One Mind: United in Hope and Healing” webinars


Hosts:  Eben Alexander, M.D. and Karen Newell

In Brief:

A series of free webinars offering interviews with a variety of experienced individuals in fields related to consciousness.


This program, “One Mind: United in Hope and Healing,” is offered free-of-charge by the Inner Sanctum Center, a collaboration between Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell.

Eben Alexander is an American neurosurgeon who went through a profound near-death experience that changed his life (described in his book, “Proof of Heaven.”)  He now dedicates himself to exploring the nature of consciousness.

Karen Newell is an author, personal development specialist, and co-founder of Sacred Acoustics (which provides audio technology to help connect to inner guidance during meditation).

In these webinars, they interview various individuals … doctors, scientists, authors, laypeople … who have experience in fields related to consciousness.  Topics include near-death experiences, spirit communication, consciousness, healing and others. 

I’ve watched some of these interviews and several I have found to be quite fascinating.  To access them, scroll down the main website page until you find “United in Hope and Healing.”   

Once you’ve signed in, scroll down to “United in Hope and Healing” … click on “View Product.”  All the interviews are listed.

Update:  Just finished watching a really worthwhile interview of Dr. Bruce Greyson on near-death experiences, posted on March 4, 2021. 

Dr. Greyson, a psychiatrist by training, is an impressive scientist who has studied near-death experiences for the past forty-five years. I found this interview to be informative, interesting and easy to follow.  Greyson does a good job of laying out the results of some of the research he’s conducted.


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