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In a recent two-part post, Mediumship – For the Left-Brained, we explored mediumship … the practice of communicating with deceased loved ones. 

Wait, wha … ?  Communicating with who??  Yes, you read that correctly.  So, if that stopped you in your tracks, or you don’t know what the heck this “mediumship” is, then I encourage you to read those posts before delving into this one. 

You’ll find they address whether this “crazy” idea of “talking to the dead” is actually legit.  (Of course, the answer is yes, supported by considerable scientific research, or you know, I wouldn’t be pointing you there …. )

Those posts also include evidence of mediumship edging into the mainstream … attracting the attention of more research, and also impeccable practitioners, such as retired US Navy Commander Suzanne Giesemann.

Yoohoo!  I was there, you know, for them other posts.  So, you talking ‘bout this ‘mediumship’ stuff again?

Oh, hi, I remember you.  Yes, I’m preparing to dip into this topic again … why?  You got a question?

Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do …

What’s the point?

I mean, I get mediumship hoopla could be a fun game at parties, you know, but what’s the fuss all ‘bout?  Like, what’s the point?

Surprisingly, that’s actually an excellent question for us to explore.

And I understand where it’s coming from.  Reference to “seances” in days gone by has led some to consider this “talking to the dead” to be just a parlour trick, not something to be taken seriously.  That sort of made sense to me too … until it didn’t.

So, you sayin’ it’s NOT just a parlour trick?

That’s exactly what I’m saying.  However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t people seeing mediums just because they’re curious.  There most definitely are.  In fact, I happen to be one of them.  And that’s cool. 

If you’re drawn to have a mediumship reading simply to see what it’s all about, I say go for it.  It can truly be an awe-inspiring experience. 

But I’ve also discovered more recently that mediumship is quite sacred work.  Work that has deep meaning, and in many cases, significant benefit. 

Yeah?  How so?

The gift mediumship readings can offer

If you ask any medium about the benefits of mediumship and why it’s important, the answers (not surprisingly) come easily.  And they all point to essentially the same thing.

What’s that?

Something mediums have witnessed take place time and time again … profound healing. 

The healing that occurs when the lightbulb goes on and clients realize their loved one is still right here … still observing what’s going on in their life, still providing love and support.  

The healing that occurs when people are finally able to share words left unsaid.  Or when they receive forgiveness … or apologies … to heal relationship wounds.

In other words, the healing that occurs when the reality hits them that death is not the end, and bonds of love continue.  (As demonstrated by scientist Julie Beischel, PhD, in Love and the Afterlife.”)

All that?  Hmm, wow ….

As told by mediums

Here’s an example that medium Laura Lynne Jackson recounts (emphasis is mine) …

“Since our reading, Leslie has stayed open to the signs her son sends her, and as a result she feels a deep and enduring connection to Jonathan that has helped heal her heart.” 

Laura Lynne Jackson, “Signs” (pg. 224)

Heal her heart … that sounds deep.

Absolutely.  And here’s another, from medium John Holland (also my emphasis) …

“Remember it’s a three-way link – the medium, the spirit, and the recipient.  When all three are in sync and in harmony, the magic of healing and the unbelievable feeling of pure love can be felt, and it can transform everyone involved!” 

John Holland, “Bridging Two Realms” (pg. 103)

Transform?  Cool.

Who else thinks it’s a good idea?

Okay, I get these mediums SAY it makes a difference.  But, you know, it’s kinda self-serving, right?  I mean, after all, they’re the ones rakin’ in the dough doing this stuff.

Uh, yeah, except most mediums definitely aren’t … raking in the dough, that is.  But I understand the skepticism.  However, it’s not just mediums talking up the benefits …

Touted by certain grief-support organizations

There are organizations that have sprung up to support those experiencing overwhelming grief due to loss, particularly loss of children. 

Ooh … can’t imagine.

Right?  Such unfathomable losses, as many losses are, which is why these organizations exist.  Two that are well established are Helping Parents Heal and the Forever Family Foundation.  

The key point here is that both of these organizations actually feature mediumship services … because they’ve experienced time and again their healing benefit.  YEARS of grief can literally dissolve in a single session.

Seriously?  Stunning ….

Isn’t it?  But let’s not rely solely on mediums and their clients to answer why this profession is important.  Let’s ask science about it too.

Ahh, science … my favourite source!

Yeah, I figured.

Does science believe mediumship is important?

You remember the Windbridge Research Center (WRC) … the science-based non-profit that researches mediumship as part of its mission to ease suffering around “dying, death, and what comes next”?

Yeah, I think you’ve mentioned them, uh, like once or twice before … HAH!

I know, they’re a great source, so I admit I quote them often. 

Well, WRC has devoted years of scientific study to the practice of mediumship and has published information about this exact question … Is mediumship important? 

A Fact Sheet they published … The Potential Therapeutic Benefit of Mediumship Readings in the Treatment of Grief … addresses why they see mediumship to be an important tool in their mission to ease suffering. 

You mean, suffering cuz of grief?

Precisely.  They lay out five meaningful findings from their and others’ research …

5 Findings from WRC’s research

FIRST… Unresolved grief can cause significant mental and physical distress.

Of course, grief is a natural human experience and one we are all destined to go through, likely multiple times.  But the longer it takes to move through and adapt to it, the more suffering we experience. 

Yeah, been there … still missing Fido.  Sniff, sniff.

Right, very sorry.

SECOND … The go-to remedy of grief counseling is NOT reliable and in certain circumstances can actually be harmful. 

Ouch.  That’s a surprise.

I agree … was for me too.

THIRD … The medical option of popping pills is often ineffective in relieving acute symptoms of grief.

Yikes.  Any good news here??

Thankfully yes, in this next finding …

FOURTH … There IS something that actually works to alleviate symptoms of grief.

Whew!  What the heck is it?

Something I bet you’d never guess in a zillion years.  Get this … what works are experiences of after-death communication. 

Really??  Communicating, uh, AFTER death?

Yes!  Apparently, experiencing a personal connection with a deceased loved one results in a dramatic improvement in suffering caused by grief.  This result is fairly consistent, happening time and time again. 

And what’s particularly noteworthy is that this improvement occurs whether or not we believe our loved one is actually there!

Wow, that’s all kinda mindboggling. 

Isn’t it?

Wait … so how do we do that?  You know, communicate with them … after they’re, uh, gone?

Well, that leads us to the final finding in this WRC Fact Sheet, which relates to what we’re discussing here … mediumship.

FIFTH … Specifically using a medium to help bring about after-death communication is showing similar positive results in alleviating symptoms of grief.  It’s early days in the research, but it’s there. 

Apparently, the ability of mediums to provide compelling evidence of our loved one being right here, and to bring forth specific messages, does indeed have tremendous healing benefit.

So, like, if someone’s really struggling with grief, you’re saying they oughta go see one of them mediums?

Let me be clear, I am NOT a professional therapist of any sort, so if you need help managing your grief, please reach out to a mental health practitioner. 

Oh, okay.

And I’m also not saying mediumship is meant for everyone, but it’s very clearly meant for some.  As with any sort of grief therapy, it’s a personal decision as to what feels right.

Yeah, I guess.  But wait, I got another question …

Do I have to use a medium to do this?

That last one … #5 … was ‘bout using one of those mediums to do this talking with the dead, right?  

Yes, the fifth finding related to that particular method of helping to bring about after-death communication.

Okay, then, does that mean there are OTHER ways to do this?  To start this, uh, after-death convo?

Well, that’s another great question.  Because the answer is yes, there are many.  And let me point out, it’s not just in cases of unresolved grief where this is relevant.


No.  Anyone who wants to reach out to a departed loved one can do so, no matter how long ago they died.  And while using a medium can be a terrific help, there are actually many ways to do it … and some we can actually do for ourselves. 

Really??  Sounds like something I wanna know more ’bout.

Okay, then stay tuned and we’ll plan to talk about this next time … exploring different ways to communicate with our loved ones on the Other Side. 

In the meantime …

Let’s Share

Have you had a mediumship reading?  What prompted you to do so, and what was your experience?  If you’re comfortable to share, we’d love for you to post about it in the Comments below.

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Debbie Rowland · February 8, 2024 at 7:57 AM

Hi Karen. I so enjoy your posts. In particular, this post about communicating with loved ones who have died, really resonated with me. I look forward to learning more about how I might do that, on my own. I am not ready, at this point, to use a medium. Thank you. I am very grateful that you share your gift and your knowledge.

    spiritwright · February 8, 2024 at 11:32 AM

    I appreciate your feedback, Debbie, thank you!

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