Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives

AUTHOR: Brian L. Weiss, M.D.



“Many Lives, Many Masters” is one of the classics … one of the earlier publications to provide evidence in support of an after-life.

It was an act of courage by Dr. Brian Weiss to publish this book when he did … almost 35 years ago.  He set aside his legitimate fear of being judged by his peers and opened up to tell an amazing story … a story of finding himself and a patient, during therapy sessions, thrust back into past lives … and then life between lives.

These days, it’s become a more commonly told story by an increasing number of professionals … a variety of medical doctors, psychologists, scientific researchers, and others. Yet even now, it remains a personal and professional risk for those who come forward to share.  Go figure.

I first read this book in 2009, still in the early stages of my journey into discovering the world of the non-physical, and was entranced by what Weiss had to say. 

This is a fascinating recounting of Dr. Weiss’ encounter and therapy with “Catherine” … therapy designed to help Catherine overcome a wide range of debilitating fears and anxiety. 

Reluctant to see Weiss, she was strongly and uncharacteristically pushed by two physician colleagues to call him … a connection we soon learn was “meant to be.”

The direction these therapy sessions took was completely unexpected. 

And it was life-changing … for both of them

Because Dr. Weiss recorded these sessions, he’s able to include accurate transcripts of virtually all that transpired.  Which means we’re able to experience this journey right alongside them … and the information shared is riveting.

It’s an easy read, not burdened with scientific terminology or concepts, just the “story” and the exchange that took place between psychiatrist and patient.

So, who is Brian L. Weiss, M.D.?

Or, rather, who WAS he when he published this book back then?  His bio focused on his impressive academic credentials … magna cum laude graduate from Columbia University, medical degree received from Yale University.

It continued with an impressive list of positions … internship at Bellevue … chief resident at Yale … leading to his role at the time … Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center, and a clinical associate professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine

He specialized in the study and treatment of a variety of mental issues and illnesses … depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, substance abuse, Alzheimer’s, and brain chemistry.

In other words, a mainstream guy, through and through.

So, why did he come forward?

Weiss’ lifelong skepticism of the field of parapsychology, influenced by his years of disciplined training as a scientist and physician, came crashing down around him at a key point during his therapy sessions with Catherine.

He had been treating her using conventional therapy for about 18 months, but even though she’d had what appeared to be several breakthroughs, her symptoms hadn’t improved. 

At a loss to explain why, Weiss decided to suggest hypnotherapy … a technique used to regress a patient to an earlier time in their life, in search of the root cause of their issues.

Suddenly things changed ….

The first session didn’t pinpoint an earlier time in this life.  No, it launched them into a past life … an astonishing turn of events! 

But the clincher for Weiss was when Catherine, herself … while in a trance state she would not remember … revealed privately held information from Weiss’ life … information about his family and dead son. The implications were overwhelming.

However, what was most important to Weiss was the outcome for his patient … in this life.  The journeys they continued to have into past lives achieved what 18 months of traditional psychotherapy had been unable to do …

Catherine’s fears and anxieties finally cleared.

Having directly experienced this tour into past lives and reincarnation, Dr. Weiss felt it was his obligation to risk his reputation in order to bring this information into the open … he had learned the dramatic impact it can have. 

Learning that our consciousness is eternal … that we do not die … is a complete game-changer for how we live this life.

And he was right.  The life-changing impact of learning about the ongoing nature of consciousness is now fully supported by decades of scientific research … the most compelling of which was recently released by Dr. Bruce Greyson in his book, “After.”

So that was then … who is Dr. Weiss NOW?

The experience with Catherine launched Weiss’ career in a new direction … still a psychiatrist and hypnotherapist, he is now also an author, speaker, and instructor, specializing in past-life regression.

He conducts national and international seminars, experiential workshops, and training programs for professionals.

He wrote several more books delving into the transformative and healing powers of past-life regression.

And even though his career took such an unconventional turn to specialize in past-life regression … 35 years later he still holds the title of “Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry” at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami… an honourary title of respect from a prestigious institution.

Bottom line?

I think “Many Lives, Many Masters” is actually an interesting place to start down the path of learning about reincarnation and what’s possible.

There’s a reason why it’s one of the classics.  It’s an easy way to get exposed to concepts that are now being bandied about by increasing numbers of professionals, in more and more detail and, in some cases, increasing scientific rigour. 

In my opinion, regardless of how one begins the journey to understanding the ongoing, perhaps eternal, nature of consciousness, it’s well worth the effort. 

Because it truly is life-changing … !