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We continue this series of posts describing the revelations of my six-year-old grandson into the spirit world with Part 6.  (Click here to start at the beginning.)

In the last post, Huxley described how we actually stay connected to the world of Spirit throughout our lives … in fact, visiting it regularly when we sleep. 

And we touched on several sources that seem to agree … and go even further to suggest there are many times in addition to sleep when we also may leave our body.  Temporarily, that is!

As we left that point, Huxley moved on to share a brief, but significant insight into what life is like in this world of Spirit. 

In “heaven,” you can create anything you want

It seemed important to Huxley that he convey this point to us … that in heaven, we can instantly create anything we want. 

I was intrigued with how he described the process … “by touching your shoe and it appears in your hand,” as he held out his open hand to illustrate.  

And he clearly wanted us to understand he meant anything. To make his point, he gave us examples his six-year-old mind believed would be effective in illustrating it, as he squirmed with excitement at the prospect …

“Like, you can create really tall skyscrapers!  Or sports cars … like a McLaren … or a Lamborghini!”

(Apparently, he’s somewhat of a car fanatic … with very expensive taste.)

Then I noticed him watching how we reacted to his words … as if trying to figure out whether we really understood how big a deal this was.

Consistency Check – Is there instant creation in the Spirit world?

Although the introduction of sports cars to the discussion could understandably lead to an assumption that Huxley was simply using his imagination, it turns out that his observation about instant creation is absolutely fundamental in descriptions of how the world of Spirit works.

Comments from Children

As it happens, just as I’m writing this, I came across a similar story in Life Before Life: Children’s Memories of Previous Lives,” by Jim B. Tucker, M.D. (a book introduced in Part 1). 

Among the many scientifically and rigorously studied cases of children’s past-life experiences included in this book, this one wasn’t just about a previous life.  It also included the young girl’s recollections from her life between lives. (Apparently, not an uncommon experience in this research … who knew?)

One of her claims from that particular realm was … “She said that when she got hungry there, she simply thought of food and it appeared.” (Ch. 8, pg. 173)

(This girl went on to say that just the sight of food satisfied her appetite … that she didn’t actually need to eat.  Which I presume is because, you know, she didn’t have a body …. )

Spiritual Teachers

I also just finished rereading a powerful book by Neale Donald Walsch … a world-renowned spiritual thought leader. 

In addition to spearheading many spiritually-focused outreach projects, Neale has written 29 books on spirituality, intended to highlight its practical application in everyday life (which is kind of the whole point of all this …).

His most well-known books are the “Conversations with God” series.  These have been translated into 37 languages and millions have been sold. 

Walsch’s website positions this series of books as “redefining God and shifting spiritual paradigms around the globe.”  From what I’ve observed, I’d say that’s a fair assessment.

The book I just finished rereading … Home with God In A Life That Never Ends … is part of this series.  In it, I came across a few references to the concept we’re discussing, including this one:

“A surprising moment will be the moment that you first enter the spiritual realm and discover that you may create, with the speed of your thought, anything at all.”  (Ch. 37, pg. 310)

Back to the lawyer … or rather, his spirit guide

Corporate lawyer Garnet Schulhauser’s first book, Dancing On A Stamp,” (introduced in Part 5), is essentially a series of Q&A sessions with his spirit guide. 

As I’m writing now, I flipped open this book and landed on a page with these corroborating comments from his guide (I’ve lifted excerpts):

“… Anything a Soul wants, it can create instantly by thought creation.  Even though they have no real need for them, Souls can create for themselves the things they enjoyed on Earth or wished they had been able to enjoy.  A Soul can thought create a huge mansion on a lovely beach … it can create a red Ferrari and drive … it can thought create gourmet restaurants and dine at them as often as it likes even though Souls on the Spirit Side have no need to eat.” (Ch. 8, pg. 126)

(So, I guess this “eating thing” isn’t uncommon … and Huxley isn’t the only one with expensive taste in cars!)

Then, as I was finalizing this post, I was casting about for one more source to share … one I hadn’t yet mentioned and which would be kind of different. 

And wouldn’t you know …   

An out-of-town friend comes to stay for a visit … “Oh, Karen, I brought a book with me I thought you might be interested in ….”

Ah hah!

Enter a Catholic nun …

So, this book was written by a former Catholic nunJanet Nohavec … who left the convent and pivoted to focus on mediumship.

(Pause a moment … Yep, here it comes … )

Wait a minute!  A nun??  Doing WHAT??

Yes, Nohavec was a Catholic nun, but she was also a “born medium.”  In other words, she started to see and talk with spirits at a very young age.  But in her world at that time, the very idea of this was shrouded in a stigma of fear.  So, she too got scared and chased the spirits away. 

But years later, after becoming a nun and landing in a convent, she found spirits showing up for her once more.  This time, comforted by the spirituality surrounding her, she lost her fear and re-engaged her spirit communication.

After five years, she felt drawn to her work in mediumship, having left the convent to continue a life of devout service, but in a different way.

Nohavec is now a highly regarded teacher and practitioner of mediumship in over 20 countries … the pastor and founder of a spiritualist churchfounder of a school for mediumship … has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs … and serves on several university research initiatives into mediumship.

Quite the pedigree!

I was somewhat familiar with Nohavec, having come across several glowing references to her over the past few years, by sources I’ve come to trust.  So, I started to peruse the book my friend had brought … Where Two Worlds Meet … quickly becoming engrossed. 

And (I love how this SO often happens) … voila! 

Barely into chapter one (“The Basics”) and there, leaping off the page is just what I need.  So …

What does Nohavec have to say about this ‘instant creation’ idea?

Not only does Nohavec confirm Huxley’s insight, she also provides a simple explanation about what life is like “over there” … based on years of interacting with and learning about the spirit world.

Here’s her thoughtful description …

“Heaven is a different dimension of reality – a different state of mind, so to speak – but it’s also a place.  In a way, it’s like the world of your dreams at night, complete with “things” such as trees, flowers, and even buildings and schools … all of them seeming very real to the one having the dream, but all of them created by mere thought.”  (Ch. 1, pg. 14)

Nohavec continues her explanation …

“So, the other side is a world of thought, not matter.  Those who have crossed over don’t need words to talk with one another, they communicate telepathically.  Their mode of transportation is also thought.  If they want to visit Aunt Mary in Pittsburgh, they simply think of being at her side, and instantly they’re there.  They can be anywhere in our world in an instant because they inhabit a plane where time and space don’t exist – only thought.”  (Ch. 1, pgs. 14-15)

This is an essential distinction between our physical world here and the world we apparently came from … and go back to … after our body dies.

And this is what Huxley wanted us to understand … a concept so basic, it’s easy to trip over it in many sources of information. 

Basic, okay … but why is it so important?

Fine, it’s a primary feature of the spirit world, I get that.  But I don’t get why it’s so important.  Why was Huxley SO eager to share this … ?

Well, I can’t know for sure because, you know, I can’t climb inside his mind … but I do have a pretty good theory, based on other information I’ve come across. 

So, before we wrap this one up, let me briefly share what I found.

It appears to be a key reason we come into this life …

As I understand it, this whole “creation thing” is actually one of possibly many reasons we choose to leave the Other Side and take on a body to participate in the physical, human life

Apparently, we want to experience the thrill of DELIBERATE creation.  

Deliberate creation?  Seriously?  You know what that means, don’t you??  That means a lot of sweat equity!  Like, why on earth would anyone WANT to have to create THAT way instead of just being able to think things into existence??  Their idea sounds a whole lot easier … and a lot more fun!   

Yeah, I agree.  But … maybe … it might be more fulfilling this way than the ease of “just think and it appears”? 

I mean, I guess that would explain why I’ve heard throughout my life, “But dear, it will mean so much more if you have to work hard for it.”  Jeesh!

So, whatever the reason, this idea that we come specifically to experience deliberate creation seems to underlie various sources of information I’ve read.  Let me share just one … “Ask and It Is Given,” by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

(This is a book I’ve posted previously which shares the teachings of Abraham … a non-physical energy, soul or consciousness … that has wisdom to impart, and does.  If you’re interested in how this works, you can read about it in my post about the book.)

In this book, Abraham tells us …

“You are eternal Beings who have chosen to participate in this specific physical life experience for many wonderful reasons.  And this time-space-reality on Planet Earth serves as a platform in which you are able to focus your perspective for the purpose of specific creation.

“You are eternal Consciousness, currently in this wonderful physical body for the thrill and exhilaration of specific focus and creation.” (Ch. 3, pg. 13)

“Specific focus and creation” … not just thoughts that manifest instantly without struggle, but a deliberate, intentional effort to bring something into fruition.

And it’s not easy …

No kidding!  But … maybe this is why Huxley thought it important to bring this characteristic of the spirit world to our attention …

(And no, in case you’re wondering … I don’t mean “Huxley, the six-year-old-boy,” but rather “Huxley, the recently-arrived-soul.”)

Perhaps it was an important point to highlight to help us realize something about why we’re here. 

In particular, to encourage us to be patient with our most difficult struggles.  You know, the ones that inevitably occur as we muddle through this life, stumbling about, trying to “create” the best circumstances we can, for ourselves, our loved ones, or for the world.

Because, after all, it’s why we’re here ….

Of course, I can’t know for sure, but it’s food for thought …. 

Back to Huxley

What I do know for sure, though, is that Huxley nailed it.  Instant manifestation as a characteristic of life on the Other Side is yet one more of his pronouncements that is also claimed by many other sources.

In fact, we’re close to the end of his sharing, and so far?  Well, he’s batting a thousand.

In our next (and final) post, we will review the last of Huxley’s insights.

An insight that goes to the heart of who we truly are.


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