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This final post for Year 3 of Living With Spirit offers an easy way to check out the blog’s activity over this past year.  It includes a brief recap of 2023 and a listing of its posts, with direct links for easy access.  

(For previous years’ recaps, check out At A Glance. Or, if you’re new to the blog and are simply wondering what it’s all about, check out What Is This?)

Year 3 Highlights

This year, Living With Spirit continued its mission to be a resource for those who are starting to suspect there is more to this life than what we perceive through our physical senses … helping to illustrate what that is and how knowing about it can be life-changing.

Here are a few highlights from this year’s activity …

1. Inviting a deceased loved one to show up at their funeral

An experience I wrote about this past year illustrated beautifully the positive difference that can arise from knowing there is a “Bigger Picture” at play.

A very close friend of mine experienced the double whammy of losing two of the most beloved people in her life within months of each other … first her husband, then her best friend. 

She found the thought of attending her best friend’s funeral overwhelming.  To help, I tried something I hadn’t done before.  I attempted to reach out to her friend in Spirit and ask her to show us that she wasn’t truly gone … that in fact, she’d be right there with us at her service. 

The results were amazing.  You can check them out here … Meet Up At Your Funeral…?

2. Blog gets shout-out from international celebrity

This highlight certainly caught me by surprise …

When I alerted world-renowned medium Suzanne Giesemann to the posts I had written about mediumship which used her as a role model for professionalism and integrity, I had no idea she would be moved to link to them in her monthly newsletter.  Wow!

Here’s what drew her attention … Mediumship – For the Left-Brained.”

3. Offering more “At A Glance”

Several posts on the blog incorporate descriptions of helpful tools, techniques, and concepts, but these end up buried within the larger write-up, leaving them hard to find.  So, I’ve decided to start featuring the more significant of these in their own posts to make them more easily accessible. 

Over time, I will build up this inventory of tools, techniques, and concepts in the At A Glance section of the website. 

Now, here are the posts for 2023 …

Below are all the posts made this year, listed by category (i.e., website menu option).  Included for each are when it was posted, a brief description of its key theme, and its length (number of words). 

Life With Spirit  (5 posts in 2023)

Posts in this category describe personal experiences with Spirit and lessons learned about the greater reality of life, including tools, techniques, and signs to tap into this greater reality. 

MosPost NameKey ThemeWds
JanRainbow Bridge (Part 2)What happens to our pets after they die?  The conclusion of a two-part post exploring this question.  Will we see them again?  Can they communicate to us from the Other Side?2211
MarMeet Up At Your Funeral…? (Part 1)The story of contacting the departed loved one of my close friend, to ask her to show up at her own memorial service.1939
AprMeet Up At Your Funeral…? (Part 2)Part 2 reveals if and how this spirit person made her presence known during the weekend event.2016
JulMediumship – For the Left-Brained (Part 1)Joined by our “resident skeptic,” we take a serious look at psychic mediumship … a legitimate endeavour or woo-woo fraud? 1529
AugMediumship – For the Left-Brained (Part 2)In Part 2 we hone in on what the world of science has discovered about mediumship.2512

Resources  (5 posts in 2023)

This section features selected books, websites, and other resources I’ve come across that I recommend for those who wish to explore more deeply life’s Bigger Picture and how it all works. 

MosPost Name
Key ThemeWds
FebBOOK:  At Heaven’s Door (Shared Death Experiences)  
William J. Peters
This book is about research into shared death experiences … that is, ONE death, MULTIPLE experiencers.1099
MayBOOK:  Life After Life
Raymond A. Moody, Jr. M.D.
An iconic book from the pioneer of Near-Death Experience research which prompted a groundswell of intense curiosity and ongoing research into this field.  Published 50 years ago, it’s still relevant today, providing an easy-to-read description of the NDE phenomenon and what Dr. Moody’s research revealed.1361
JunBOOK:  Memories of Heaven  
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Dee Garnes
A fascinating, thought-provoking collection of anecdotes describing the “memories of heaven” of very young children. Experiences BEFORE they were born … and AFTER they arrived.1190
SepBOOK:  Signs  
Laura Lynne Jackson
A scientifically certified psychic medium describes and provides numerous examples of the vast variety of signs our departed loved ones and spirit helpers can send us from the Other Side.1765
OctBOOK:  Love and the Afterlife  Julie Beischel, PhDA fascinating, very accessible scientific work for the layperson.  It presents the scientific evidence supporting the existence of an afterlife and the discovery that loving bonds with the departed remain unbroken.  Going even further, it tells us how we can actively maintain relationships with our loved ones “over there.”2517

At A Glance  (1 post in 2023)

As mentioned above, these posts are designed to help find information quickly … certain tools, techniques, concepts which may be imbedded elsewhere on the blog, along with year-end blog summaries. 

MosPost Name Key ThemeWds
NovIntuitive WritingA process for tapping into higher wisdom … what is it and how do we do it?1106

That’s it for 2023!

This brings Year 3 to a close.  I hope you’ll choose to join me in the New Year to continue our exploration of the existence and nature of this so-called spirit world, and the why’s and how’s of communicating with it!

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Until then …

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Joan · December 8, 2023 at 6:03 AM

What a valuable and interesting post, Karen. It shows not only how much you’ve conveyed over the past year, but makes all the content so accessible. Thank you.

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