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Quick Recap – Part 1

Heart Magic (Part 1) overviewed some exciting new research I’ve come across from the HeartMath® Institute (HMI) … new scientific insights into the amazing power of the heart … and the power of our emotions

We learned about the positive impact of achieving coherence … on our own health, performance, and even longevity.  And stunningly, how the heart is behind it all … the “great integrator.”

And the single most important ingredient the heart needs to bring this state of coherence into being?  The vibrations that come from radiating positive emotions … particularly the emotion of LOVE … compassion, kindness, appreciation, gratitude.  

But I noted there’s a flipside to this, too … the power of negative emotions to cause an internal state of incoherence … resulting in chaos, illness, even a shorter life.

While all that is hugely significant in itself, HMI’s research results go much farther than revealing the impact on just ourselves

Yes, indeed, much farther … which is what this post is all about.

Turns out “vibes” are real …

Although it’s not intuitively obvious to many of us, emotions actually do emit “vibes” … vibrational energy … as absolutely everything in the universe does.  (Ask Albert Einstein … you know, e=mc2 and all that.) 

But this isn’t just a theoretical mathematical equation.  No, there are real-world impacts to this phenomenon. 

Ever spent time with someone … whether a friend, loved one, or stranger … and come away feeling better, happy, maybe re-energized?  Perhaps thinking, “they have good vibes.”

Or perhaps you’ve experienced the opposite … finding afterward, you’re just dragging, maybe irritable, and don’t know why?  “Ooh, bad vibes!”

Well, let me explain why …

In Part 1, I mentioned there’s a personal field of energy that surrounds each of us.  Turns out, this field is generated by the heart. 

Each and every heartbeat radiates an electromagnetic field … one that can be measured FEET away from the body.  Seriously!

And as I also mentioned, our emotions emit vibrations that not only permeate throughout our body, but also swirl around us, throughout this personal energy field.  Vibrations that generate photons … information … about the emotions we’re experiencing. 

And because this energy field extends feet away from the body, as we mix and mingle with others, so do our fields … exchanging information

And it’s not like this energy stops when it reaches skin.  Nope, energy doesn’t see skin as a barrier … it travels wherever it wants to go … up, down, and through. 

And this all means?  We’re absorbing what each other has put out there.

But there’s good news in this … good vibes travel!

As we saw, HMI’s research shows that when our own heart rhythm falls into coherence … just like a tuning fork that’s plucked, our other bodily systems (immune system, neural system, and such) synchronize with this now-coherent heart rhythm. 

But what also happens is …

The heart rhythms of those around us synchronize with ours … and come into coherence, too!   

Think about it!  All the good stuff we learned about in Part 1 that comes to us by being in coherence … synchronization within our body, things flowing easily, efficiently, and requiring less energy … also gets transferred to those hanging around us.  Which is why they walk away feeling so good.

But hold on, doesn’t this also mean … bad vibes travel?

Yup.  The reverse is also true.  If I fill myself with negative emotions, I not only cause incoherence within me, but I can cause the same within unsuspecting people around me.  Oops!

And of course, this is a two-way street.  I can be on the receiving end of it, feeling recharged from the positive vibes another is sending … OR, if their energy field is loaded with negativity, I can start to feel drained, irritated, sad or whatever, and walk away puzzling over why. 

Well, now you know why!

Sidebar:  If you’re feeling out of sorts after an encounter with someone, how do you fix it?  The key is to get yourself back into coherence … filling yourself with the emotion of love.  That’s all you need!  For several examples of ways to do this, check out HeartMath® Tools.

For some of you, this is all old hat so far … you already intuitively know that one person’s energy can impact another’s, and you take on faith the positive impact of love

But for those who need more than faith … the reality of this phenomenon and how it works has now been scientifically proven by HMI.

And stay with me here.  Energy healers know what I’m about to describe next, but for the rest, this is where it starts to get really mindblowing!

Because it doesn’t stop there …

Coherence can be transmitted across the world 

Do you have a friend or a loved one who’s struggling?  Maybe with a health issue, or relationship challenges, or just general life chaos?  But they live far away, so you can’t drop by to support them?

The new HMI research has demonstrated this same effect … generating coherence within others … is produced in people who are thousands of miles away.


You may have heard people say, “I’ll send you good energy.”  Well, turns out this isn’t just a platitude … we can actually do this!  And HMI has proven it.

We can simply radiate love, while focusing our awareness on someone far away … and it will harmonize BOTH our field and theirs! 

In fact, HMI’s research has shown that just 15 minutes of “sending love” resulted in increased synchronization for ALL involved, regardless of distance … and it lasted for the next 24 hours.

Think about that.  Fifteen minutes of investment in someone you care about can give them (and you!) 24 hours of benefit.  Wow.

And it goes beyond just people we know personally … we can use this to send healing to any person.  They don’t even have to be aware we’re doing this. 

In fact, we can use this to send healing to anything … an animal, a plant, all of humanity, Mother Earth.  Or even to a situationbig or small.  (Hmm, one or two immediately come to mind … ).  

To SEND HEALING:  Fill yourself with LOVE, in any of its forms … appreciation, gratitude, kindness, compassion … and keep your awareness focused on the target as you radiate this emotion.  It’s that simple!

But guess what?  It’s even BIGGER than this!

(I feel like I’m hosting a late-night infomercial … “But wait, there’s more!”  But there actually is … this one last piece.)

Feeding the Big Field …

And this is what HMI Director of Research, Rollin McCraty, seemed most excited about in terms of what the research is now suggesting …

When we radiate love, we’re learning that it’s not ONLY the specific target we focus on that we influence.  The effect is much more widespread ….

The Earth itself is surrounded by an electromagnetic field … yeah, that would be a Big Field.  We’re coupled to it, and we’re impacted by it.  For example, when the sun releases a solar flare that disturbs the Earth’s field, watch out!  Things happen … increased heart attacks, violence, crime, social unrest, and more.  Look it up.

So, yes, we’re impacted by the Earth’s field.  But what’s now starting to be revealed is … we’re also feeding it

Our emotions … positive AND negative … are contributing to the energy field of the globe. 

Yes, of the world, of the planet … and ALL it holds.


Apparently, there’s still a ways to go to prove this scientifically, but that work is underway at HMI. 

Trying to explain the details of their work is well above my pay grade, but … the implications of it?  They’re stunning.

And the implications of this research are … ?

Because our emotions are feeding energy fields, big and small … EMOTIONS MATTER.  

And because our emotions are generated and kept in place by thoughts … THOUGHTS MATTER.

They matter to not just us, but to everyone and everything around us ... impacting health and well-being for our own selves, for those around us, for loved ones far away, for humanity, and for the planet.

Um, Karen, this sounds like kind of a hefty responsibility.  I mean, it sounds like this research is saying I need to become more conscious of and responsible for what I’m thinking and feeling, because … you know, it “feeds the field.”

You’re right.  That’s exactly what it means. Well … not all the time, but as we saw in Part 1, let’s try for more often than not

But the good news is, it’s not just a responsibility … it’s an ability

We have the ability to not only help ourselves, but literally to reach out and help others … anywhere, any time.

And it’s easy to tell what we’re feeding these energy fields at any point.  We simply need to look at our own emotional state.  Because that’s what we’re putting out there.

Bottom line from this research?  What we “feed the field” matters.

Live from the heart … impact the world

As we radiate positive emotions through our field, it merges with, uplifts, and feeds the fields of those around us.  And it feeds the Bigger Field

Just imagine if we all did this … throughout the world?

I invite you to give this a try … fill yourself with love and hold it, even for a few minutes.  Any uplifting feeling that you can connect with … your pet, your newborn baby, your upcoming tropical vacation … whatever fills your heart.

Do it once or twice, which may lead to a few more times … which may lead to a habit.

As you begin connecting with your heart each day, intentionally radiating the vibration of love … kindness, care, compassion, gratitude … you’ll notice your life begin to lift.

And this energy will transmit an uplift to those around you.

And as more and more of us do this, all contributing heartfelt emotion to the Bigger Field …

Well, just imagine the possibilities …

Postscript … Lend a helping heart

OMG, as I finish writing this post, I suddenly realize an even deeper layer of meaning from the dream that prompted my very first post … The Gift.

For those inspired to give this gift of love to a situation in desperate need of it, HMI has just issued an invitation to participate in a heart-focused meditation for Ukraine.

Shout-out to HeartMath® Institute …

Much gratitude to HeartMath® Institute for reviewing the information in these posts about their research, to confirm my understanding.

If you want to learn more about practices to create increased heart alignment, HMI suggests checking out their new edition of Heart Intelligence.  You can download the introduction and chapter one for free.


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