2007 Nov … Life continued ….  Ron had died on September 7th and I remember marking the turn of the calendar on November 1st, writing in my journal,

So ends the “Last Month” period.  No longer do I say that Ron passed away “last month.”  Now, we’re on to “‘this fall,” then “this year” and “last fall” and “last year.”  Then, we’re done with the “This’s and the Last’s” and it melds into our history….”

I started to understand “Why here … ?”

The answer to the question I had wondered … why I had been led here, to Fairwinds … was answered that fall.  Well, partly anyway … stayed tuned.   

Through a somewhat unlikely connection … an acquaintance … of a friend … of a friend … (yep! another of those “odd” circumstances) … I met Gail, a “saviour” of sorts.

Gail was a psychic medium and a “Reiki master” (the term used for those who are trained to teach Reiki).  She was also a generous, giving person.  And wouldn’t you know … she lived in Fairwinds!

Gail was connected into an amazing network of like-minded women … over time, I think there were fifteen to twenty of us.  She initiated and hosted a group we called “Reiki-share” … each week, we’d gather to share healing energy with each other. 

For me … the healing energy, the camaraderie, the learning and exposure to all things spiritual … was exactly what the doctor ordered! 

I was building a foundation to support my newfound passions:  learning the ways of the Universe and using BodyTalk, an energy healing modality, to help others heal.

In this remote corner of the world … on my own … knowing virtually no one, I had found my tribe.  Who would’ve guessed … ?? 

Oh, yeah, Spirit ….

Spirit decides the time for BodyTalk is now …

At one of our Reiki-share sessions, I was asked to show the group what BodyTalk was all about.  I hadn’t been using it much since we left Calgary and was nervous about being in the spotlight. 

However, it was a supportive group, so I screwed up my courage and gave a quick session to one of our members, who was keen.  I was pleased (and relieved …) to learn she felt better afterward. 

But then, to my surprise, she followed up with me a couple of weeks later to ask for an actual session … you know, the paid kind.  Now what do I do … ? 

Turns out, this was the nudge I needed … I took the plunge and started up my BodyTalk practice.

When I saw her for her appointment, I was amazed to learn (yes, at this point, these things still “amazed” me … ) that the suggestion to follow up for another session had come up in a psychic reading she’d had. 

Interesting!  She was dealing some challenging issues BodyTalk could help with, and I needed a kickstart … it felt like yet another example of the Universe weaving its magic behind the scenes.

Watching for signs … filled with doubt

So, my new life was starting to unfold, but still in a shroud of grief and loneliness.  How much I missed Ron … !

I wanted to hear from him myself, not just through an intermediary.  So, I kept watching for signs that maybe, just maybe, he was reaching out. 

And signs started to emerge, but at that stage, I was filled with self-doubt and frequently second-guessed what I experienced.  I mean, seriously … could these signs really be from my dead husband or am I just making it all up?

Ahh, yes, self-doubt.  No one wants to be thought naïve, gullible … or worse. 

I mean, I knew that communication with our deceased loved ones was real.  From the learning I had undergone to this point, I totally got this.  It made sense … even to my analytical mind. 

But, the ability to communicate with the dead?  I don’t mean “talking to” him … I did that all the time … but the “hearing from” or “seeing” or “sensing” … that ability was for other people … certainly not me.

So, I kept recording in my journal what I noticed in the hopes that … well, just maybe it was Ron reaching out, to reassure me he was still there.

In the years since, I have learned there are myriad ways that our loved ones will try to communicate with us … and with hindsight, I realize that Ron has tried almost every one of them!

Ron, is that you … ?

One of his first attempts was around this time.  It involved our four-legged fur-kids … aka our cats, Callie and Chigger.

Ron and I had adopted these two cats seven years earlier … and they changed our lives.  Seriously

They were “the kids we never had” and we fell absolutely head-over-heels in love with them.  (I know some of you can relate.  Others of you are probably more like … um, yeah, sure, whatever ….)

I remember when we made the decision to bring them into our lives, Ron insisted, yes, we could get cats, but … they certainly would NOT be allowed in the bedroom! 

Yeah, uh huh … within three days, their beds were in the master walk-in closet … and we were both eagerly awaiting the night they’d deign to jump up and join us to sleep.

All this to say … “the kitties” had been an important part of our life together.  Not just for me, but for Ron (and I’ve realized this might be a factor when it comes to what and when our loved ones choose to communicate their presence …).

So, one evening, I was grooming one of the kitties, using a grooming table we had (yes, of course, they were very spoiled … they had their own grooming table … Ron bought it), when something very odd happened. 

Out of the blue, the TV hanging on the wall right beside me started vibrating.  Then there was a loud twang, like a spring releasing tension.  An instant later, the metal grooming comb that had been resting on the table fell to the floor.

What the … ??  I stopped and looked around.  The community where I lived was out in the styx so there was no heavy traffic going by to shake the house.  Nothing around, no outside disturbance, no low flying planes ….

Still firmly my father’s daughter, I searched for a left-brained, analytical explanation, my internal dialogue kicking into gear.

Well, it must have been, hmm … when I flinched in response to the noise …  the noise caused by, well, I’m not sure what, but whatever it was … I jumped.  And then maybe I knocked the comb off the table?  But didn’t notice that I did … ?

But it didn’t feel like that, you know?  However, still mired in an aura of doubt, I merely wondered, is there any chance this could … well, maybe … be Ron trying to get through … ?

The answer … ?  Most certainly.


Loved ones on the Other Side can actually move objects and create noises to get your attention … especially if your attention is hard to get (for example, you continue to doubt what you’re experiencing …!)

Yes, my research started to reveal an untold number of reports of items falling off shelves, objects being moved around, TVs or radios suddenly turning on, lights flickering off and on, and so on …  that are instances of departed loved ones clamouring for our attention. 

If they’re happening around you, don’t simply write them off as “just one of those things”!

Animals figure it out much more easily than we do

This wasn’t the only time our kitties were around when Ron made an “appearance.”  Animals have physical senses that perceive frequencies beyond those that we are able to.  For example, we don’t see UV light, but cats, dogs, and some other animals do.

So, they see stuff we can’t.  And it can be a little freaky … for them and for us!

Is Ron around?  Kitties say, yes!

One night, very late, I was in the room I used for BodyTalk sessions … my “clinic.”  I was sending “distance healing” to a very young child who was a relative of Ron’s in the U.S. 

In case you’re wondering, the effectiveness of healing at a distance has been studied and proven.  Whether it worked for me then, I can’t say, but I knew it was possible.

I had just read an email advising me this child was in the hospital in critical condition, so even though it was close to midnight, I didn’t want to delay to morning. 

In my clinic, my Palm Pilot (a personal organizer that was like a precursor to smart phones) was sitting nearby.  During the healing session I conducted, it “woke up” on its own … emitting a beep as the screen lit up … three different times.

Um, that was a bit … distracting … but I chalked it up to … well, I wasn’t sure actually, but I figured it was just a technical “glitch.”  You know, that catch-all word to describe stuff we can’t explain.

When I was finished the session, Chigger met me at the door and led me to his food tray in the next room.  (He often did this, so I could sit on the floor and hand-feed his kibble to him … yes, yes, I know … Crazy Cat Lady to be sure).

In the midst of eating, he suddenly dropped his kibble, bolted from the room, and raced up the stairs.  Confused, and a bit freaked out … it was late at night, remember … I followed him up. 

When I emerged onto the next floor, he tentatively crept to the top of the stairs … appearing fearful and wary … and looked down, craning his neck to see.  Meanwhile, the hair on the back of my neck, was standing on end.

At the time, I didn’t know if it was Ron who joined us, but I knew someone sure did!  Of course, now, it seems obvious to me that, indeed, this was very likely Ron … showing his support as I reached out with healing for his family.  

When you put all the little things together …

The next time noted in my journal was a short time later.  Chigger had spent the evening on my lap … not unheard of, but it had been quite a while since he’d done so. 

At one point, I noticed him suddenly look up at the ceiling and stare intently.  When I tried to pet his head, he ignored me and started chattering, as I’d seen him do in the past, when he was fixated on a bird out the window. 

Of course, from what I could see, there was nothing there, so … ?

A short while later, when I went to bed, he was still a bit wound up, and continued to vocalize for a bit … again, not unheard of, but highly unusual. 

Once I’d crawled into bed, I started to feel a distinct pressure on the top of my head … a sensation I have since come to associate with a spirit energy around me, but at the time, it was unfamiliar.

I turned out the light and felt an “energy rumbling” in the bed … very subtle and something I’d started to feel occasionally, just in the preceding days and weeks.

Callie then jumped up, as she often did, but this time, she made a beeline for my head and started to sniff around my face.  After a minute, she stopped and settled.

So, what the heck was going on?  None of these things on their own were enough to draw any conclusions, but when I add it all up … ?  I feel there was definitely something … or someone … around me that night.

I’ve since learned that sometimes departed loved ones will come lie with us at night.  Why?  I’m not sure, but maybe it’s a way of being with us while we’re in a more relaxed state … and more open to perceiving their presence.

But why does it always have to be in the middle of the night…?

Some months later, as I was dozing off in bed … about 1:00 a.m. … I felt a weight shift on the bed … like someone had just got into bed with me.

The kitties were already on the bed, Chigger at my side and Callie by my feet.  A few moments later, Chigger suddenly jumped up and pounced on Callie, chasing her off the bed, as though something had riled him up.

At the time, when I recorded this in my journal, all I noted was … “It was very strange.” 

Yup, for sure!  But now makes total sense … welcome, Ron!


Animals are very sensitive to energies and can perceive frequencies we can’t.  If you have a pet and they start to act strangely, realize that this may very well mean your loved one is around you.  Instead of wigging out … or just writing it off to, “Hmm, that was strange” … acknowledge your loved one being there and thank them for making the effort to join you. I’ve read that it’s not easy for them to do.

I was slow to recognize and trust the signs … but Ron persevered, determined to get through in a way that I would know it was him. 

And the signs continued to come … in more and varied ways. 


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