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As described in Part 1, I was headed with my friends Joan and Monica to the Celebration of Life for Carol.  

We’d all been good friends, bonding over Law of Attraction years earlier, but Carol had been Joan’s best friend, for decades.  The loss was especially devastating for Joan, especially coming a mere ten months after losing her husband.

Concerned about the emotional toll the service would take on her, I had reached out ahead of time to Carol in Spirit, asking for a sign we could watch for, to let us know she would be right there with us at her service. 

A sign to make clear that … who-we-truly-are survives the death of the body and carries on.

The sign Carol gave us, via a night-time visit to Joan, was angels … coming across an angel (unexpectedly) would be confirmation she was indeed with us. 

So, we approached the upcoming event with mixed feelings … angst at the deep emotion it would invoke, alongside a somewhat eager anticipation for if and how Carol would “show herself.”

Pulling out the pendulum

Joan and I flew to Calgary the day before the Celebration was to be held and settled in at Monica’s.  Once there, I urged Monica to bring out “the pendulum.”

A pendulum is a tool that can be used for communicating with spirit energies on the Other Side and Monica is a whiz at it.  I was first exposed to her skill in 2008 and found it astounding.

My pendulum skills are firmly tethered to the basics.  Discern simple yes/no responses to questions by gently holding a pendulum by its chain, ask a question, and let the pendulum start to swing … on its own.  Forward and back indicates yes, and side to side indicates no. 

I mean, that’s pretty cool all on its own, right?  But Monica?  Hah!  She can actually hold the pendulum over an alphabet chart and observe it swinging to specific letters … which spell out words … which then turn into sentences

Now THAT is super cool.

(For more information and instructions for using a pendulum, see the Pendulum posts, also mentioned in Part 1.)

Let’s give it a go!

Monica admitted she hadn’t been using the pendulum much lately and was feeling a little shaky in her ability, but she was game to try.  Well, let me tell you … the energy was strong and she connected in spades!

In fact, it turned out we had a few loved ones from the Other Side keen to speak with us, and Carol was first up. 

Carol speaks …

We gave Carol the floor, asking for whatever message she wished to bring forward.  She didn’t disappoint.

“Please remember all the many wonderful times we shared.  How do (sic) open our hearts with love.  So many memories.  I am here with you.  My heart is full.”

What a beautiful way to start!  This sounded just like Carol.  She would absolutely set a loving tone like this.  Goosebumps began to rise. 

Excited by this connection, we eagerly prompted her to continue.

Q: Who met you when you crossed over?

“My mother is here with me.”   

Although a reunion with “mom” across the veil is not unusual, we found this one super interesting.

You see, another very intuitive friend of Carol’s had recently shared she’d been feeling Carol’s mother around during the days before Carol passed.  So, of all the family members who could have been mentioned … yes, that was validating.

Feeling confident we’d successfully established a direct line to the Other Side, we were keen to learn more.

Q: What are you experiencing?

“I am in glowing light, so warm, so much light, so safe.  I am here.  Never forget that.”

Wow, nice!  And consistent with what people report of experiences with the spirit world … “so much light.”

Yes, we definitely felt we had an inside track established here.  And believe me, it was tempting to use it to, er … snoop around a bit.  However, we didn’t want to tire Carol out, or Monica for that matter, so we returned to the subject at hand.

Q: What would make tomorrow (the Celebration) as good as it could be for you?

“Just knowing that you have me in your hearts.  What more could I ask for?  Look out for each other.”

Yes, yes, but …

While that too was a beautiful message, we couldn’t end there without addressing the, uh, so-called “elephant” in the room.  I mean, let’s get to it!

Q: Are you going to show us angels??

The pendulum suddenly began to swing strongly forward and back … and I mean, super strongly. 

Okay … message received loud and clear!

But, you know, just to make sure we didn’t screw it up …

Q: Can you give us any more information or hints for where to look?

“Where you look, you will see me with the angels.  We will be all around you.  Look no further than your hearts and I will always be there with my big blue eyes.” 

We all smiled at this, and tears welled … Monica had often referred to Carol’s “big blue eyes.” 

This message too was clear.  She was saying … trust me. 

And so we would.

After finishing with messages from other loved ones, we headed to bed feeling the warmth from these connections, and eagerly anticipating what might be in store for us the following day.

ANGELS take flight … ?

The next morning, Monica announced she’d had an idea during the night … we should find angel pins and each wear one at the service. 

Fabulous idea … we loved it!

(Hmm, now that I think about it, I wonder how that thought happened to come to her?  Yet another middle-of-the-night arrival …. )

But one small problem.  The service was scheduled for that afternoon … just where were we going to find angel pins on such short notice?

As soon as we asked the question, I had the idea of finding a metaphysical store, and as soon as I voiced that thought, a specific store immediately leapt to Monica’s mind.

As I write this now, I’m intrigued by just how quickly and easily the answers came (thank you, Carol … ?), but at the time we were simply pleased they did. We got ready for the service and left early so we’d have time to stop by the store. 

The groundwork had been laid, and now it started to unfold ….


When Monica has visited this particular store on occasions in the past, she’s opened the front door to see a large cut crystal geode facing her.  However, on this day, what was at the door to greet us … ? 

An ANGEL statue … in fact, a FIVE-FOOT tall angel statue. 

With her hands lifted and open … offering a set of ANGEL cards for purchase. 

“ANGEL Whispers.” 

That stopped us all in our tracks, and we smiled and laughed at Carol’s blatant greeting and her manipulation to get us there.  Well done, you!

This was delightfully validating, but we were about to learn Carol wasn’t done …


We looked around the store.  No angel pins, but something even better … miniature angel statues carved out of amethyst, a healing stone.  We bought one for each of us (including Carol) and added in a set of Angel Whisper cards for good measure. 

As we left the store, we realized we had quite a bit of time before the service, so I suggested we stop somewhere for coffee. 

When I did, a location instantly came to mind for both Joan and Monica.  Apparently Carol had a favourite coffee shop.  Perfect!  Let’s go there … such a fitting location on this day of remembrance.

And again I can’t believe the insights that are hitting me as I write this.  This time, I’m struck by the realization that ALL three (er, rather, four) of us played a part in this seemingly trivial decision, because it clearly was not … trivial, I mean.

You see, as we pulled up to the café, the sign announcing its name leapt out to greet us …

ANGELS Café.  

Seriously??  This one caught even me off guard, coming so completely out of the blue. 

I mean, finding an angel in a metaphysical store is not a complete surprise, right?  Five feet tall and at the front door … well, yeah, that’s a different matter … but the location made sense.

However … a coffee shop??  Yup, my head whipped around at that one. 

(And “coincidentally,” the table we chose to sit at was featured in a story told about Carol at her service.)

Fabulous work, Carol, really.

But STILL, she wasn’t finished …

ANGEL #3 … 4, 5, 6

When it was time, we made our way to the service.  We were delighted with the synchronistic events we’d just experienced, demonstrating to us that Carol was indeed along for the ride.  Feeling a little lighter, we settled in for the event. 

The first speaker was Carol’s daughter, who did a wonderful job of setting the tone of a “celebration” of her mom’s life.

She hadn’t been involved in our angel escapades, yet the last sentiment she expressed in her prepared tribute to her mother was to acknowledge …

“I know I have gained the world’s brightest guardian ANGEL, who will continue to guide me through life, and make her presence known at every turn.”

As soon as we heard the words, we three exchanged glances, and knowing smiles danced across our faces.

As the service continued, THREE other speakers referenced ANGELS in their remarks.

Yes, it felt as though indeed, everywhere we turned that day, ANGELS were there.  Letting us know that …

As promised, Carol was there too.

And best of all …

It was an amazing day, for sure.  I still smile as I think about it now, feeling the warmth of Carol’s energy around me.  But for me, the most gratifying part of it all was the difference it made for my friend.

As we flew back home, Joan told me that this weekend … a weekend she’d initially and understandably dreaded … she had instead found positive, upbeat, and enjoyable.  

Something she’d NEVER expected.

Seriously, Carol, well done … and thank you!

Ask them to join you …

Once we understand the Bigger Picture … that our loved ones don’t actually die, only their bodies do, leaving their consciousness to continue on in a different form …

Once we can get our heads and hearts around this, then the option of shifting our perspective about the loss of a loved one opens to us.

Don’t get me wrong … we become very attached to the “body,” and the loss of their physical presence is real, tangible, and can be devastating.

But, realizing that the core of who they are … their personality, memories, intelligence, sense of humour … is still around, still here with us, joining in on their own Celebration of Life?  Yeah, that can make a huge difference.

Next time you’re headed for a memorial service, consider asking your loved one for a sign … a sign to demonstrate that indeed, they are right there too.

And maybe some of you already have?

Let’s Share

In readings, mediums often receive messages from departed loved ones about their memorial service … comments about specific events, attendees, or simply how much they appreciate what was done on their behalf. 

So, there’s lots of evidence pointing to them being with us at those times.

How about you?  Have any of you experienced something at a loved one’s service which left you wondering if maybe, just maybe, they might have been around? 

Any odd happenings, or unusual (often very subtle) feelings, visions, sounds, or aromas … ?

If so, please tell us about it by posting in the Comments below, and help us all to realize … our loved ones truly never die and will always be with us.

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