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This is the first of a NEW type of post that will be found in the At A Glance section of the Living With Spirit website. 
The existing posts in this section summarize the entire blog’s activity for each past calendar year, including a listing of the posts made that year, along with a brief description of each for easy reference.
These NEW posts will serve as reference also.  They will highlight useful tools, techniques, and concepts that may be imbedded in other posts on the website, making them more easily available to you “at a glance.”
This first post describes a tool called intuitive writing ….

Do you want to connect with someone in the spirit world, but aren’t sure just how to go about it? 

I mean, communicating from here to “there” is easy … all we have to do is talk, and it doesn’t even have to be out loud.  But getting answers back?  Yeah, that’s the tough part.

In my journey, I’ve learned a few tried-and-true ways to help grease the wheels.  Intuitive writing is one of these.

What is Intuitive Writing?

Intuitive writing is a technique recommended by several different professional teachers and practitioners as a way to connect with a loved one across the veil, or to seek higher guidance from Spirit.

Intuitive writing, automatic writing, free writing, spiritual writing … there are several different names and varying descriptions for a similar technique.  But quite simply, it involves asking questions of the spirit world and writing down the answers that come.

In its ultimate form, we don’t even know consciously what we’re writing … apparently our hand just moves on its own.  And there are even some who can connect with a departed loved one and the handwriting that emerges ends up looking like theirs.  Cool!

Let me hasten to point out, that’s not where I’m at … not even close.  But fortunately, the more “generic” intuitive writing is actually super accessible, and anyone can do it. 

My experience …

I first learned about intuitive writing early in the pandemic, as I explored the incredible spiritual teachers available online and came across Lee Harris

He described this concept and suggested using it for a daily check-in with our soul, or higher self.  In other words, accessing wisdom we all have available to us, but which often gets lost in the noise of everyday life.

He said doing this even just a few times a week could be helpful, so I started there.  However, it wasn’t long before I found it so valuable I made it a daily ritual.  I have to say, it’s given me incredible insights and helpful advice ever since … on situations big and small.

As I grew comfortable with it, I also used it to connect with a departed loved one of a close friend overwhelmed by grief.  The results were stunning (a story told in Meet Up At Your Funeral … ?”).

Okay, okay, so HOW do I do it?

Right then … how does this work?  Intuitive writing is all about writing from our heart instead of our head. These five steps seem to be fairly standard …

1. Get Quiet

Settle in somewhere you won’t be disturbed.  It doesn’t have to be for long … even just five minutes can do the trick. 

2. Be Ready to Record Answers

Have a pen and paper at hand, or use your computer (which I do … much faster). 

Know what you want to ask and who you want to connect with.  Perhaps it’s someone you have on the Other Side. 

Conversely, if it’s guidance you’re after, you may direct this to your higher self, a spirit guide, an angel, God, or any source that feels right to you.  Or as Lee Harris suggests, simply ask “What does my soul want me to know today?”

3. Relax

Close your eyes … focus on your heart … and breathe deeply into your belly.

Take a deep breath in and exhale longer than you inhaled.  Like maybe breathe in to a count of four, and out to a count of eight

Do this a few times and it will activate a physical relaxation response within the body … you can actually feel it.

4. Shift Your Awareness

Once quiet and relaxed, shift your awareness to your intended audience … yes, in your mind, imagine you’re talking with them. 

If it’s a departed loved one, see or sense them in front of you.  If you struggle with being able to do this, use a photo of them, or just simply pretend they’re there (because it turns out, they actually will be). 

Keep your focus within, and take a moment to silently greet them, smile, and welcome them.

5. Ask Your Question … and Trust

Then ask your question. 

And HERE’S THE KEY to making this work …

Whatever … WHATEVER … comes into your mind next, write it down.  Don’t second guess it, don’t judge it.  Don’t brush it off as, oh, I’m just making it up, it’s just my imagination.  See, that’s the whole point … 

It will always feel like you’re making it up.  But this is how it works. 

Science-geeks will talk about the meshing and merging of frequencies, but essentially, words just come to mind. 

And yes, generally they will feel familiar because Spirit has to make use of what’s available in our minds … language, vocabulary, concepts … in order to communicate with us.


There is one caveat to trusting whatever comes …

If you get something with any sort of negative tone to it, or something that doesn’t feel right, then this is NOT coming from the spirit world. 

Over and over, I’ve heard one cardinal rule about spirit communication with our departed loved ones and any source of higher wisdom … it ALWAYS comes from a place of love. 

Spirit’s messages are positive and encouraging.  Without fail.  Anything that isn’t is coming from our own head (which I admit for me can sometimes be a scary place to be … yikes!).

One more thing.  Please remember that the same rule applies here as does for ANY spirit communication …

Just because you’ve received a message of guidance doesn’t mean you have to follow it.  What you choose to do … or not do … is ALWAYS up to you.  Simply follow your heart.

So, that’s it!

Yup, that’s all there is to it … get quiet, be ready, relax, shift awareness, ask and record.  It’s that easy. 

Whether you want to reach out to a departed loved one, or you want to connect with higher wisdom for guidance, this is a technique that can provide intriguing and valuable results. 

If it interests you, give it a try and see what comes.  Don’t be concerned if nothing does … it can take a while to get the hang of it.  Just try again another time, and then keep at it. 

Over time you’ll know for sure you’ve made a connection when the answer starts coming before you’ve even finished asking the question.

Let’s Share

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