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This is Part 4 of a series of posts recounting a truly magical, mindblowing interaction with my six-year-old grandson, Huxley … as he related to my husband and me, and his parents, insights into the spirit world he felt compelled to share.

If you’re just tuning in now, I’d encourage you to start at the beginning

If you have and you’re still with me, congratulations on hanging in there.  Believe me, this is NOT stuff I was taught growing up either!

Especially what was described in that last post … I mean, wow!  In that post, Huxley introduced an idea that could seriously turn life upside down.  He described how we plan elements of our lives before we start them … choosing our parents, our name, our body, the timing of our arrival. 

But as radical as this all sounds, my Consistency Check included a few of many, many sources that actually corroborate this very idea … and in fact, take it even farther.

So, where to next?  Huxley switched gears and began to tell us a bit about how the Other Side is organized ….

There are multiple heavens

Huxley’s terminology for the Other Side was “heaven.”  Even though religion is absent from Huxley’s life, this didn’t surprise me.  We stumble across this term quite regularly in everyday society … whether in TV shows, movies or books, or in explanations about a person or pet dying.

Huxley declared to us there are different heavens, and proceeded to list four …. 

“Baby Heaven” … “Kid Heaven” … “Rest-in-Peace Heaven” … “After-Rest-in-Peace Heaven.” 

Um, pardon me??  Those were rather “unusual” terms to hear … especially coming out of the mouth of a secular six-year-old.

I was particularly intrigued to learn more about what the heck the After-Rest-in-Peace Heaven was all about.  I mean, think about it ….  Right??

However, it appeared this wasn’t the one uppermost on Huxley’s mind.  Instead, Huxley’s expansion on this concept seemed to focus on the ones most relevant to where he is now.

He explained there’s a separate heaven for each age …

“There’s a heaven for babies, one for one-year-olds, for two-year-olds, three-year-olds ….  He continued up through the age of six … his age.

He would tell us more during this conversation about interacting with these heavens, but I’ll get to that later.  First, let’s check in to see what other sources have to say about this whole idea.

Consistency Check – Are there multiple “places” within the spirit world?

Earlier in my life, during those rare occasions when I even gave a thought to what might exist “over there,” I always pictured it as … I don’t know, a nebulous wide-open space, I guess. 

I certainly had no idea what kind of physical form we’d take when we ended up there, but I figured regardless of what it was, we’d all kind of just, well … hang around.

So the idea that the Other Side actually has a structure … consisting of multiple “places” … was somewhat mindboggling when I first came across it.  But it’s a concept I have since found portrayed by a variety of sources. 

In this case, although there’s definite agreement with the idea there are different “levels” of existence beyond this physical life of ours, the details of what this looks like really vary by source. 

Personally, I don’t find these differing details necessarily at odds with each other, but perhaps merely alternative ways of understanding the same thing. 

Let me give you a broad sampling of these varied interpretations so you can judge for yourself, starting with what may be an obvious source ….

Organized religions agree

My research hasn’t included much depth in the world’s various religions … I’ve stuck mostly to scientific, metaphysical and spiritual sources.  However, it appears to be quite common that many religions depict the afterlife as having a structure.  (I can hear some of you saying … well, duh.)

Here are just two examples … Hinduism and Buddhism:

  • “According to Hindus, there are multiple worlds or realms a soul can go during their transition between death and their rebirth into the next life.”
    (“A Guide to Death and the Afterlife in Hinduism” by Sherrie Johnson, BA, November 17, 2021)
  • “According to Buddhist cosmology, numerous, hierarchically arranged heavens exist along with eight hot and cold hells.”
    (“Religious Interpretations of Death, Afterlife & NDEs,” David San Filippo Ph.D. National Louis University, January 2006)

There are more examples, including the “heaven and hell” structure also espoused by Christian religions, but you get the idea.

However, what you may not know is this concept is embraced by many non-religious sources, too ….

Soul Levels

What master hypnotherapist Michael Newton, PhD, (whom I introduced in Part 3) discovered in his regression of thousands of people into a state of “life-between-lives,” is that each soul has a “level” of development, or awareness.  None is right or wrong, or better or worse, just different.

He learned that each of us belongs to a “soul group” (soul family, soul cluster, and other labels, depending on the source of information).

Newton discovered that “group placement is determined by soul level.” 

“Placement” refers to where we go, physically, when we re-enter the Other Side.  We may have left our body behind, but we’re still a pattern of energy that vibrates at a specific frequency … and that frequency has to be somewhere.  

(Sidenote:  If you’re still of the mindset that consciousness is produced by the brain and dies when the brain dies, then … well, you likely stopped reading a while ago.  But if you are, and you’re still with me, then full marks for keeping an open mind. 

I’ll refer you to two books that do an excellent job of making the case for the survival of consciousness:  After and Evidence of the Afterlife, both written by medical doctors about their scientific research into near-death experiences.)

So, this pattern of energy that continues to exist … you could think of it like a radio station.  You know how each radio station is assigned its own place on the radio frequency spectrum … FM103.5, for example … and we have to tune to that frequency to find our favourite playlist? 

Well, in that same way, our soul, or consciousness, is like a radio station … energy that aligns with a certain frequency, one that has a specific location

(Another sidenote:  Many people refer to this surviving pattern of energy as our “soul.”  However, as this entire topic moves into more mainstream discussion … as appears to be happening, by the way … I’ve observed that the term being used increasingly often is “consciousness.”  I still refer mostly to “soul” … in part because it’s shorter and easier to type. LOL)

In his first book, Journey of Souls,” Newton devotes an entire chapter to this concept of souls going to different places on the Other Side: 

  • Chapter Seven – Placement.

Newton also states (and I love this) that typically, when we cross over to the Other Side, we are grouped with souls who have the same level of awareness … in a cluster with others who are intimate old friends

Nice … !

“Work” spaces

Newton claims it’s not just levels of existence that appear to fragment the spirit world, but certain activities do, too. 

His research revealed there are different spaces one goes to as they make the transition from death to rebirth … in order to carry out the different steps of a structured process we apparently go through. 

For example, his clients described spaces for carrying out a life review, something that appears to take place fairly immediately after death … that whole “my-life-flashing-before-my-eyes” kind of thing. 

He discovered there’s another space that’s used for the life selection process, which is when planning for the next life begins … you know, all that stuff from Part 3

And so on.


Yet another manner of looking at different “places” in the spirit world is the concept of “dimensions.” 

This isn’t a topic I’ve spent much time reading about, but I do know there’s much written about the idea that there are multiple dimensions in the universe (nine or more) and a given soul would exist in a specified dimension. 

As I understand it, typically, each dimension relates to a level of consciousness, with the higher dimensions containing spirits (energy patterns) who possess a higher consciousnesslevel of awarenessvibrational frequency … all meaning much the same thing.  Existing farther up the radio dial, so to speak.

This seems consistent with the perspective of Brian Weiss, M.D. in Messages from the Masters,” (introduced in Part 3), which he states as …

“When I talk about other dimensions, I mean other energetic states or even different levels of consciousness … Within one dimension or plane, many sub-levels exist.  Another way of saying this is that there are many levels in heaven.”  (Ch. 9, pg. 162)

Mediums weigh in, too

Mediums (who actually have direct access to the Other Side to learn all about it) also report this phenomenon of there being multiple places in the spirit world. 

I just turned to a book I have by John Holland, a world-famous medium, called The Spirit Whisperer,” and flipped to “Frequently Asked Questions.” 

In response to the question … “Are there different levels in the Spirit World?” … Holland’s answer begins, “Most definitely.  Every lesson and deed here determines what level you’ll go to when you leave this physical world.” (Ch. 14, pg. 206)

I also found a full chapter devoted to this subject in a book by another internationally renowned medium, James Van Praagh.  (I’ve previously posted one of his books, Ghosts Among Us.”) 

In his book, Adventures of the Soul,” Van Praagh attempts to describe “the geography and design of the Spirit World,” commenting that “… there are infinite variations, levels, and planes that make up this extremely busy and real place.”  (Ch. 5, pg. 70)

(I love his characterization of it as an “extremely busy and real place” because this is what’s becoming more and more apparent in all I read and experience.  But seriously, who knew??)

So, they’re called different things and are described in different ways, but the idea that there are multiple “places” in the spirit world? 

Yes, this is absolutely consistent.

But before we wrap this one up, Huxley had one more super interesting way he described the Other Side being partitioned …

In Kid Heaven, we live in a big mansion

In Kid Heaven, Huxley says, “I live in a big mansion.”  He described there are many mansions, stacked one on top of the other.  Raising his hand as far above his head as he could, he stated, “It goes all the way to the moon.” (Perhaps the best way a six-year-old can convey a really, really long way.)

And apparently, it’s not just Kid Heaven where this occurs.  In Rest-in-Peace Heaven, Huxley went on to explain, there are so many more mansions that they’re not only stacked vertically, they’re also stacked side-by-side (spreading his hands out to either side of him to reflect a LOT of mansions).

Consistency Check – Do we live in “mansions” in the spirit world?

As I see it, this is perhaps simply another way of describing how the Other Side is not just one big empty space … there’s actually a structure and levels to it.  However, when I heard Huxley state this specific point, I knew it sounded familiar, so when I had the chance, I jumped onto Google …

And sure enough … a Bible reference (John 14:2) leapt to the fore … “In my Father’s house are many mansions … “.

MansionsReally?  Odd visual, but hey, who am I to argue with the Big Guy … ?

(Yeah, this is the first time I’ve quoted the Bible because, you know, for better or worse, religion isn’t part of my life.  However, it’s a source of information that many in the world put great stock in, so I thought it might be interesting to compare a few of Huxley’s insights to it.)

What does this all mean?

So, what the heck do we make of all this?  These revelations that the Other Side is organized in some way … are they actually meaningful or just kind of “cool” to contemplate? 

We’ll each be different, of course, but for me, it helped me to put a new spin on this life here … I realized it may not be the only gig in town. There may be more places to explore when my time comes and this one ends.  Something to look forward to, as it were.

But at a minimum, this is yet one more example of the wisdom being dispensed by this six-year-old being supported by numerous expert sources. 

Now there’s something to contemplate! 

So then, after once again gently suggesting, “There’s more, if you want to hear more(Hah!  Are you kidding??), Huxley moved on to his next point. 

This time, he wanted to make it clear to all assembled …

Heaven isn’t just for those who have already died ….

Well, now, isn’t that intriguing! 

(I think … gulp?)

(Click here for Part 5.)


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