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An “At A Glance” post to start this new year …

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For a long time now, it feels like every time I turn on the news (and seriously, I must stop doing this … ), I hear someone saying, “Our thoughts and prayers are with [insert person/group/country suffering tragedy].“  

Some are now responding, “Enough with the thoughts and prayers already, let’s fix/stop/change what’s going on!”  I have to say I get it, because I’m one of them.

But how do we do this exactly … fix whatever’s going on, I mean?  The tragedies happening locally, much less around the world, are way above my pay grade.  So, how do I stop just wringing my hands and instead do something that can make a difference … any difference? 

In other words, how can we actually help in a situation where we feel … well, helpless?

An amazing scientific research discovery

A while back, I learned something that was so stunning and potentially world-changing, I interrupted the blog thread I was posting at the time to write about it.  One part of what I learned was this …

There really IS a way to “send thoughts and prayers” that works.

This doesn’t have to be just a platitude … it can actually be done. 

Sure, many organized religions will say … well, duh.  As will those healers who have been practicing distance healing for years.  But what was so stunning about this revelation was its source …

It came from an organization conducting rigorous SCIENTIFIC research.

The organization, HeartMath Institute (HMI), was founded in 1991 to help “awaken the heart of humanity.”  Lofty mission, that one!  But under the guidance of an impressive Scientific Advisory Board, HMI has conducted rigorous research to pursue it.

And what they’ve discovered so far is mindblowing.

As I say, the particular discovery I’m writing about here is only a part of their larger research findings, but it’s one I want to highlight because it’s a simple tool that any of us can use in times of need.

(If you want the bigger picture of HMI’s discoveries, check out my original post Heart Magic.”)

It’s all about sending “healing”

Whether your concern is about what’s going on in the world, or it’s more personal in nature, like perhaps a friend or a loved one who’s struggling and you can’t be there to support them in person, HeartMath Institute tells us this …

We can simply radiate love, while focusing our awareness on someone far away, and it will generate a measurable “uplift” for them.  In other words, make them feel better, both emotionally AND physically. 


I know, right?  I mean, seriously … how simple is that!

And check this out …

Their research results have shown that just 15 minutes of “sending love” resulted in improvement for all involved, regardless of distance. 

AND … it lasted for 24 hours.

Think about that.  Fifteen minutes of investing your time in someone or something you care about can provide 24 hours of benefit.  Wow.

And this works in all kinds of situations.  We can use this to send healing to any person … they don’t even have to know we’re doing it. 

Or to anything … an animal, a plant, all of humanity, Mother Earth. 

Or even to a situation, big or small.  (Hmm, one or two … or TEN … immediately come to mind.). 

The Tool … To Send Healing

Here’s how it’s done.  To send healing, follow these 3 simple steps: 

1. Fill yourself with LOVE

HMI refers to this as “love,” but don’t get hung up on the word.  They’re clear you can use any form of this feeling … appreciation, gratitude, kindness, compassion, joy. 

Just think about what makes you feel really, really good … your pet, your newborn baby, your upcoming tropical vacation, last night’s sunset … whatever fills your heart.

2. Focus on your target

Then focus on the person, thing, or situation you’re wanting to help, and keep it in your awareness for however long you choose to do this.  It doesn’t have to be 15 minutes, that was just an example from the research.

3. Radiate this emotion. 

Now feel the emotion radiating outward from your heart toward your target.  When your mind wanders (as it most definitely will), just notice it, fill your heart once again, and refocus on your target.

That’s it!  That’s all there is to it. 

I know it’s hard to believe this actually makes a difference, but that’s what the research shows.  Amazing, right?

And guess what?  As if that isn’t enough all on its own, there’s actually quite a side bonus to this process.  HMI tells us when we do this, it’s not just our target who benefits. No, apparently …

WE experience a measurable uplift too.

Now, how cool is that!

So, next time you’re aware of someone, something, or some situation you want to help, but are at a loss for how to do so, I invite you to give this a try. 

I mean, really, what do we have to lose?  At a minimum, we feel better!

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Anne · January 4, 2024 at 11:38 AM

I love this simple reinforcement of what comes naturally. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement!

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