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The last several posts have been focused on the revelations of young children about the world of Spirit … in particular, those coming from my six-year-old grandson. 

Insights he spontaneously revealed at a family dinner last fall.

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And as Huxley confided to us more than once at the time … “There’s more to tell, if you WANT to hear more.”

Yes, indeed, there’s this one final insight to share.  Apologies for the long post, but this is perhaps the most significant revelation of all ….

I can see everything when I’m in Kid Heaven

Huxley finished divulging the inside scoop on the spirit world by explaining this one last observation …

“When I’m in Kid Heaven, I can see everyone and everything … but you can’t see me.” 

He compared this to when he’s in the “real world” … where he (like the rest of us) can only see who’s around him.

Pause …

Uh … is that it?

Yup, that’s his last insight.

Hmm.  Yeah, okay, what he’s saying sounds, er, unusual … but, like, what does it mean?

Well, as simple as this revelation sounds, it actually goes to the heart of who we truly are.

But first …

Consistency Check – Can we “see everyone and everything” when we’re in the spirit world?

Of all the points Huxley disclosed to us, this was the one he really struggled to convey.  And as I’m about to demonstrate, he’s not the only one!  But let me try ….

Human vs. Soul

We need to start with the human vs. soul comparison … which really means the physical (body) vs. the non-physical (spirit) aspect of us. 

Huxley said that when he’s in the “real world” … in other words, in physical form, in his body … he can only see who’s around him.

Okay, that makes sense.  I know I see with my eyes, so someone has to be in my line of sight for me to see them.  And I get it’s the same with the other physical senses … I experience life by what I see, hear, feel, taste, and smell around me. 

It’s the other thing he said that was so intriguing.  He told us when he’s in Kid Heaven, even though we can’t see himhe can see everyone and everything.

So, how does THAT work?

Going beyond our physical senses

This is where it gets tricky.  Let’s start with what Huxley told us in Part 5.  Specifically, that he travels each night to Kid Heaven, getting there by “floating up,” above his body. 

Besides the very obvious cool factor of this revelation (right??), it also means each night, he leaves his body behind … and becomes something non-physical … in other words, energy.

And what’s key here is … when he leaves his body, he no longer experiences the world through his physical senses, because what controls the physical senses … ?

Well, the brain of course.  Which as far as I know, has a pretty tight relationship with the body and isn’t all that keen about leaving it behind to go travelling!

Okay, but what DOES go “travelling” … ?

Well, THAT’S the $64,000 question!  But there’s a lot of talk from emerging scientific research about the “mind” playing a role in all this (which I personally think is just another word for “consciousness,” but it’s the term being used in this research, so let’s stick with it).

Now, if you’re like me, you were raised to believe that the brain creates the mind, and when the brain dies, so does the mind.

But consider everything we’ve been discussing … Huxley’s insights, along with many corroborating sources, including scientific research … all supporting the existence of an afterlife.  This belief just no longer makes sense.  

It’s becoming clear that the brain does NOT create and contain the mind, because what is becoming clear is that the mind survives after the brain gives up the ghost … er, so to speak.

So, a new understanding of the brain-mind relationship is emerging. 

And the research goes even further in redefining this relationship.  It’s showing that the mind (wherever the heck it is located!) actually holds a vast amount of information, but … and this is important … the brain limits how much of this information gets through. 

Uh, Dr. Greyson, help us out here …

Bruce Greyson, M.D., does a great job of explaining this in his book “After” (introduced in Part 5), which reports on his 45 years of research into near-death experiences (NDEs). 

Here’s how he describes this new brain-mind relationship …

“Your mind has many thoughts that have nothing to do with surviving in the physical world.  Think of all the unusual things that people describe happening in NDEs, from meeting guides and deceased loved ones to visiting otherworldly places.  Thoughts and feelings like those don’t help us survive in the physical world, and may in fact get in the way of our ability to process information about the world quickly.  So the brain works like a filter to block out information the body doesn’t need for survival, and selects from the thoughts and memories stored in the mind only the information that the body needs.”  (Ch. 11, pg. 125)

So, the mind actually contains a vast amount of information, but the brain serves as a gatekeeper, deciding what’s important to let through to our conscious, waking self. 

I mean, I get it … the brain is doing its job, trying to ensure we stay alive, and don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it.  But it also means …

There’s a LOT of stuff going on in this world around us that the brain doesn’t want to let us in on.

I gotta say, that in itself leads to a whole lot of discussion, but let’s come back to the issue at hand, which is Huxley’s current revelation about being able to “see everyone and everything when he’s in Kid Heaven.” 

The bottom line is this …

When we can get beyond the brain and its filters … beyond our physical self … and connect with our non-physical self, it appears we can tap into the “mind” and indeed perceive much more. 

(The mechanics of how we perceive in this non-physical state, I can’t say … nope, definitely above my pay grade.  Personally, I just look to the evidence that it happens, which as we’ve been discussing, is abundant.) 

But “much more” vs. “everyone and everything” … ?

Yeah, so we can see a lot more, I guess I get that.  But Huxley didn’t say he could see “a lot more,” he said he could see “EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.” 

How does that work??

Excellent question … because the answer highlights an absolutely pivotal realization.

The TRUE World Wide Web

Modern research, scientific and otherwise, has revealed a stunning conclusion, confirming something ancient ones have known for eons …

Everything, everywhere, is connected … it’s all one big web of energy. (I mean REALLY big … like, ginormous.) 

And this is relevant because it’s the answer to our question. 

We can “see everyone and everything” in this ginormous web because we too are part of it … part of this Big Web of Everything.  The Big WE, so to speak.

In fact, this idea … “We are all connected” … is SO fundamental you’ve likely come across it portrayed in movies, TV shows, books, and other media. 

Um, hellooo …  it’s also been an underlying feature of many of the world’s religions since the earliest times. Ahem! 

Oh yeah, right, I keep forgetting about those … oops, sorry.

But it’s not just the stuff of religion and fiction.  The first clue pointing in this direction came over a hundred years ago when Albert Einstein proved mathematically that everything is energy … you know, E=mc2 and all that.

And then much more research followed, discovering that all this energy is actually connected … perhaps the biggest contributor to this being the field of quantum physics. 

Pouring through the details of the actual studies to make sense of it all is definitely beyond my grasp, but fortunately, others have been up to the task!  For example …

From the field of medicine … Larry Dossey, M.D.

Larry Dossey, M.D. is an internal medicine physician from Texas (USA) … a decorated battalion surgeon … and a past Chief of Staff for Medical City Dallas Hospital.  In other words, no slouch.

He’s also a prolific author, drawing on deeply ingrained scientific roots to collect, interpret, and report on vast amounts of the scientific research undertaken in this arena. 

I’ve read two of his books and found them both excellent.  Here’s a quick overview of what they deliver … 

The first, published in 2020, is about the existence of “universal consciousness” … which Dossey describes as an infinite dimension of shared intelligence, and refers to as the “One Mind.”

His book by that name, One Mind,” lays out extensive research supporting its existence, and declares the overriding conclusion on its cover …

“This universal consciousness connects all of us through space and time.”

The second book is one I’ve previously posted here … “The Power of Premonitions.” 

Also a fascinating read, it delves into premonitions, telepathy, intuition, remote viewing … phenomena many struggle to accept, despite overwhelming evidence of their existence.  (Yeah, who knew?) 

Once more, Dossey presents many of the research studies and experiments that provide this evidence, while also showing how these phenomena are better understood once we realize that all is connected.

And from a skilled investigator … Lynne McTaggart

My first exposure to the concept of universal connection came from a book that had a profound impact on me … “The Field,” written by Lynne McTaggart

McTaggart was a deeply analytical investigative journalist at the time she wrote this (2001).  In my thirst for scientific sources to explain what I was beginning to learn, her book was significant because she travelled the world to uncover these scientific studies.

Arthur C. Clarke, the science (and science fiction) writer and futurist, provided a review of her extensive work, aptly summing up the book’s contents …

“a highly readable scientific detective story that offers a stunning picture of an interconnected universe and a new scientific theory that makes sense of supernatural phenomena.”

McTaggart took the knowledge she gained through her investigation and continued to delve even more deeply, specifically uncovering its implications for healing others … regardless of distance. Wow!

Let me switch gears to offer one final take on this concept from a source that uses a, shall we say, more “direct route” to conduct his research …

The Psychic Lawyer …

Okay, I’m not sure what it is about lawyers and Spirit (!) … but here’s yet another lawyer who’s immersed himself into this world. 

Mark Anthony is a psychic medium, an Oxford-educated trial attorney in Florida, who is also licensed to practice in Washington D.C. … and before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Anthony appears regularly on television as a legal analyst, psychic medium and expert in the paranormal, after-death communication, and near-death experiences.

Now, if that isn’t an eclectic mix of professions, I’m not sure what is!

As of now, Anthony has published three books focusing on the afterlife.  In his book, Evidence of Eternity,” Anthony writes:

“From an energy standpoint, we are all connected to people here in the material world as well as to spirits on the Other Side.  So even though a loved one has passed, you are still energetically linked.  When released from the finite confines of a physical body, spirits are pure energetic consciousness.”  (Ch. 8, pg. 132)

Anthony offers a simple and effective analogy to understand this connection …

“Now visualize being tethered to everyone you know and have ever known.  Imagine these tethered connections as strands in a vast three-dimensional spider web (minus the spider, of course).  This web stretches in all directions.  Each tether of this web is an energy beam.  These beams extend far beyond the people you know to every living being.”  (Ch. 8, pg. 133)

He goes on to explain that the frequencies of our thoughts and emotions send vibrations down these beams and notify those in Spirit we’re thinking of them.  And vice versa.  Nice!

So, just as with Huxley’s other insights, there is no shortage of sources to corroborate this idea we are all connected … because it’s truly fundamental indeed.

So, again … what does this all mean exactly?

Okay, right, there’s a big giant web of energy that connects everything … but, uh … what does that really mean?

(Hmm, you can see why Huxley struggled to get this point across …. ) Okay, let’s cut to the chase.  What this means is this …

When we’re operating within our body, we can only perceive what our brain allows us to perceive, which is typically limited, to prioritize the body’s survival. 

But that part of us which steps outside of the body, bypassing the brain’s filters?

Well, that part of us is limitless, pure energetic consciousness … part of the Big Web of Everything … the Big WE.

And because we’re part of the Big WE, in this state we have access to perceive everything and everyone else …  regardless of whether they’re still here or over there, in a body or not.

You mean people who have died can stand around watching me in the shower … ??  Yikes!

Good grief, no!  I mean, seriously, think about it … why would they want to?  Ewww!

BUT … it is why a mother can intuitively sense her child is in danger … it is why some people know who’s calling before they even pick up the phone … it is why people can describe images of locations thousands of miles away they’ve never seen before … it is why healing can happen at a distance.

And it is why mediums can access the consciousness of those no longer in physical bodies …

Because we’re all just one tangled, interconnected web of energy.

The heart of who we are …

When I say it goes to the heart of who we truly are, the point as I understand it is this …

Whether we’re here, in a physical body, or hanging out over there, deciding if and how to come back again (or maybe just enjoying a little nightly playtime in “Kid Heaven”), deep down our true essence is the same. 

We are the unlimited energy of consciousness.  

Or, as revealed by others more eloquent than I …

“We are NOT humans having a spiritual experience … we are spirits having a human experience.”

And I can tell you from personal experience, this realization changes everything ….

Huxley’s Insights … Quick Recap

So, that’s it! We’ve now come to the end of Huxley’s revelations at our family dinner. And what were the key points we learned from this … uh … SIX-year-old?

Well, he told us …

We plan aspects of our lives ahead of time … we pick our parents, our name, when we’ll arrive, even our body … and perhaps more.  All designed to give us the opportunity to experience what it is we’ve chosen to experience. (Part 3)

There are multiple realms in the spirit world, and when we’re there, we seem to associate with those who are on a similar level to us.  Perhaps what we do in this life influences where we end up, but at a minimum, it appears there’s still more to explore when this gig is up!  (Part 4)

Even when we’re in this life, we still regularly visit the spirit world … whether we realize it or not, our soul/consciousness is not confined to the body.  (Part 5)

Manifestation in the spirit world is instantaneous. It appears to be behind one of the reasons we come into life here … for deliberate creation … whatever it is we choose to create.  (Part 6)

And, lastly, and perhaps most important …

We can “see everyone and everything” from the perspective of our soul.  Deep down, no matter in human or spirit form, physical or non-physical, our true essence is the unlimited energy of consciousness, connected with all that is.  (Part 7)

ALL of these are concepts I’ve read and heard about from many, varied sources over the years …

But hearing them come (unprompted) out of the mouth of a six-year-old?  Now that is an experience I will NEVER forget. 

He came to share …

The first time I met Huxley, he was only six months old.  So, imagine my surprise when I noticed an unusual, almost suggestive “look” come over him as I stared into his young eyes. 

I knew something special was afoot, and noted in my journal at the time …

“Huxley and I have developed a meaningful relationship in the past 36 hours.  His smile at me leaves me feeling that we’re sharing an inside joke.  It’s quite remarkable and makes me wonder which of my soul family has arrived … “

Even then, I could feel he’d come into this life with something on his mind.  Little did I know just what it was and how he would share it!

However, according to what I’ve read, these sorts of memories tend to disappear after the age of about six or seven, so it’s likely this was the only such opportunity we’ll have with him.

But I recently realized that perhaps this is all we needed, when my husband … my steeped-in-science, retired-engineer husband … admitted (in his out-loud voice) …

“That was life-changing for me ….”

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey of exploration through Huxley’s revelations.  Once again, my sincere gratitude to both Huxley and his parents for allowing me to share. 

As with all posts, please feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts.

In the meantime, I welcome you to continue with me on this Living With Spirit adventure because …

There’s more, if you WANT to hear more!

Publishing Note: Going forward, I’m tweaking my publishing frequency to be once OR twice per month … the first Wednesday and occasionally also the third.

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