing phones.  I’ve been getting a number of calls coming into my fax line, including one just after I read that.”

Now, let me get this straight, Karen ….  You read that phantom phone calls could be a sign from Spirit.  And as soon as you read that, you got one.  And, and … you still thought Ron hadn’t sent a sign?? 

Um, yeah, I know, but it said it was from spirit guides … you know, not spirit, uh … spirit people! 

So, you figured out this was a sign from Spirit, but because the book specified “spirit guides,” it didn’t occur to you that it could actually be a sign from “spirit Ron”ON HIS BIRTHDAY?? 

Well, when you put it that way …. 

(Side note:  Being a literal thinker isn’t particularly helpful.  Sigh.)

But maybe don’t freak us out … ?

So, a variety of electrical signals can be used. I had an air filter that stood in the corner of my bedroom.  It had four speeds … low, medium, high and the all-powerful, turbo.  It would automatically adjust its speed, as needed. 

On its default setting of low, I never heard it.  But when there was something significant to pull out of the air, it cranked up to turbo and I swear the entire neighbourhood heard it!  Well, okay, not really, but it made a heck of a racket.

One night, I was in bed, the kitties beside me.  Fifteen minutes after I turned out the lights … at exactly midnight … all was quiet, when my air filter suddenly revved up to turbo boost … yikes!  I turned on the lights and looked around.  No obvious cause to be found.

Having read recently about electrical disturbances being signs, it occurred to me that maybe this was a visit from Ron ….  So, I talked to him a bit and it backed down to high.

I continued, “If it’s you, Ron, thanks, and know that I love you.”

Right away, it dropped back down to low.  That was interesting …. 

So, I decided to test my theory, asking Ron to do it again to prove it was him.  I waited a minute and … nothing. 

Oh well, maybe just a sudden influx of floating dust from … somewhere?  I turned out the light.

No sooner had I laid back down than it revved up to turbo once more.  This time, Callie jumped off the bed.  I told Ron that this was freaking me and the kitties out a little bit and, if it was him, would he please stop it. 

After a minute or two, it settled back down to low.  It was fine the rest of the night.

So, I asked myself, was it him?  Or was it a “glitch” … you know, just “one of those things”?


Be aware that departed loves ones are known to make liberal use of playing with electrical signals to get your attention.  In addition to phantom phone calls, very commonly reported examples include lights dimming or flickering, and televisions turning on or off, seemingly on their own.

Any sort of technology … computers, appliances, radios, modems … are potential candidates.  It can be annoying when your computer stops working, but … before you take it into the repair shop, ask your loved one to try something else.  You may be surprised to find you don’t need to make that trip at all!

However, not every method of communication is a bit freaky or troublesome … as we’ll see in Part 2!


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