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So, as told in the last two posts (Spirit Plays Matchmaker Part 1 and Part 2), I’d met this new guy, Greg, and a whirlwind romance ensued.  It seemed that the stars were aligned, and Spirit was cheering me on.

We’d both know quickly, I was told by a psychic medium … once we’d shifted our relationship beyond friendship, it took 12 days.

“Get a dog,” my deceased husband, Ron, had apparently urged me … when Greg moved in with me, he brought his beloved black Lab, Satchmo.

“It will take about 3 years from the time Ron died,” the psychic medium told me … I was remarried within 3 years and one month.

I’d likely marry again before I turned 50, my intuition told me … the wedding was two months before my 50th birthday.

So, with all signs pointing in this direction, it was a smooth ride to get there, right?

We-e-e-ll, not quite …

Marry again?  Not so fast!

As I mentioned in a recent post, for those who have lost a life partner, the “downside” of understanding that our loved ones actually continue on is, well … the guilt … that can come along with the prospect of remarrying.

It feels like betrayal.

At least, it did for me … and perhaps some of you can relate, too.

But as I described in that post, Ron showed up with a profound message to help me move past this, to move forward … encouraging me to open to a new life.  An idea I fully embraced as I excitedly looked forward to marrying Greg. 

Or so I thought.

Trying … and failing … to move forward?

In the middle of May 2010, a couple of months after Greg and I made our engagement official, I suffered three significant falls over the course of 17 days, hurting myself … nothing serious, but bruises and scrapes painful enough to make a point.

First was stepping onto a golf cart path to walk up a hill, and with the first step, woosh, my legs went out from under me, landing me on my left knee.

Fifteen days later, it was at the bottom of my steep driveway.  I walked down, close to the handrail for safety.  As the driveway began to flatten out and all looked good, I moved away from the rail and … woosh #2!  This time, I came down hard on my right knee.

Three days later, touring a lakeside lot for sale, I was walking carefully down a slippery slope.  Just moments after Greg shouted out to be careful, my feet slid right out from under me and I landed right down on, er … my “middle” ….

What the *#%*$??  This was completely out of character.  One fall could be a mishap, but three??  All out of the blue and all within 17 days? 

It seemed that every time I tried to take a step forward, my feet were pulled out from under me.

That was a head scratcher ….

Ron weighs in

The day of this third fall, Greg and I stopped at a grocery store on the way home.  For some reason, I paused to engage in extended banter with one of the employees … not my usual habit as I wander grocery store aisles. 

We were joking around, kidding each other, and the conversation led him to recount how unusual it was that it snowed the day after his birthday.

So, naturally, I asked him when his birthday was.

August 29th, he shared.  Really??  I paused, noting to myself … that was Ron’s birthday.  Hmm, what are the chances … ?

Synchronicity … pay attention! 

For sure, it caught my attention, but … but … what exactly was it trying to tell me?  Was Ron trying to reach out and, if so, why?  Unfortunately, sometimes these signs and messages are far from clear!

I was left feeling that something important was going on, but not understanding what it was.  It didn’t occur to me at the time to link it to the falls I’d been experiencing …

The stuff of dreams …

Two weeks later, I had a very vivid dream that brought this all together. 

It’s a dream that sticks with me even now … very characteristic of a “message dream.”  You see, the non-physical realm of Spirit uses dreams as a means of communication. 

It’s a time when our conscious mind stands down, allowing the filters that typically block or restrict awareness of the non-physical realms to be lifted.  As a result, we’re more open to receiving messages in this state.

In this dream, Greg and I entered a large room, like an auditorium.  Up on the stage were individuals seated in chairs, each one having a line-up of people waiting to talk to them.

One of these individuals was Ron … he was seated, smiling and laughing.  Seated beside him about six feet away was Luciano Pavarotti. 

Yes, the world famous opera singer Luciano Pavarotti … who died the same day as Ron … from the same cancer as Ron.  Only he’d gone through all the conventional treatments … chemo and surgery … treatments Ron had rejected.  Apparently, it hadn’t made any difference. 

(When I’d learned of this after Ron died, I’d found it comforting validation of the healing path Ron had chosen.  Er, sorry, Luciano ….)

So, in the dream, Greg and I lined up to see Ron.  When I approached him, Ron wore his familiar mischievous grin and pointed over to Pavarotti, asking if I knew who that was. 

“Yes, I do.  That’s Pavarotti,” I replied.  “He died on the same day you did.”

That’s the only conversation I recall taking place, and I think it was meaningful only to establish a sense of realism … so I would pay attention to the dream.

What was meaningful, however, was that I somehow knew Ron couldn’t leave this room … he wasn’t able to follow me out the door. 

Greg and I could leave and go anywhere we wanted to, but Ron was restricted to this “room.”  Yet, he was clearly happy … this didn’t seem to concern him in the least.  Nor did the fact that I was with another man.


I then observed to myself, still in the dream, “Wow, Ron actually is here, he really does exist!” 

And given this … “How can I possibly be with another man … ??”


Then I woke up.

What does it all mean?

From my training as an energy healing practitioner, I’d learned a very important insight … there are no “accidents.”  Whatever manifests for us physically (like falling three times in 17 days) has its origins elsewhere … generally, from issues related to our emotional or mental states. 

And by then, I knew the power of dreams.

With the help of the gals I met with weekly to practice and share Reiki, I started connecting the dots.  It confirmed something I’d been wrestling with just below the surface of my conscious mind over the past while.

Intellectually, I knew it was perfectly okay for me to marry again.  But deep down?  Well, apparently that was another matter. 

It seemed I still held a subconscious belief that I was doing something wrong.

The falls I’d taken … left knee, right knee, backside … seemed to be about clearing this block energetically … and with force!  It was like they were realigning my body’s energy fields to “straighten me out,” positioning me to be able to move forward once again.

The interaction I’d had with the grocery store employee who shared the same birthday as Ron was a way of Ron getting my attention, as if to say, “Hey, wake up!  You’ve got an issue here you’re not seeing … and I’m here to help you with it.”

The dream brought this all together and I finally understood his message …

“Yes, I still exist, but I have to stay here, in this ‘room’ … the Other Side.  And the reason you see me smiling and laughing is because that’s okay … I’m happy.  I’m happy to be where I am … and I’m happy for you and Greg.”

And as his message began to sink in, the doubts hovering just below the surface of my awareness began to dissolve ….

Dreams continue to guide the way

A few weeks later marked the third anniversary of the day Ron and I had moved out to Vancouver Island … June 21st … and I took note of it.  Wow, three years … so much had happened.

The next day, I had another dream …

Greg and I got into a building elevator and as soon as the doors closed, the elevator cabin did a 360-degree roll, head over heels.  My first reaction was to panic, as it began to roll.  But then Greg told me it would be fine, there was no reason to be concerned … and that was all I needed.

When I awoke, I remembered the feeling of immediate relief that had washed over me at hearing Greg’s words … because I trusted him.  I had no doubt he knew what he was talking about.  If he said it would be fine, well then, it would be.

This time, I quickly understood the message from this dream … yes, your life has been turned upside down but there’s no need to worry, because Greg is with you, and you can trust him … you can trust him “with your life.”

The subconscious doubts continued to melt away ….

It’s time …

A few weeks later, I walked into the family room and took notice of two paintings hanging there.  They had been painted by my mother years before … wedding portraits of Ron and me

Seriously … Greg had moved in months earlier and I still had these hanging on the wall. 

I realized it was time to take them down … but more importantly, I realized I was ready to do so.  So, I did. 

And we booked our wedding.

I finally felt … at all levels … I was ready.  I understood, in both head and heart, that Ron was onside with the idea of me marrying once more … it was not a betrayal.  My subconscious was on board and would no longer try to sabotage my moving on.

But … had I chosen well?

As anyone who has lost the love of their life knows, trying again … well, it’s a Big Decision.  After having been “struck by lightning” once, so to speak, what were the odds I could actually find another love as strong and deep?

I knew from the outset that I had no intention of “settling” when it came to finding a new life partner, and I’d come to feel that Greg was truly a soulmate, but …

Was he actually “Mr. Right”?  Or just “Mr. Right Now”?

Honestly, can lightning really strike twice?

The answer would come in time … stay tuned.


Dreams are an easy avenue for our loved ones to travel in order to communicate.  When we sleep, our active mind stands down and the filters that block communication from the non-physical world relax. 

When you have a dream about a loved one that is vivid, feels real, catches your attention, and is one you remember … pay attention.  Chances are it’s a visit from them, perhaps with a message, or perhaps just reassuring you they’re still around.


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