In Part 1, I described how my deceased husband, Ron, showed up to support me in my return to golfing after his death … and not just with moral support!  No, he appeared to be an active participant!

But the even more interesting discovery was learning that Ron’s golfing activity “over there” wasn’t ONLY about supporting me “over here” ….

The story continues …

Before Ron was sidelined from cancer, he had retired some years earlier.  At this time, he had decided to embrace golf at a whole new level.  He became a student of the game, practicing almost every day, and shooting in the 70’s quite regularly … quite an accomplishment for an amateur. 

Some months after he died, Ron came through in a tea leaf reading (introduced in a previous post) that I had with a psychic medium, and it offered insights into the non-physical world that, at the time, went right over my head.

At one point during the reading, the tea leaf reader asked me quite out of the blue, “Did he golf?  He’s golfing.  I have him in socks on the lawns.  ‘I’m on the lawns’,“ she said, parroting what she perceived him saying.

I could tell she obviously was not a golfer … I realized the “lawns” she was referring to were actually the fairways Ron was showing her.

She then went on with what should have been my first clue that something unusual was afoot … “He’s golfing really well – he says he wasn’t good before but NOW he’s really good!”

I smiled when I heard this, assuming it was just Ron being funny … he had a great sense of humour.  But I was to learn that maybe he wasn’t actually kidding ….

Our “life between lives”

One of the most interesting things I’ve discovered on this journey was a stunner for me.  For a long time, I’d “got” that we continue on after we die, but I didn’t know much more than that.  Like, what happens afterward?  So, as many people do, I kept searching for answers.

Then I came across (or, rather, had thrust upon me!) a book, Journey of Souls,” by Michael Newton, PhD.

And my questions were answered. 

Michael Newton was a certified master hypnotherapist in the U.S.  Before his death, in 2016, he became infamous for his discoveries about life after death. 

Based on accounts from thousands of hypnotherapy sessions with clients whom he regressed into a “life between lives” … in other words, their life on the Other Side … a picture emerged as to the process we go through from death to rebirth.  (Yes, in that order … death through rebirth.) 

It didn’t seem to matter the age, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. of the client … the stories all had amazing similarities.

And one of the discoveries Newton made is this … on the Other Side, we actually have a lot of stuff going on! 

Yes, I know it sounds crazy.  You may be just getting your head around the idea that our consciousness continues on after we die, and here I am, suggesting that it doesn’t just “carry on,” but rather, participates in quite an active life!

So, maybe Newton was just … you know, “off his rocker”?

I can see how you might think so, but his professional credibility aside, Newton is not the only source of information supporting this.  There are many others who also have written about their first-hand experience in this realm. 

Two examples I just happen to have read recently are:

  • Dolores Cannon … like Newton, a career hypnotherapist in the U.S. for almost 50 years who experienced similar results with her thousands of client sessions, and
  • Richard Martini … American film director, producer, screenwriter and freelance journalist who took a deep dive into this after producing a documentary about hypnotherapy and Michael Newton’s work. 

And then there are the numerous psychic mediums who connect directly in with spirit people to get the straight poop!

What I’ve found is their accounts all have the same themes running through them … one of which is, there’s loads of stuff to do once we leave this physical body!

And, of course, there’s my own personal inside source …

Ron, too, has confirmed this for me, himself … more than once! 

The first time, when he related the story of him still golfing, I simply chalked it up to his sense of humour. 

The second time was when he conveyed a message several months later about going “somewhere else in the universe.” I scoffed at the idea and doubted the legitimacy of the message … Hah!  Go elsewhere in the universe?  What do you mean??  That makes no sense!  (By the way, this ended up being a super meaningful message from him … stay tuned for it in an upcoming post.) 

And then some time after that, it happened a third time.  He came through in a session I had with a gifted psychic medium, Dianne.  When she detected his presence, here’s what came through to her:

“He has a great mind … your first husband.  There were different sides to him – a logical side and something deeper.”  True. 

“He wants to tell you what he’s doing.”  Doing … ?  Umm, okay, sure ….

“Was he good with numbers?  He’s working with numbers in the universe.  Investigating something to do with math.  The universe is made up of numbers ….”  Dianne paused, explaining that it was too complex for her to understand and describe.

“He’s very excited about it.  He has travelled to the far reaches of the universe.”  You don’t say ….

That was an interesting development for me.  By then, I had read about this concept of an active “life between lives,” but to have Ron come through to confirm it … for a third time … yeah, that was intriguing.

So, can we prove scientifically that this happens?  No, of course not … or at least, not that I know of.  But when a variety of people from different walks of life start sharing the same information … and my own dead husband weighs in to confirm it! … then it starts to lay a foundation of credibility.

So, what does all this really mean … ?

The implications of this are stunning.  Seriously.  Pause a moment and think about this …. Can you imagine being able to anticipate the “end” as actually a new beginning?  Another chapter … er, book, perhaps … in an ongoing existence?  One in which all things are possible?  

It puts a very different spin on the prospect of facing mortality.

Which then puts a very different spin on living THIS life.

If your mind is open to learning more about this, I would recommend starting with Michael Newton’s “Journey of Souls” and then continuing on to its sequel, “Destiny of Souls.” 

It makes for some very thought-provoking reading, shedding quite an intriguing light on not only why we’re here now, but on what may await us down the road. 

In fact, it sounds like it may be quite the adventure indeed … !


Adrienne · August 28, 2021 at 11:31 AM

Wow! I have just gotten caught up on your latest posts and I absolutely love them. They are varied and interesting, and all contain the same infectious energy and excitement I have come to absolutely adore about your posts. Thank you!

I haven’t really learned about the “”live between lives” before! This was very cool to read about and as you can imagine, stirs up a lot of thought and feeling about possibilities. 🙂

Thanks so much for sharing your insights and knowledge! As always, you are deeply appreciated. 🙂

    spiritwright · August 28, 2021 at 11:56 AM

    Thank you! I so appreciate hearing your feedback. And, yes, the realization of the existence of “life between lives” is truly a game changer …. 💖

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