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Hey there, my Resident Skeptic!  I’m ready to continue looking at ways we can communicate with our deceased loved ones … you interested?

A spooky business, but yeah, I do wanna see what’s next.  Think it’s number 3 we’re on ….

Let’s see.  We’ve been using a specific framework for describing different ways to have (decidedly NOT spooky) after-death communication.  This framework was developed by scientist Julie Beischel, PhD … Director of Research for Windbridge Research Center.  

It’s all detailed in her recent book Love and the Afterlife.  I’m just hitting highlights and augmenting where I can.

In this framework, Beischel lays out four types of after-death communication (ADC) … Spontaneous, Facilitated, Assisted, and Requested.  So far, we’ve addressed the first two (in Part 1 and Part 2).

Like I said, time for number 3 … duh.

Yeah, okay, just checking. Which means up next is Assisted ADCs. 

TYPE 3 – “Assisted” ADCs

Now as it turns out, this type of after-death communication is something we’ve already spent quite a bit of time talking about.  You see, these are ADC experiences brought about through mediumship which … 

WAIT A MINUTE!  Mediumship??  You mean, those people who say they can, like, ‘talk’ with dead people?

Yes, that’s essentially what the practice of mediumship is … communicating directly with those in Spirit.

Yeah, sure, uh huh.  You said this Beischel’s a scientist, right?  And you sayin’ SHE talks ‘bout … uh, ‘mediumship’ … as one of them ways to have ADCs??

Yes, absolutely.  In fact, if you’d been paying attention when I first posted about her bookahem! …you’d recall that using mediumship to bring about ADCs is actually a significant approach for her.

Oh … yeah, well, you know, that was a long time ago … um, can’t really ‘member ….

Then allow me to refresh your memory. 

Mediumship as grief therapy

In her book, Beischel emphasizes that her primary objective is to reduce suffering.  As a result of her scientific research and experience, she unquestionably positions mediumship as a legitimate therapeutic option to do just that. 

It’s so important, in fact, she puts it into its own category of after-death communication … Assisted ADCs.

Hmm, just kinda hard to believe.  Science … mediumship … the two don’t seem to mix.

But the point is, they do.  Although the research into its role as a grief therapy is limited, there’s actually been a lot of science brought to bear on the practice of mediumship itself … something we’ve discussed as part of a deeper dive we’ve previously taken into this topic. 

If you want to refresh yourself on what we’ve covered before, take a minute to check out Mediumship – For the Left-Brained and Mediumship? What’s the point?

Yeah okay, but what ‘bout this scientist person?  What does SHE have to say ‘bout it?

Beischel’s take on mediumship as an ADC

Actually, Beischel has a LOT to say.  She spends several chapters discussing mediumship as a way to elicit after-death communication.  In fact, she gives it the most extensive coverage of all the types of ADCs.

That right … ?

Yes, she says mediumship is much more complex than the first two we’ve talked about (Spontaneous and Facilitated), so it needs more explanation.

The scientific research

She starts by highlighting the scientific research around it, delving into some detail about the meticulous research she herself has done, to set the groundwork for why it’s earned credibility in her scientific world. 

Yeah, that’s gotta be a tough sell ….

Indeed it is, and her frustration with those whose minds remained closed to the factual findings pokes through now and again.  For others, she provides links to research write-ups freely available on the Windbridge website

For an even deeper look, she suggests this video … a presentation from their 2021 Afterlife Symposium:  “Scientific Evidence for Life After Death:  The Accuracy and Experiences of Mediums.”

Hmm, I like videos ….

And although the research into mediumship’s specific role as a grief therapy is limited, what has been done has shown encouraging results. 

She reports that in one study, everyone who participated “was satisfied with their reading and found it positive and beneficial.  They reported feeling closure, healing, comfort, and relief.”  (pg. 260) 

Yeah?  Upliftin’ words … I could use some of that ‘bout Fido.

She also adds that research aside, it’s just common sense these ADCs would have the same impact on grief as all the other ADCs we’ve already covered.

S’pose that makes sense ….

So, while Beischel doesn’t position mediumship as a replacement for grief counselling, she does see it as a legitimate therapy to pursue. 

Getting the most out of readings

This leads her to detail in her book how to get the most out of a mediumship reading … laying out recommendations for what to do before, during, and after a reading. 

Recommendations … ?  Like what?

Well, for example, she tackles false assumptions that can interfere with the success of a mediumship reading, like believing the medium can control which of our departed loved ones show up.

You mean, they can’t?  Even the famous ones that, like, cost a fortune?

No, that’s not how it works.  And she explains this … along with calling out the premise that just because a medium charges a lot of money means they’re better and will give a better reading.  Not true.

Hmm, interesting ….

She also provides guidance on key considerations … for example, what you can do to ensure the information the medium gives you is genuine, how to make best use of the information after the reading, how to find a credible medium …

Stop!  That one, there!  That’s what I wanna know … how do I find one of them credible mediums?

I get it … it’s a common question.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a quick answer because there’s lots to consider in finding a medium that’s right for you. 

We’ll explore this more in the future, but in the meantime, check out her book because she’s certainly got some good insights.  It really is a great reference source, especially if you’re using mediumship for grief therapy.

But here’s a secret …

There’s an important point I want to interject here.  Though I’m a big fan of professional mediums, in order to have a mediumistic communication with our departed loved ones, we don’t actually need help from anyone else. 

Hold on!  Whaddya mean, we don’t need help??

To be clear, it’s a lot easier working with someone who’s trained to do this, but the truth of the matter is this …

We can ALL do this.

Go on!

Seriously.  You may recall from Mediumship – For the Left-Brained that retired US Navy Commander Suzanne Giesemann came to the profession of mediumship without any spiritual grounding or natural talent in it. 

In other words, she’s not one who could “see dead people” as a child, or anything like that.

Right, I do ‘member that.

So, she’s like me and you, yet she’s become an absolute rock star in this field.  Which means this can be learned by anyone.  And I mean, anyone!

An innate skill

In fact, almost everywhere I turn now, I’m being taught this is NOT a magical and mysterious skill bestowed on only a few, one you have to be born with. 

No, as difficult as it might be for some of us to believe, it’s actually an innate skill we ALL possess … just by virtue of being human.

No way!

Yes way.  Of course, like any skill, we aren’t all blessed with it in equal measure.  I mean, I can bang out Chopsticks on a piano, but I haven’t been sought out by Carnegie Hall, you know?

Hah, hah, hah!!  No kidding!  Hah, hah, hah …

Right, well.  But sometimes “Chopsticks” is all we need …

There are numerous mediumship training courses being offered these days, including by Suzanne Giesemann herself, and many of the students are there simply to learn how to talk with their own loved ones.  With the advent of technology to support online training, these classes have become widely and easily available.

Hmm, that’s a twist on this mediumship stuff I didn’t see comin’ ….  But still sounds like it’d take a long time, you know, to learn ‘bout it and how to do it and stuff.

True enough.  Certainly, some people learn faster than others, but even so, unless you’re one of the ones born with advanced ability, it does require a lot of time and effort to develop.

Yeah, I ain’t never seen dead people, sooo … anything easier out there?

There is.  But remember this … you don’t have to go to the effort of learning how to do mediumship yourself.  You can always go see a professional medium, right?  That’s super easy to do. 

Oh yeah, right ….

However, the easier “do-it-yourself” ideas fall into the fourth and final type of after-death communication that Beischel defines … Requested ADCs.  Not all of them are DIY, but many are … as you’ll see when we tackle this next.

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