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In Part 1, we began to explore the question of what happens to our pets when they die.  Do they have souls?  Do they go to the Other Side?

Although the sources of information to answer these questions are understandably more restricted than those we can turn to when talking about human consciousness, there are still credible options.

Specifically, I’ve come across three … psychic mediums (see my post about an organization that’s scientifically demonstrated the credibility of mediumship) … past-life hypnotherapy regression … and personal experience.

When we wrapped up Part 1, we’d reviewed conclusions from some of these sources that assert animals do have souls and do go to the Other Side

I then quite innocently made a comment about mediums communicating with pets in the spirit world, and my, uh … “colleague” … jumped into the conversation to make the point …


Welcome back.

Yeah, yeah.  Okay, so let’s say I accept this idea that animals have a “soul” that survives the death of their body … that doesn’t explain how some “medium” can communicate with them, right?  I mean … ANIMALS CAN’T TALK, right??

Of course, that’s true.  However, ask just about any pet owner whether their pets can communicate …. Hah!  It’s clear they do.  I mean, it’s not hard to figure out when the cat wants to be fed or the dog is keen for a walk.

Yeah, sure, but that’s all about body language .. you know, pleading eyes and wagging tails.  What about when they’re on this “Other Side” you talk about, and you can’t actually SEE them?

Hmm, fair question.  Let’s turn to an expert source for his thoughts …

According to the “Psychic Lawyer,” Mark Anthony

I introduced Mark Anthony during a recent post.

Apparently, he was dubbed the “Psychic Lawyer” by the media because in addition to being a psychic medium, he’s an Oxford-educated trial attorney in Florida … who also happens to be licensed to practice law in Washington D.C. and before the U.S. Supreme Court

So, he’s got a few smarts.

What’s more, he’s an acknowledged expert in the paranormal, after-death communication, and near-death experiences, sought after for television appearances, and author of books on the subject.  I’ve read a few, finding them informative and definitely worth reading. 

In one, Evidence of Eternity,” he (like many) includes a full chapter on this topic we’re discussing … “Animals and Unconditional Love from Heaven.”  It addresses the fate of our pets after they leave this life, based on his research, and on his experience as a psychic medium.

Okay, okay … but what about my question here??  How can mediums communicate with animals, since, let me repeat … ANIMALS CAN’T TALK!!

Well, as I was about to say … ahem! … in his book, Anthony addresses the question of how psychic mediums actually work with a variety of communication challenges, in this case referring to English-speaking mediums …

“Practically every medium I’ve worked with has conducted readings for people whose loved ones in spirit did not speak English.  Despite this obstacle, the spirit was fully capable of transmitting coherent and relevant messages through the medium.” (pg. 261)

But if not through language, then how … ?

Yeah but, if they DON’T speak English, and the medium ONLY speaks English, then, then … how does this work??

Well, according to Anthony …

“The reason for this is that spirits don’t speak English, Spanish, Japanese, or any other human language.  Rather, spirits transmit intelligence in the form of energetic vibration.  Through this means of communication the differences in cultures and even species are eliminated.”  (pg. 261)

You see, “even species” … now we’re getting to your question. 

Anthony continues …

“Whether human or animal, once freed from the confines of a finite existence, a spirit communicates through vibrating waves of frequency that contain concepts, images, sensations, and emotions.”  (pg. 261)

Anthony goes on to explain that these waves of frequency emitted by the spirit merge, or blend, with the medium.  When this merging happens, the frequency waves get translated into concepts, images, and feelings the medium can recognize from their own past experience. 

This recognition allows them to translate what’s coming through from the spirit … be it human or animal.

Wow, that sounds complicated!  I didn’t realize I needed a PhD in Physics to understand this stuff.

Yeah, trying to understand the science of it is not straightforward for most of us, but I appreciate his efforts because it’s super important for some.  For the rest of us, here’s another perspective …

Communication according to Psychic Medium, John Holland

In his book The Spirit Whisperer, John Holland (referenced in Part 1) expresses similar observations, but in different terms …

“When animals communicate with us, it’s done in a language where words are not needed.  They speak the language of the soul, which in their case is love.  I actually believe we learn more from them than they do from us.  They are our spiritual teachers.”  (pg. 172)

(By the way, he’s not the only one who refers to animals as our teachers … I find that intriguing.  But I digress ….)

He expands on the method of communication by saying …

“From what I’ve experienced, animals are masters at telepathic communication and have an amazing ability to communicate with each other, as well as with us.”  (pg. 174)

Telepathic? Cool!  Do they do this a lot?  Our pets, I mean … do they try to communicate with us after they’re, um, gone?  And like … why?

Yes, it appears they do, and for quite a special reason.  Keep reading ….

After-death communication … from our pets to us

In Mark Anthony’s book mentioned above, the chapter on animals is actually full of examples of pets coming through in readings for people, looking to connect with their departed loved ones.

As Anthony explains, “When we grieve for a loved one, human or animal, we emit a frequency beacon to that spirit–and the spirit will reach out to comfort us.”  (pg. 262)

So, you’re saying … they want to comfort me?

Believe it or not, they do … even you!  Lol

But it seems they have specific messages of comfort in mind … as nicely explained by our next expert source. 

A “certified” psychic medium adds to the conversation

I have mentioned noted psychic medium Laura Lynne Jackson in previous posts, including one about a book of hers I found to be a terrific read … The Light Between Us.”

Jackson is a particularly credible source for this kind of information because she is one of 20 mediums actually certified by the Windbridge Research Institute as being legit.

The certification protocol to determine this was based not just on the scientific method, but on an even more stringent standard through the use of a QUINTUPLE-blind testing process ….


It’s a fancy way of saying, a testing process designed so it’s impossible to “cheat.” (See post).

Oh, okay.

So, Jackson’s been proven to be the “real deal,” and recently she published another super interesting book that’s relevant to what we’re talking about here, called Signs.”

Yes, pets send signs too!

In this book, which describes all manner of signs that come from Spirit, she too has included a full chapter that talks about her encounters with animals in her work.  I found this excerpt to be an effective summary of her experience …

“I’m often asked if our pets cross to the Other Side and if they, too, can send us signs.  The answer to both is yes.  The animals we loved so dearly here on earth are indeed on the Other Side.  And once they’re there, they can – and do – send us amazing signs.”  (pg. 138)

She comments on her experience …

“I have encountered pets in hundreds of readings, and they always appear as happy bundles of light and energy.  While they’re with us, they are our teachers, sharing profound lessons about unconditional love – lessons they are uniquely suited to teach.” (pg. 138)

(See … there’s that teaching reference again.) 

She continues …

“And when they cross, they remain connected to us in real and powerful ways, providing hope and comfort and support and, of course, everlasting love.”  (pg. 138)

Jackson elaborates on why they reach out after making their transition to the Other Side, mentioning two very important messages they bring forward …

They want us to know they’re okay and pain-free.

And …

They want to release us from any misplaced guilt we may be feeling (you know, if we did … or didn’t … help them to cross). 

She claims … our pets know that every decision we made was with their best interests at heart. 

Now isn’t that a comforting thought!

What about seeing them again … ?

Jackson provides one other very important revelation …

“I’ve also learned that when it is our time to cross, our pets are often the first ones to come bounding and leaping and fluttering up to greet us.  I’ve seen it time and time again during my readings.”  (pg. 143)

Remember, this is a CERTIFIED medium ….

Will we ever hear anything from science?

Wow, this is all fascinating and worth considering … but you know how I’m rather predisposed to research coming from the scientific realm.  Got any of that?

Glad you asked!

You know the organization I mentioned earlier, the non-profit that studied and certified mediums? 

Yeah, the Windbridge Research Center.

So, their overall mission is to scientifically study “dying, death, and what comes next.”  They’ve already done a lot of this and have made the research available to the public for free.  (See my post about WRC to learn more.)

But here’s the cool thing … I recently learned they’re tackling this topic, too!  Check out the announcement they posted in July 2022 …

“The Windbridge Research Center has received a small pilot grant to begin work on a research program focusing on people’s connections with their departed companion animals. For an example of such a connection, see the Audrey’s Project video here.

“We have named this new endeavor the Animal Survival of Consciousness (AnSur, pronounced ‘answer’) Research Program.

“With our collaborator, Harvard researcher Dr. Lisa Conboy, we have several quantitative and qualitative AnSur research projects planned and look forward to being able to share them with you in the future once they are performed and completed. 

“Stay tuned for more!”

Yes indeed, there’s a lot of activity underway in the field of consciousness research … and now it’s extending beyond humans to other species. 

The power of personal experience

One last point … there’s no doubt that research is a tremendously important part of all this, but truth be told, there’s nothing more powerful than experiencing it yourself.

Especially if you’re a mainstream scientist ….

In “The Spirit Whisperer,” psychic medium John Holland recommends a book written by Dr. Ann Redding.

Dr. Redding was a biologist for many years.  As a scientist, if it couldn’t be proven by fact and logic, she wasn’t buying it.  As she puts it, she viewed all this sort of stuff we’re discussing as “amusing occurrences or figments of the imagination.” 

Then she began to experience after-death communications from two of her deceased dogs ….

Yup, that changed things up. 

Redding co-authored a book, Tails from Beyond: True Stories of Our Immortal Pets.”  Although I haven’t yet read it, John Holland specifically recommends it.  It’s a collection of many stories from people describing visitations from their departed pets

Want your own story … ?

So, if this is happening as much as others are saying, some might be wondering … Why hasn’t my pet been in touch with me?

Well, one might argue they’ve been trying … but we haven’t been listening.  Oops.

If we want our own after-death communication (ADC), John Holland offers an important tip in his book …

“To have your own ADC from your pets, you have to first believe that it’s possible.  It could be a dream, a fleeting vision, a kiss from them, or just a feeling that they’re there with you.”  (pg. 187)

And voila, therein lies the challenge … BELIEF.  

Belief this is actually real and can happen.  Which, you know, is a problem for many.  But … as more and more people share their experiences, perhaps it becomes easier for all of us to open our minds to this new reality. 

So, whaddaya say we give this a try … ?

Let’s share

Have you experienced anything which you know … or even just suspect … was a message, a sign, or a visitation from a departed pet?

A vivid dream perhaps? 

An unexpected feeling, sight, sound, or scent? 

Maybe a message passed on by someone else … letting you know your pet is not really gone?

Whatever the experience, I invite you to post it in the Comments section below.  Because what’s super clear is … you’re not alone.

And in the meantime, let’s take heart that much evidence exists to tell us … our beloved animal companions never completely leave us, and we WILL see them again.

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Anne · January 4, 2023 at 4:31 PM

Thanks for this post Karen! I actually did have an experience many years ago of the type you are describing. I had been in a bad accident and was in a hospital bed in a strange city where I knew no one. I had had surgery on my face and my leg, and was drifting in and out of consciousness. In my muddled state I experienced a crystal clear belief that my beloved dog was lying on the foot of my bed. I could feel her warmth there, and it was hugely reassuring in that scary and lonely time. It did not occur to me to question the reality of the experience for many weeks, when I found myself thinking about the incident, and realizing the number of reasons my dog could not have been there. (One, she was dead. Two, it was a hospital. Three, I was in a city a long day’s drive from my home.) I tucked the experience away, not sure what to make of it, thinking that the subconscious mind must have concocted a hallucination. But now I see that experience very differently. I think my dog really did come and stay with me through the long lonely hours, making me feel that everything was going to be okay in the end.

    spiritwright · January 4, 2023 at 5:46 PM

    What a lovely, heart-warming story, thank you for sharing!

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