2007 Oct … It’s now just over five weeks since Ron died.  Time is still measured by how many days and weeks have passed …

I was feeling good about how I was managing my grief with my new spiritual perspective.  When I would periodically slip into grief, dissolving into tears, I would remind myself of this fact and pull myself out of it.  There was no need to have a “pity party,” I told myself.

Getting on with life …

I was getting out and about to some degree, doing things and meeting people in the community.  I had read about an introductory Reiki training session being offered and decided to sign up for it.  I still intended to open a BodyTalk practice … when I was ready … and it seemed like Reiki would be a good tool to add to my energy healing toolkit.

What is Reiki … ?

I had heard of Reiki and knew it was a healing practice that uses universal energy to help the body heal itself … body, mind, and spirit.  Very cool. 

You see, the palms of our hands are like energy centres.  When we set an intention to do so, we can send energy through our hands and pass it to another … a person, an animal, a plant … and their body then uses it for healing, however it needs it most.

This energy can be … and has been … scientifically measured.  Reiki has been studied extensively and there is much documented proof of its benefit.  As a result, it’s used widely, including in the hospice setting, where it’s given to patients and loved ones alike.  

This seemed like a good opportunity to check it out.

Ron says “hey”

On Friday evening, I drove to the session, held in a small town about twenty minutes down the highway.  Along the way, something gave me a start. 

When Ron and I had moved here, we had driven some belongings out from Calgary early, before the official move.  After arriving, we realized we’d lost a plastic green lawn chair from the back of the truck somewhere along the way.  We hadn’t noticed it at the time and puzzled over how just one chair came off the stack we had.  It wasn’t important, but it was curious and we remarked on it to each other.

So, here I was, five months later, driving down a different highway, and what do I come across … ?  Yup!  There, sitting at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, all by itself, was an identical plastic green lawn chair.  No one was using it … it was just sitting there, inviting someone to come along and take a load off.  Very strange.

I had been continuing to gain an entirely new perspective on the “strange” occurrences in my life.  Things I wouldn’t have given a second thought to in years gone by, I had come to understand might actually have an unseen meaning … from an unseen world.  Was this Ron reaching out with a show of support for what I was doing?

Although I had been out and about a reasonable amount since his death, feeling my grief “under control,” my emotions were still pretty raw.  The practice of venturing out on my own in this entirely new place was still a bit intimidating … a nod of support was very welcome.

Everyone, take your places

I arrived at the room where the training was being held and found fifteen chairs seated in a circle … one for the instructor and one for each of fourteen students.  I claimed an open seat and sat down. 

The instructor, Lynn, had been an energy healer for over thirty years, and as it happened, she specialized in the hospice setting, helping people to pass and to grieve.  Hmm, that’s interesting.  I was intrigued by what was to come. 

Spirit arrives on scene

Little did I know, Spirit was about to play musical chairs.  Follow along with me as I try to describe what happened next. 

So, I’m sitting on one of the fifteen chairs, and then …

  • 1 … Another student who had walked into the room with me announced to Lynn that “Diane had registered but she can’t make it.”  That left us with an odd number of students (thirteen).
  • 2 … Lynn sat down on the other side of the circle.  She had dimmed the classroom lighting for learning ambience and the only light still on happened to be directly behind her.  A few minutes after she started, a student complained she couldn’t see Lynn because of the backlighting.
  • 3 … Lynn tried different lighting options but nothing worked the way she wanted it to.  Someone suggested that she move away from the light behind her, to the seat in the circle directly opposite it.  Everyone agreed this was a good idea … Lynn rose to change places with the student who was currently occupying that seat. 
  • 4 … However, this student had come with the woman next to her, who happened to be seated beside me, and they wanted to sit together.  So they both got up.  The one right beside me got up first, so Lynn took this chair.
  • 5 … The student who originally complained about the light tried to get Lynn to move over one, to the empty chair that was directly opposite Lynn’s original seat, but Lynn stayed where she was, seated beside me.
  • 6 … Lynn continued the class, taught us some techniques, and then directed us to pair up with the person beside us in order to practice by giving our partner a healing session. 

    Having conducted numerous adult training workshops during my career, I was acutely aware there was an odd number of participants and pairing up was going to leave someone out.  I hung back a minute to see how this would play out and murmured to Lynn that there were thirteen of us.  Misunderstanding me, she said not to worry, she’d be circulating.
  • 7 … So, fine, I turned to find a partner, but by the time I asked the students close to me, they’d already paired up with others, leaving me the odd one out.  Lynn, now realizing the situation, immediately said she’d work with me. 

With all the pieces now in place …

We started the practice session.  We were supposed to set an intention for what we wanted to come out of the healing we were about to get.  I set two intentions for my session from Lynn … “increase my intuition” and “increase my healing ability.” 

I closed my eyes and relaxed in anticipation of what was to come.

The moment Lynn started to work on me, an image came rushing into my mind’s eye. I watched as these two intentions I had set suddenly appeared written before me and, just as fast, they were literally pushed aside. The words, “grieving for Ron,” emerged in their place.

And I began to cry … as the instructor proceeded to shower me with the healing energy I hadn’t realized I so desperately needed.

Spirit had done its job ….


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