“Pennies from Heaven”

Just about every psychic medium I’ve ever heard or read, when talking about messages from departed loved ones, will at some point mention coins.  As will many of the loved ones left behind!

Maybe it’s a relatively easier stunt to pull off from the Other Side, I don’t know, but it is super common … and my case is no exception.

It started the summer after Ron died … exactly ten months later.  I tuned into a call-in meditation and learned an affirmation that resonated with me … “I accept all the love, joy, prosperity and abundance the Universe has to offer.”  I was definitely up for all of these things, including prosperity!

Later that week, I shared it with the gals at Reiki-share.  As I walked home afterward, I found a dime on the road.  Not just a penny … cool!

Then the next day, I had an amazing discovery … something I thought was a five-hundred dollar invoice I owed … gulp … was actually a five-hundred dollar credit owed to me!

And then the following day, I received two hundred and thirty dollars from a friend of a friend for returning some product I’d bought through her and had forgotten all about! 

Wow!  The power of affirmations … !

This was also the day I started to notice coins beginning to show up everywhere ….

Spirit explains the coins

Over the years I’ve learned that Spirit … whether a departed loved one or spirit guides … will use whatever you have at your disposal to communicate with you.

(As a reminder, spirit guides are non-physical energetic beings whom we all have in our corner, helping us out … whether we believe in them or not … here to guide us through this life’s journey.)

One of the tools I had at my disposal that I used to connect with my higher guidance (i.e., Spirit) were cards … Angel cards, Medicine cards, Oracle cards, Tarot cards … there are all kinds.  In my experience, it doesn’t matter what kind of deck … they all work.  And I still use them regularly.

Each deck is different, but each card will have an image … usually beautiful artwork … plus a number and a message.

The basic idea is this … you focus on a question and ask it, whether out loud or silently (apparently they hear you either way). 

The question can be specific or something general, like “What is it that my spirit guides (higher self, God, the Universe, soul, angels …) want me to know today?”  Use whatever terminology you’re comfortable with … it seems like it all taps into the same source.

Then, while focusing on your question, you select a card at random from the deck.  You read the card and see how its message (and maybe its image or number) relates to your question.

It never ceases to amaze me how the card I select so often has a message that is “right on the nose” with something I’m dealing with in my life!  (Yes, you’d think by now, it would no longer amaze me, but it still does.)

Anyway, about three weeks after finding the affirmation, I was at a BodyTalk course.  A group of us were working with Angel cards and I drew a card.  It, too, was about abundance.

But then it went on to say that “the coins you’ve been seeing are greetings from angels or departed loved ones.”  Sweet!  Because, as I say, I had been starting to notice coins.

In fact, as if to underscore the point, I came across two more coins that weekend.  One in particular stood out … at the local outdoor market, there was a dime sitting on one of the vendor tables … on the very outer corner, out of the vendor’s sight.  Just hanging around on its own.  It was an odd place to be. 

Still in “slow learner” mode, I assumed it belonged to the vendor, so I picked it up and gave it “back” to them. 

Shiny coins are often featured

Another notable occurrence was a short while later.  I drove to the bank and when I came back out, I found a very shiny nickel sitting in plain sight … not in the middle of sidewalk, recently dropped, but right beside the driver’s door.  Very eye-catching … yet, I hadn’t seen it when I had stepped out of the car.

This period marked the beginning of finding coins.  At first, it was a selection of nickels, dimes, the odd penny or quarter … but it soon settled into dimes, over and over and over … in the oddest places. 

And they often appear for special occasions

A few years after Ron’s passing, I went home to Saskatoon to celebrate the eightieth birthdays of both my parents.  Ron had a special place in his heart for Mom and Dad … he thoroughly enjoyed them and loved to visit.  The feeling was mutual.

My sister, Cathy, offered to put me up in the guest room in her newly renovated basement.  As she ushered me into the beautiful, spacious room, the absolute first thing that caught my eye … about ten feet away, sitting on the carpet just under the bed skirt, at far corner of the bed … was a dime.

This time, I had no doubt that Ron was signaling his presence, letting me know he was there to join in the celebration, too!  I’d read that our departed loved ones will often show up to be part of family events and celebrations … including their own memorial services!

Although the dimes I find aren’t typically new and shiny, they often show up as U.S. currency.  Which makes sense to me … Ron being American and all.

And interestingly, the dimes don’t appear just for me.  Like his pipe tobacco showing up for my sister, I’ve had friends tell me about finding a dime in circumstances that led them to believe it, too, was from Ron.


Coins are a very common “currency” for signs from our loved ones and from our spirit guides, too.  But it’s not just the random penny that’s dropped in the parking lot … it’s the coins you find in unusual places, or at meaningful times, and they may catch your attention because they’re new and shiny. 

Pay attention to the year of the coin because that can be meaningful also … for example, the year your loved was born or the year they passed.  Or maybe it’s the year of your wedding anniversary … that sort of thing.

I love coins as signs because they also serve a useful purpose … hah!  In fact, I’ve asked Ron to up his game and leave me loonies (Canadian dollar coins).

So far, he’s ignored me ….  LOL


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