Throughout my postings, I’ve tried to reinforce that there are different ways that Spirit … whether “spirit people” or our spirit guides, angels, or whatever … can use to communicate with us.

Well, the pendulum is another one of these ways.

What do you mean, a pendulum … ?

You know, a pendulum.  Just like the dictionary says … a weight hung from a fixed point so that it can swing freely backward and forward.

Yes, this can be used to open a line of communication with the non-physical realm. 

I think the idea is that it’s simply a manipulation of energy … kind of like when a deceased loved one plays around with the light fixtures, except in this case, energy is used to influence the movement of a pendulum.

And the cool thing is, anyone can do it! 

Getting Started

Here’s the concept …

Take an object which has some weight to it and comes to a fixed point … a pendant, for example … and attach it to a chain, or anything that can move freely.

Hold the end of the chain lightly in your fingers, so that it’s hanging straight down and your fingers or hands won’t influence its movement

Allow the pendant to come to a rest, and then “calibrate” it, as follows …

(By the way, whenever connecting with Spirit, in whatever way you do so, it’s always a good idea to first take a minute, breathe deeply to still your energy and become quiet, and then open your heart to receive whatever comes.)

  1. The beginning level for using the pendulum is to simply ask yes/no questions.  So, either out loud or to yourself, ask to be shown the movement that will correspond with a “yes” answer.

    The pendulum will start to move … typically either side-to-side or front-to-back.  Notice the movement.  When you see this again, it will mean that you’re receiving a positive response to whatever you’re asking about.

  2. When that’s firmly established, ask the pendulum to please stop (yes, use “please” because you’re not actually talking to a piece of jewelry … you’re talking to whomever is on the Other Side, ready to talk with you).

  3. Once it has stopped, then ask it to show you a “no.”  Usually, this will be the other direction than what you were just shown.  Again, notice the movement and ask the pendulum to (please) stop.

Any other movement … for example, going around in a circle, or sometimes, no movement at all … is either “Maybe” or “Nope, not gonna tell ya.”  In other words, you’re really not meant to know the answer at this point … or perhaps ever. 

Now you’re ready to start asking questions!

What kind of questions?

Anything really … but the key is to word them clearly and in such a way that they can be answered with a yes or a no.  

It can be something simple, like whether a particular food you’re thinking of eating is good for you, or maybe whether it’s a good idea to send that email to your boss (gulp). 

Or it can be something difficult, like an important or challenging decision you’re wrestling with.

However … I have noticed that if I’m playing outside my sandbox … you know, trying to get an answer about someone else’s life, or asking for the winning numbers of next week’s lottery draw, that kind of thing … the answers either don’t come or sometimes they do still come, but can’t be trusted.

It seems like, at least for me, the questions have to be relevant to what’s in front of me right now … and they have to be important for me to know, whether big or small.  I can’t say whether this is the case for everyone, but it kinda makes sense.

But some people can do even more!

I have a good friend, Monica, who became a whiz with the pendulum.  She was able to hold it over a chart of the alphabet, like this one …

Pendulum Dowsing Chart

… and the pendant would swing over to different letters to spell out words!  Now THAT gave us a very cool way to elicit much more specific information than a simple yes or no.

For sure it could take a while, but it was so worth it. And in time, her intuition developed deeply enough so that all she needed was the first letter and the word would just come to her.  Now that really sped things up!

Using the pendulum …

In the early years of my journey, Monica and I both lived near each other on Vancouver Island, so we’d get together often and pull out her pendulum, asking for messages from our spirit guides and angels.  

We’d always first set the intention to receive only messages in our highest good.  Is that required?  I don’t know for sure, but we’d read that it was important and it seemed like good practice.  In fact, I still recommend it.

In the beginning, they were shorter messages because, you know, they were coming one letter at a time!  But it was fun, and the messages were often intriguing and almost always comforting.

For example, I’d been worried about one of my fur-kids, Chigger, who’d had some stomach issues and I was, well, shall we say, overly protective. (Who, me … ??)

So, when Monica pulled out the pendulum that evening, it was very cool when what came through was …


Whew, what a relief … thanks!

So, who’s on the other end … ?

We soon learned to ask who it was providing the message.  After all, we were connecting with invisible energies, so we couldn’t exactly recognize them from their face, you know? 

It turned out we found archangels showing up regularly … Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Azrael and others.  (Yes, I know this sounds bizarre to some of you, but we’d ask, and these were the names the pendulum would spell out.  So, well … who were we to disagree?)

We weren’t overly familiar with these “archangel” energies, but certainly knew of them.  Mostly, people associate archangels with a religious context, but there’s numerous books written and references made about them that have nothing to do with religion. 

In fact, just last month, I attended a presentation by a local medium, here in Victoria, Canada.  She described her background as entirely without religion … and told us of being utterly confounded the first time an energy showed up in a meditation workshop she was leading that turned out to be Archangel Michael!

So, yeah, this stuff happens.  Go figure.

Archangels (or whatever you want to call them) are described as a “higher level” energy, which really means they operate on a higher frequency than other spirit beings. 

According to many sources, it appears they provide guidance and assistance to anyone who asks or needs it … no matter how big or small the ask.

And apparently, the nature of the non-physical world is such that energies can be wherever they wish, whenever they wish … and in multiple locations at the same time. 

In other words, they can be with me … and with you … and with myriad others … all at the same time, if needed.  Which means, you don’t have to worry about your particular request “bothering them” or taking them away from something more important.

So, I guess showing up to offer guidance when Monica and I got together to ask for it was part of their schtick.

Though we weren’t well versed in this realm, we’d learned enough to know that “Michael” was kind of a head honcho and “Raphael” was a powerful healer. In particular, it made sense to me that Raphael would often weigh in, given my new role in the healing arts as a BodyTalk energy healing practitioner. 

The messages were usually quite general, encouraging and uplifting.

But then …

Sometimes, we’d be even more surprised at who would show up!

I remember one time when Monica brought out the pendulum so I could ask for a message. One immediately came forward …

Message: HI

Me:  Who is this?

Message:  RON

Ron??  My dead husband … ??  Wow. It had been about nine months since his death and this was a first! 

Me:  Do you have a message for me?

Message:  I LOVE YOU

Not surprising, but always lovely to hear …

Me:  Do you have another message for me?


Great idea!  Hmm … now, uh, how exactly do we do that … ?

Me:  I can talk to you but how can I hear you?


Ah, yes, of course!  Sure … er … actually no, sorry, still stumped ….

Me:  Do you have a more practical suggestion?


That made sense ….  Okay, Sweetie, I’ll try.  And I love you, too.

It was so amazing to think I might be able to directly communicate with Ron in this way … you know, without having to enlist a psychic medium as an intermediary.  But I soon learned he would pick his own spots for when he would show up in this way. 

In fact, the next opportunity wasn’t until a few months later … this time, with a message that rocked my world …. 

But I’ll save that for Part 2Stay tuned!


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