Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings

Author: Lynn Grabhorn

Published: 2000

My Comments:

This is one of the foundational books that describes the essence of the Law of Attraction. It is also a great example of how books will impact people in different ways at different times. 

It was the first such book I read, at the very outset of my journey in 2004.  At that time, I noted that it was “interesting, but lacked scientific foundation.”

What a change when I re-read it in 2018 … ! 

By that time, I had learned and read volumes of information … concepts, facts, experiments, experiences … much of it expressed in different language and from multiple sources. And I was struck by how much of it came down to the principles of this “Law of Attraction.”

By this point, I had satisfied my curiosity for scientific foundation and was better able to focus on the messages in the book … the critical importance of maintaining high vibrations and of having desires to flow this energy toward. 

This book (among many) emphasize that wants and passions are what pull life force energy through our body.  We should never expect to “get it all done” … these new desires are what keep us alive.

In her book, Grabhorn provides several practical tips … both for maintaining high vibrations and for keeping the energy flowing. 

I believe it is worth reading … more than once!


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