As I’m doing the background work to get this blog up and running, I had a dream that I feel compelled to share.  It sets the tone for what this blog is meant to be … so it feels right to post this as my starting point.

The significance of dreams

Spirit … our Higher Self … will send us messages in many ways.  Dreams are especially fertile ground because our conscious mind takes a break, leaving us open to receive.  When we pay attention, these messages abound.

I had the feeling this dream was meaningful as I lay awake, trying to remember the details, but it wasn’t until I wrote it down that its meaning really hit me.

The Gift

The dream involved a situation where I was with a group of people in a room, each of us having work areas of some kind, demarcated with cloth or hanging tapestries. 

I was one of three people selected to receive a “gift” … a cylindrical-shaped object. 

The first person told a heart-warming story as to how he would use it. 

The second, a woman, told a story that if she’d had it at an earlier time, she would have used it to encourage her partner to marry her.  But for some reason, it seemed the opportunity had passed and she was sad about this. 

My turn was coming and I was concerned I had no meaningful story to tell for how I would use this gift.  And I then realized why … I already had everything I wanted, so I didn’t need a gift. 

But then, in the next instant, it hit me … the gift was love, so I could pass it on to anyone and it would be meaningful.

The Lesson

I was struck by the power and beauty of the message of this dream … 

It doesn’t matter who we are, or how smart, rich, talented or skilled we are … we all have this gift within us to give.

And on this journey I will be sharing with you, a key learning I’ve had is …


Love is all there is.

I have consistently read that once we cross over to the Other Side, all negative emotions … anger, hate, guilt, resentment, jealousy, etc. … dissipate and what we are left with is pure, unconditional love.

This is reported repeatedly … in accounts of near-death experiences … in the cases of hypnotherapists when they regress patients to lives between lives … and in the recounting of those who can communicate directly with Spirit.

It appears that the emotions we experience as humans are part of this journey on Earth … but are not part of who we truly are.

Because at the core of our inner being, what we truly are is unconditional love … for ourselves and for all.


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