2007 Oct … It was about a month or so after my husband, Ron, died.  Although I had come to understand by this point that we are souls having a human experience and not the other way around, I was still in the early stages of learning what this really means and how this works.

I accepted … and appreciated … that we’re all supported on our physical journeys. Whether we realize it or not, or whether we believe it or not.  There are invisible energies around us, available to us whenever we need them or we ask for help.

Some of these energies are our departed loved ones, but others are energies that may never have taken a body on Earth.  Many people across the world understand this, in different ways, and use different names for these energies. 

The descriptions that resonated for me were spirit guides and angels.  I wasn’t clear on the difference but it didn’t matter … I just knew they were there for me and it gave me much comfort.  However, I wasn’t exactly sure yet how to reach out to them.

Message from Spirit

Around that time, I came across a book that caught my attention at a book exchange, and picked it up … Angel Voices.”   A short, simple book, it gave instructions for calling on angels … essentially, be quiet, centre yourself, and say a “prayer” … whatever this means for you … asking for help. 

So, I did.  First, I asked for help and guidance in moving forward and in strengthening my connection to Ron … without increasing the pain. 

At this stage, I had been trying to manage the pain of grief through drawing on my new perspective, cultivated from my fledgling understanding of the Bigger Picture.  Be grateful for the time I had had with Ron instead of grieving the loss of more of it … something that had never been mine to lose.

Second, I wanted to increase my intuition … my ability to go beyond the physical senses to see, feel and hear the “unseen.” 

An audible is called …

That night, when drifting off to sleep, a clear voice permeated my consciousness.  In the past, there were times when I’d heard a voice while dreaming and had never thought anything about it.  However, learning about the spiritual side of our existence gave me a new understanding that prompted me to take note of and question things I hadn’t paid attention to before. 

I had begun to learn that when a voice comes clearly through, especially as though it’s coming from outside of me, then it’s not my own thinking and I’m not imagining it.  Rather, it’s a message coming to me … from wherever these messages come.

The message I heard that night … ? 

You have the right perspective on this, Karen.” 

As I heard this, I thought, “Well, okay, thanks!  That actually makes sense, because I think I do, too … but hearing the confirmation is very comforting.”

Calling on Spirit

Spirit energies … guides, angels, archangels, ascended masters, Higher Self, Oversoul, God, Source, the Universe, etc. … are there to help us with what we need.  Not always with what we want but always with what we need.  

And this isn’t just playing with words.  What this means is Spirit will never interfere with a planned life lesson (a lesson we don’t necessarily “want” but one we “need”… ). 

For example, if one of the reasons our soul is here is … well, let’s say, to experience the loss of a loved one … Spirit will let that situation run its course.  

(By the way, if you haven’t yet come across the concept that our soul plans our life and life lessons before we’re born, then look forward to that mind-blowing revelation!  If you’re interested in exploring it now, I’d refer you to “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton, Ph.D.)

However, even if no life lesson is at stake, it appears that Spirit will still not get involved … unless it’s an emergency (for example, we’re about to die in a car crash and it’s not our time) or … unless we ask

Oh, yeah, one more thing … no request is too big or too small

So, whether it’s help with a major life decision or just with finding an open parking spot (seriously), all we have to do is ask.  Yes, it’s that simple.


To call on your Spirit helpers … at ANY time … about ANYTHING …

1. Take a moment to be quiet and centre yourself. A great way to do this is to take three deep breaths … count to four on the in-breath and let it out slowly while you count to eight.

2. If you can, fill yourself with gratitude (see below).  If you can’t, that’s okay, too.  The vibration of need also comes through loud and clear.

3. Say a prayer … whatever that means for you and however you want to say it … asking for help.  (“Yo!  Could use some help here … !”) It doesn’t matter who you say it to, or if you want to just “put it out there.”  No rules to follow ….

4. Say thanks … and be patient. Watch for signs that give you the response or answer you need.  It won’t necessarily come immediately, or in the way you expect.

The importance of gratitude

Why gratitude?  Gratitude is the emotion that vibrates at the highest rate of all emotions.

And why is that important?  Spirit energies have a higher vibration than we do … which is why we can’t see them.  When we can raise our inner vibration to be closer to theirs, it makes it easier to connect and communicate.

So, if you can, when you’re reaching out to ask for help, first fill yourself with gratitude.  It doesn’t matter what thoughts you draw on to bring forth this emotion … whether it’s thinking about a loved one, a pet, a job, your new car, whatever.  It’s the emotion that’s important, not what causes it.

But what if I have no gratitude … ?

There are always times when we’re not in a situation to call forth gratitude … maybe it’s an emergency and there’s no time, or maybe we’re drowning in a pit of despair and can’t find our way out. 

I remember one evening, succumbing to my grief over losing Ron.  I was sitting on the floor of my bedroom, feeling completely bereft of any joy or hope.  I called out in desperation to my spirit guides, pleading for help to raise me up. 

Literally, within seconds … seriously, no more than five seconds … I had the physical sensation of energy building up within me that almost raised me to my feet.  Suddenly, I was filled with lightness and everything seemed brighter and more hopeful.  

That was all there was to it … I had climbed out of the pit in mere seconds!  It was absolutely astonishing … a memory forever seared into my mind.

It appears that the emotion of true need is as strong as … or perhaps even stronger … than gratitudeMessages get through and “prayers” are answered. 

But we have to ask ….


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